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Auxiliary equipment

In addition to the basic electrical appliances that are necessary for the sustenance of your residents aquarium, there are still a number auxiliary equipment, without which maintenance of any aquarium will be difficult.

Purpose spray bottle – getting during aeration of air bubbles. It should be noted that the smaller the diameter of the bubbles, the greater the total surface area of ​​these bubbles and, accordingly, the saturation of water with oxygen is more intense.

As practice shows, the smallest bubbles releases wooden sprayer. It also has the lowest pressure drop rate. However, the service life of this spray is only 4-8 weeks.

Ceramic and stone sprayers last longer, but also need to be replaced after a certain time, as their pores also become clogged. One of the reasons for the formation of smaller bubbles is in the structure of the material: in a tree, this structure is porous and homogeneous, while in other materials it is sintered.

Another reason is the ease of wetting the wood. You can make a wooden spray yourself: a knot inserted into a tube is cut obliquely.

Dry knots of various plants are used as material. For example, bird cherry, birch or mountain ash is used with powerful compressors, grapes with medium, elderberry core or dried reed with weak ones.

To ensure that such sprayers become suitable when clogged, they are sufficiently easy to dry. The domestic manufacturer produces short cylindrical sprays of dark abrasive materials and a white grinding stone. Bubbles from such sprays are quite large, but they are suitable for low-power compressors.

Ceramic sprayers give smaller bubbles, but they require powerful pumps that develop pressure from 100-150 mm of water. Art. Firms like Hagen and Penn-Plax produce long tube diffusers, which are attached to the surface by suction cups. A column of bubbles such sprayers give a wider.

By means of a plastic hose, the nebulizer is connected to the pump and suspended low from the ground or placed on a stone. Such sprays are not placed on the ground, since particles of dirt will rise along with the water flow.

Manger, which floats on the surface of the water is quite an ordinary accessory of most aquariums. To keep it in one place, it is attached to the wall of the aquarium with the help of a sucker and clamp.

Floating feeders are usually hollow tubes made of glass or plastic, rectangular or round in shape. The first form is preferable – because it repeats the shape of the aquarium. It is better not to use foam feeders, as they quickly become clogged and practically cannot be cleaned.

Glass feeders are not difficult to add with a strainer, which will allow you to use it for giving not only dry food, but also a pipemaker, bloodworms, etc. Automatic feeders are also produced, automatically providing for 1-99 days. aquarium fish dry food.

During the temporary absence of the owner (business trip, vacation or weekdays) automatic feeders are simply irreplaceable things – with their help the normal functioning of the aquarium will not be disturbed.

Aquarium thermometer It can be either an ordinary alcohol thermometer, which is mounted inside the aquarium, or in the form of a plate with an LCD display, which is attached outside the aquarium to the glass. Alcohol thermometers can be detached by themselves, or overly inquisitive fish can help.

But they have an advantage – they can be transferred from one aquarium to another without damaging them. To detach a liquid crystal thermometer from glass without damaging it is practically impossible. Preference should be given to alcohol thermometers made of plastic, in contrast to which glass can easily break and pollute the aquarium water with alcohol.

Electronic thermometers appeared quite recently and in most cases they are more expensive than alcohol. In the event of a temperature deviation from permissible values, some of these thermometers give an alarm.

Since aquarium thermometers can be of varying degrees of accuracy, it is recommended to use 2 thermometers and take consistent readings from them. Ideally, hand over the thermometer or compare the readings of the thermometer with the laboratory one, and later, when taking readings, make corrections for accuracy.

Tests used to control various indicators of water quality and its chemical composition. You can buy tests in almost any pet store. Tests from different manufacturers can use different methods of analysis.

Often, a test is a set that contains several bottles of chemical reagents and a measuring container for the water being tested. According to the instructions, a reagent is added to the water sample. The reliability of the test results depends on the accuracy of following the instructions.

Reagents can be not only in liquid form, but also in the form of tablets, powder or indicator paper, which is immersed in a sample of water. Also included in most kits is a color reference table.

Comparing the colors of the indicator paper or sample, data on the test results are obtained from the table. The accuracy of the tests may vary.

No need to use sets in which the color gamut of the reference table is difficult to distinguish. It is also necessary to pay attention to the shelf life of the test kit, for example, nitrate detection kits have a very limited shelf life. If a set indicates a zero value, which is not possible when a living creature is contained in water, then its effectiveness is in doubt.

Some of the chemicals that make up the test are for humans. Fish and animals are poisonous. A good aquarist should have on hand a set of tests for measuring the concentration of ammonia, nitrates and nitrites, as well as an indicator of acidity, and for keeping certain types of fish, a set for measuring the indicator of water hardness.

Tests for measuring carbon dioxide, copper, chlorine, etc. may be needed only in some cases.

Otsadnik used in general aquarium, if it is necessary to isolate fry and fish from more aggressive or larger neighbors, and there is no isolation aquarium. Otsadniki are fastened in one of the walls of the aquarium with staples or suckers.

Hoppers for incompatible types of fish are produced, they are separated by a partition.

Partition it is used when it is necessary to divide an aquarium into parts, for example, in order to isolate a sick fish from the rest, ensuring its rest; or temporarily isolate fish, bully; provide privacy spawning a pair of fish. You can purchase ready-made partitions at the pet store or use a sheet of transparent plastic or glass.

Excellent partitions are obtained by cutting the condensate trays. It is worth remembering that the installation of partitions – a temporary solution.

TO water treatment products A number of substances are relevant: dechlorinators; neutralizers poisonous and harmful substances; mineral salts; to remove copper; to regulate pH; tonic; fertilizer for plants, etc. In some of these tools there is indeed a need, while others may well be replaced by mechanical processing. It is important to realize that chemical treatment is not a panacea and often there is no such urgent need for it.

Too many aquarists are convinced that without a chemical treatment, fish cannot be kept alive and healthy. Fish in aquariums lived and multiplied long before the creation of such means of water treatment. Moreover, in the natural habitat of fish perfectly cost without it.

It is worth remembering that exposing fish to a number of chemicals can cause irreparable harm to their health. If, nevertheless, there is a need for chemical processing, you need to use substances from the same manufacturer, which, as a rule, are designed in such a way that they can be used together (unless the instruction says otherwise).

The combination of funds from different manufacturers can lead to undesirable chemical reactions and intoxication of fish.

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