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Automatic DIY Aquarium Feeder

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The process of making a self-feeder do-it-yourself is very simple and does not take much time. For the work we need the following materials:

  • small analog clock with alarm clock;
  • plastic transparent container;
  • transparent plastic tube with a diameter of about 7-8mm.

Now consider the instructions for the manufacture of feeders for an aquarium with their own hands.

  1. In the plastic container we make a hole of a slightly smaller diameter than the diameter of the cabin, we insert the tube. Then do not have to use additional glue.
  2. Drum does not need to load completely. It is enough to fill it by two thirds, then the feed pellets will not fall out all at once under its own weight. In addition, the clock hand can withstand a certain weight and load it should be experimentally gradually, and we will attach the container to it.
  3. How does auto feed for fishes do it yourself? The container with feed pellets is attached to the watch hand. Since the container makes two turns in 24 hours, the granules will spill out of the hole in the tube twice a day. This is quite enough for feeding.
  4. The size of the hole in the hand-made feed tube will determine the number of pellets that will fall out at a time. The more it is, the more feed will get into the aquarium.
  5. The auto feeder for the aquarium is ready with your own hands and now it can be safely put into practice.

Today in the pet store you can find a huge assortment of different aquarium feeders. But if you do not want to spend money, you can build a simple structure yourself.

All models can be divided into floating and automatic.

If you decide to purchase a floating option, it is more convenient to purchase a model with suction cups. Such feeders are attached to the wall, which will not allow the fish to move it, and pump away.

The most common plastic frames, in the middle of which is poured food. But if you still do not know where the place of supply will be located, then you can choose a regular model without mounts.

Pay attention to the feed for live feed. It looks like a cone, on the sharp end of which is a grid.

The cone is conveniently located under water, so changing the height of the water does not affect the convenience either. All the worms remain in the cone until the fish themselves grab them.

If you remove the grid from the bottom, you can use it as a regular feeder for different types of food. Fixed feeder on one of the walls of the aquarium is not convenient because of the natural lowering of the water level. In case the aquarium feeder is fixed on one side, then after the level change, the feeder will bend down and stop performing its functions.

Manufacturers have thought it through, so you can find modern floating models with guides that help it adjust to the water level.

Prefer automatic feeders advise people who:

  • Often on business trips or travels;
  • Contain a large number of aquariums.

The automatic fish feeder is attached to the upper edge of the side wall. It is a jar with an engine. On the timer, set the time when the feed will go to the pets.

As soon as the time comes to the appointed – the box automatically throws a portion. Since the amount of food varies depending on the type and number of inhabitants, the feeder is equipped with a quantity regulator. For starters, you have to spend a lot of time to adjust the optimal amount.

Remember that in no case should the food sink to the bottom and rot, no matter how hungry the fish look, you should limit their diet.

The automatic feeder is ideal as the main power source, but you shouldn’t let it go. After all, it is able to dose only dry food, and the fish need a balanced diet.

Give the fish a live or vegetable supplement.

It is necessary to install a feeding trough in an opposite side from the filter and the compressor. If you put it in the same corner, the feed will simply be washed out of the feeder by a stream of water.

So, the fish will remain hungry, and the food will spread in all directions.

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