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Auloforus is a suitable worm for feeding fish and their fry

In the freshwater bodies of the temperate zone, a small worm, auloforus, is of the annulate type. You can recognize him by the pink-brown color and characteristic parameters: 15 mm long and 2 mm wide.

These individuals are grouped at the bottom, prefer muddy places near the coastal zone. Here, the colony receives a sufficient amount of shade, oxygen, heat and rotted organic matter – everything you need for a comfortable stay. This type of worms is used for feeding any medium and small aquarium fish, especially it is useful for fry.

The worm is suitable for home breeding.

Auloforus – nutritious food for fry

Auloforus, it is also known as a water snake, lives in lakes, ponds, and old-aged sausages. It is found in shallow water and easily falls on the bait installed at the bottom.

It serves as a small glass jar containing boiled carrots, zucchini, oatmeal. Instead of a cover, they stretch a fine mesh, gauze or nylon.

Worms easily pass through the barrier towards the harvested delicacies.

The method to catch auloforus is dreary and does not bring a big catch. This method is necessary to obtain a culture in order to engage in further breeding at home.

Creating and maintaining a farm does not require much effort or a lot of time. In order for the colony to be in good condition, it is necessary to pay attention to it and adhere to the recommendations for the maintenance of this type of worms.

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Caring for auloforus at home breeding is as follows:

  1. The worm is placed in a clean container, aquarium or plastic container. Holes are made in the lid for sufficient oxygen supply. Walls should be darkened. You can glue with dark paper or just put the container in a place where the sun’s rays do not penetrate.
  2. Culture spread on the litter of foam rubber. As the last suit conventional sponge. Positioned in such a way that the base does not touch the bottom and is in a floating position.
  3. Food scalded with boiling water and spread on the middle of the surface of the sponge. Fruits and vegetables are pre-cut.
  4. The habitat must be clean, so water is changed daily. Sponges squeeze a little to get rid of stagnant fluid. Temperature range is 25-26 degrees.
  5. Before you pour the water, it is boiled and cooled to room temperature or use a special liquid for aquariums.
  6. In order for the bred colony to be renewed, consisting of young healthy individuals, it is necessary to remove one-fifth of the total number of worms for additional feeding.

The worm is bred on a bed of foam sponge

These care steps are simple and take little time, about 10 minutes a day.

Food for Auloforus varied. The worm feeds on spirulina, herbal and oatmeal.

The latter can be prepared independently by processing ordinary oat-flakes in a coffee grinder. Also, the pet will not give up boiled zucchini, carrots or cabbage. Before cooking vegetables peel.

You can indulge the worm with fruits, for example, melon pulp. Even a banana peel is suitable for feeding.

Food is distributed over the surface of the foam in a small amount. The food quickly becomes wet, and the worms gather around and absorb it. With the numerical growth of the colony increases and the amount of food.

Food should be renewed only when food is eaten.

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It is not difficult to grow an auloforus at home, but with an illiterate approach you can ruin the culture. Usually this happens in people who first decided to breed. There are two common mistakes among newbies:

  1. Large holes in the lid of the container. The smaller the holes, the better for the worm. Too large cracks contribute to the penetration of fruit flies and other insects, which can be very difficult to get rid of.
  2. Wrong water level. The container should be filled so that a small part of the sponge is above the water. Worms prefer to eat only on a dry surface.

Foam sponge should be wet, but for feeding worms it is better to leave a dry surface.

If an unpleasant smell appeared in a plastic container or an aquarium, this indicates a strong contamination of the foam rubber with waste products of the worms. This usually happens with improper or inadequate care. To change the situation, the flooring is removed, the worms are removed, washed, slightly squeezed.

Next, clean foam sponges are placed in the container, culture is placed. The container is filled with clean water and covered with a lid.

If this procedure is done in a timely manner, an unpleasant odor can be avoided.

Among all types of fish feed the most useful and fresh naturally alive. It retains the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Better yet, if the feed was grown on its own, this gives confidence in the quality of the product.

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Auloforus is good for feeding aquarium fish, its bright color attracts the attention of inhabitants.

The process of feeding by auloforus has its own characteristics:

  1. Worms are going to tangle. You can select the desired amount with tweezers. They capture the portion and placed in the water to the fish. If this device is not available, a regular paint brush will do.
  2. Live food saturates the fish for a day, so it is recommended to give it no more than once a day.
  3. Only pure culture is used as food, it should not contain nutrient residues. If a substrate is present in the selected colony, the worms are pre-washed.
  4. So that the auloforus does not settle on the bottom and is accessible to aquarium inhabitants, a tangle of individuals is smashed.

Feed the fish with live food should be 1 time per day

Fry gladly absorb auloforus. Thanks to this diet there is a high growth and good health.

Some species of aquarium fish are young, tiny in size, and have difficulty eating the worms. Then, small individuals, no more than half a centimeter, are taken as food, or large representatives are crushed.

The resulting pieces are pre-washed and only then given to be eaten by the fry.

It is not difficult to grow auloforus, but daily participation is required. If you pay enough attention to the colony, you can please the fish with a tasty and fresh delicacy.

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