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To choose the right pump, you must first know the volume of the aquarium, and also decide what the pump will be used for. If it is used to supply water to an aquarium and to create a flow in a small tank, then a low-power pump will be sufficient.

But for an aquarium with a volume of more than 250 liters you need a more powerful pump. There are pumps that are designed for both freshwater and marine aquariums.

And there are some pumps that are used only in one specific type of aquarium. Therefore, when buying a pump, you should clarify its type, for which aquarium it is needed, as well as the manufacturer of the pump. Some Russian pumps are not inferior in terms of workmanship and durability of foreign ones.

Buying a pump for the aquarium should not be saved, because the pump is one of the main life support systems for aquarium inhabitants.

In today’s market, buyers often come across devices from manufacturers such as Eheim, Aquael, Aquarium, etc. At Eheim, a water pump for an aquarium successfully copes with increased circulation of water, while the slider allows you to control the intensity of the generated water flow.

The main line produced by the company – This is Eheim Universal, Eheim Compact and Eheim Compact +. Most Eheim models are attached using suction cups and are considered versatile, as they can be attached both in the aquarium and on its outer wall. Their capacity is from 270 to 2280 l / h.

It will be possible to buy a submersible pump for an aquarium both for 1000 rubles (which capacity is 120-380 l / hour) and for 14,000 rubles with a capacity (2400 l / hour). The features of Eheim pumps can be considered: Small size; Suction mount; The possibility of complete immersion in water; Adjustment of pump power; Possibility of use in both salty and fresh water;

Protection of the inhabitants of the aquarium with a tread (intake grille); Stylish appearance; Built-in multifunctional filters. It is with such powerful systems that talented designers create a huge underwater realm, where air bubbles “draw” intricate shapes.

For small aquariums, where there is no need for expensive and powerful pumps, you can use cheaper pumps.

Everywhere common device under the brand name Hailea. Each pump for the aquarium of this brand is equipped with a water flow regulator, an innovative sump valve and a rubber suction cup.

Compared with expensive models from Eheim, they are less attractive in appearance, but at the same time, pumps of this brand successfully cope with their work, and therefore are actively bought up by people.

You can buy a water pump for an aquarium from this manufacturer already for 400-500 rubles, with a capacity of 180 l / hour. If you need the most powerful device – for 6000 rubles you can buy a device with a capacity of 7800 l / h. Also known model brand Aquael.

This is another representative of the budget class – prices for devices start at around 300 rubles. For this amount you can buy a model Aquael Circulator 350, capable of pumping up to 350 liters per hour, with a power of only 4.5 watts.

This is the “weakest” model – there are devices in the assortment of the manufacturer, labeled as Aquael Circulator 500, 650, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2600. The number on the label, of course, indicates performance.

The price of the most powerful device is within 4500 rubles. Another well-known representative is Resun.

Models of this brand also belong to the budget – it is often chosen by amateurs who have small aquariums at home. The manufacturer has a huge range of devices – in the presence of more than two dozen items.

The weakest and cheapest is the Resun SP 500. It can pump up to 200 liters per hour, with a power of 5 watts.

Such a device costs only 300 rubles – one of the minimum indicators in its segment. Already for 600 rubles, this brand offers to buy a device with a capacity of 1380 liters. The most powerful option – 12000 l / h: Resun Eco-Power EP-12000.

There is such a device in the region of 6000 rubles. Among the obvious shortcomings of the equipment of this brand should be the absence of a regulator – which is not very convenient.



A pump or pump is one of the most necessary fixtures for an aquarium. With its help, the dwelling for underwater inhabitants is filled with water. The pump also serves to create the necessary pressure during the operation of the external filter in the aquarium.

And if you wear a special foam sponge on the pump, then this pump can be used for mechanical cleaning of the aquarium. Therefore, the pump is a device that combines both a compressor and a filter. The main thing in the care of such a pump is to rinse filter sponges regularly and on time.

And so that the pump does not clog quickly, turn it off at the time of feeding the fish. And about an hour after the end of their meal, the pump can be turned on again.

Another important point when using the pump is to keep the pump as quiet as possible. Many fish lovers say very noisy work of aquarium compressors, and the pump can be silent. This is its main advantage over the compressor. Today, pumps of various brands from various manufacturers are on sale.

For example, the EheimCompakt 600 noiseless pump is used to increase and enhance the circulation of water in an aquarium. Due to the small size of this universal pump, it can be easily masked with aquarium vegetation.

This pump is easy to maintain.

In addition to filling the aquarium with water, the pump also has several other functions:

  • creates a flow of water, using the flow of the pump, which is necessary for the existence of some underwater living organisms; for example, corals need a strong flow of water, which brings them food (plankton) and takes away their metabolic products;
  • promotes the circulation of water in the aquarium, in this case, pumps are used for the flow, as well as special circulation pumps. During this mixing, the water is saturated with oxygen and cleaned, returning clean and transparent again to the aquarium;
  • The air pump in the aquarium is designed to create a continuous stream of air necessary for the operation of the aerator, the bottom filter or for other devices. It should be installed above the water level in order to avoid water from the aquarium.

Aquarium pump. Requirements for aquarium water pump

In order for the aquatic environment of the aquarium to be as close as possible to the natural conditions, and its inhabitants feel good, it is necessary to use various additional equipment. Almost every aquarium requires aeration.

In addition, additional water filtration is often necessary.

Filtration should be carried out in almost every artificial reservoir (except the Dutch one). For this purpose, and designed water pump for the aquarium. After all, any aquarium is, above all, a closed biosystem.

As a rule, in the natural environment, the concentration of living organisms and plants is much less than in a domestic artificial pond. Therefore, the water in it is more and much faster polluted by waste products of its inhabitants, the remnants of food, etc.

This can lead to a high concentration of harmful substances and poor health or even illness and death of the fish.

Pump in the aquarium performs the function of pumping water. Differently they are called water pumps. In fact, the aquarium pump is the simplest filtering device.

Most often they operate on the centrifuge principle and are driven by magnets embedded in the engine and impeller. With the help of a pump, you can either pour water into the aquarium, or feed it to devices located on its outer side (mounted filter, sterilizer, etc.).

In fact, the pumps for the aquarium produce a water flow in it that facilitates the movement of water layers, which, in turn, leads to their saturation with oxygen. The water does not stagnate, it is less prone to blooming, and the fish feel much better with a normal degree of oxygen concentration.

In addition, the pump for the aquarium can be used to create different aquarium effects, for example, fountains and waterfalls. Therefore, it can also be called equipment for decorating an artificial reservoir.

Previously, such devices were sold without additional accessories. Modern pumps can be equipped, for example, with an air compressor. Sometimes they are additionally equipped with a water heater, an UV lamp, etc.

Such a design, in fact, is already a complete filtering system. The pump for the aquarium is usually equipped with powerful suction cups that allow you to securely fix the device on the glass.

Sometimes for fixing use special clamps.

By design also distinguish between deep and external pump. Submersible (deep) are located right in the aquarium.

External (external) outside.

Before you get a pump for an aquarium, you need to ask the seller what material its body is made of. This is of great importance, since such an important parameter as the degree of noise of the device depends on it.

Water pumps of varying power are available for aquariums of various sizes.

When purchasing a pump for your home artificial reservoir, in addition to financial capabilities, be guided by such factors as its power, functionality and noise.

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