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Aquarium in the interior – the choice of aquarium and fish

The aquarium is an amazing decorative element in a modern interior, it adds uniqueness and luxury – a kind of window into another world, full of unreal calm and captivating beauty, the contemplation of which soothes and enchants. The smooth movement of the fish, the brilliance of their scales in the rays of soft light, the swaying of plants and the intricate underwater structures have a hypnotic effect.

Looking at a piece of the unknown for us, the underwater world, we plunge into the atmosphere of peace and beauty.

At the same time, the aquarium is a lively and bright design element that will easily fit into any interior that will make it stylish and harmonious. Floor and built-in, rectangular and panoramic, round and angular, marine and freshwater – the choice of modern aquariums is huge.

Today, an aquarium is a work of art, the result of an unstoppable flight of creative thought by designers combined with the triumph of technology. The industry, which is moving forward at a rapid pace, offers an ever wider range of accessories, sometimes the most fantastic ones, such as aquarium soil glowing in the dark.

Since childhood, the favorite entertainment in the adult life of the inhabitants of megalopolises has become a vital necessity. Observation of unhurried and measured flow of life behind the glass soothes after a hectic and stressful day.

Before you get a natural antidepressant, think through all the essential nuances: time and money, compatibility of fish, care details.

Large aquariums with a capacity of 200 liters undoubtedly provide more opportunities, but efforts to maintain cleanliness and beauty in such a “fish kingdom” require a little more, not to mention the material costs. You can start with a small aquarium of 50-100 liters. Prices for aquariums vary depending on the shape, volume and manufacturer.

A rectangular aquarium will cost less than a corner, panoramic or aquarium with a curved front glass, and a domestic aquarium will cost several points less than an imported one. The larger the volume, the thicker the glass and the higher the price, respectively.

Aquariums are placed on bedside tables, tables, special stands, hung on the walls, put on the floor. Aquariums can themselves serve as a table or a screen.

Fantasy is not constrained by anything and sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity: aquariums are mounted in kitchen sinks and toilet bowls.

Types of aquariums by the method of placement in the interior design:

The most common aquarium is a floor aquarium. Of course, aquariums are rarely installed directly on the floor.

Usually they are mounted on a stand. The optimum height of the tank at the level of the eyes of a standing or sitting person.

Aquariums put on special pedestals, stand, or fit into the finished furniture. Beds / stands are better to buy in specialized stores, where they are durable and functionally prepared for the equipment necessary to care for the aquarium.

Built-in aquariums, it is desirable to contain at least one hundred liters. With this arrangement, the aquarium should be remembered: Firstly, ordinary furniture is not designed for heavy loads, and secondly, a large aquarium can change the style of furniture and interior design, and thirdly, it is really difficult when maintaining them.

Remember that you need to leave enough space above the aquarium so that you can not only place the lighting, but also to conduct daily feeding of fish and cleaning / maintenance of the aquarium.

In this case, you must provide a secure attachment to the wall. Externally, the design looks like a thick picture with a wide frame, but instead of the picture there will be an aquarium. And all the necessary to maintain the life of the device hidden in the closed frame of the aquarium.

Hanging aquarium looks very unusual in the interior.

Outdoor aquarium is popular due to the simplicity of design and ease of movement if necessary. Hanging aquarium saves space in small rooms.

Its only drawback – the weight and size are limited. Built-in aquarium can be placed in a niche or part of the partition.

This aquarium can be used for zoning space. This visually expands and revives the interior, gives the possibility of using non-standard solutions in the layout.

If you are lucky enough to get an exclusive model in the form of a coffee table or an aquarium arch, then you become the owner of a unique interior.

Now on the market are thousands of different types of aquarium fish. The choice is simply huge, but when deciding which fish you want to make, consider your capabilities, the size of the aquarium, the particular care and compatibility of the fish. Not having enough experience, do not give in to fashionable trends in which feng shui fish or arovan are popular.

You will have to order such a small fish from distant Singapore, pay several thousand dollars (you can even $ 25,000) and then endure its “whims” and spend a lot of time on care. In addition, such a fish can grow into a 20-pound monster.

Therefore, leave a similar exotic experienced professionals, and write a list of the desired species and go to the pet store for advice.

For peace and harmony in your underwater kingdom it is very important to take into account the compatibility of different fish.

– similar habitat;
– temperature conditions;
– diet;
– light mode;
– temperament fish.

It is undesirable to combine brackish and freshwater fish in one aquarium; they will not be comfortable. As well as herbivorous fish, along with predators that can just eat them.

Fish vegetarians and predators have different physiological systems of the digestive system, the first need to be fed more often.

Fortunately, most of the aquarium fish are omnivorous and are accustomed to food and animal and vegetable origin, although everyone still has his or her exercise. Someone eats quickly, someone slowly, someone reflects, before you start a meal.

When planting fish, be sure to consider the required amount of water for each fish. If you buy juveniles, do the calculation based on their size in adulthood. “Planting density” is calculated depending on the total length of the fish when they are adults. Approximately 2.5 cm of fish per liter of water.

This calculation is approximate and for each aquarium it is individual.

Having thought through all the little things, you will ensure your fish a comfortable life, and a pleasant and relaxing leisure time for yourself.

The aquarium is a part of the fantastic underwater world. Aquarium in the interior will create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house.

According to the feng shui aquarium with fish and plants, is a definite symbol of family happiness.

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