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Aquarium in the interior design of the living room and other rooms

Home interior should be warm and cozy. People often add attractiveness to their homes with the help of decorative elements.

A great solution would be to buy an aquarium. In the interior of the living room artificial pond with fish can be the main focus.

A reservoir of glass, in which there is a lot of greenery and water pets, has a positive effect on the mood of the tenants. Such an element is easy to fit into any modern design.

Such an element as an aquarium with fish is easy to fit into any modern design.

The design of home rooms should be approached creatively, if you plan to install an artificial reservoir in one of them. Some do not bother to decorate the aquarium zone, so the tank with fish and algae often looks like a regular box.

Other people believe that a glass tank should be a bright and visible part of the room. With an attractive design of this detail, you can achieve a unique interior.

The aquarium not only makes the room more spectacular: with the little underwater world, the living situation becomes more comfortable and interesting. Psychologists have proven that observing the fish causes positive emotions in a person and improves his mental state as a whole.

With an aquarium in the interior of the apartment you can feel the urbanistic atmosphere of the modern city. Designers also propose to apply imitations of natural mountain landscapes and decor in the style of Japanese minimalism.

The most spectacular compositions are the ancient cities, which use artificial ruins, sculptures and sunken ships from different materials.

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Before you buy an aquarium, you should think about its best location in the room where it will be installed. It is necessary to determine the size, shape and internal content of the structure.

You can consult with experts in advance who will tell you the details of the design of the aquarium zone.

For an aquarium, it will be necessary to choose the right underwater pets and floristics, while not forgetting about filtration devices and aeration. Some prefer to install an aquarium with only plants and decorative elements.

If you plan to buy fish, then you need to carefully examine the information on their maintenance and care.

Before you buy an aquarium, you should think about its best location in the room

Since aquariums come in different sizes and shapes, they can be placed in different parts of the room. The tanks are placed on a table or sturdy shelves.

There are mounted and built-in models with which you can significantly save space. The tanks are installed in the premises for various purposes. Some aquariums can be combined, but such structures are often made of large sizes, so they are suitable only for spacious rooms.

Glass tank for fish should not be extravagant. These pets need to create comfortable housing and suitable conditions for their maintenance.

It is necessary to take into account the shape of the structure, so that it is convenient to feed the fish and clean their housing from the resulting pollution.

The design of the aquarium should be strong and stable

When choosing a glass container should be guided by the following principles:

  1. Novice aquarists believe that small tanks are more convenient, but in fact they are more difficult to maintain than large ones.
  2. Professionals recommend choosing wide and low containers to protect horizontal space. In such aquariums, underwater inhabitants will not clash over territory.
  3. The big role is played by the form of an artificial reservoir. It is best to acquire rectangular models, because complex structures visually distort reality.
  4. For heavy glass aquariums you need a reliable support.
  5. The volume of the selected capacity depends on the size and number of pets that will live in it. For example, for one fish 2.5 cm long, you will need 9 liters of water. Algae, stones and various decorations, which take up a lot of space, must also be taken into account.
  6. It is necessary to maintain the parameters of the aquatic environment. The optimum temperature is + 22 … + 26 ° C. Water should be a density of 1.02−1.05 g / cu. cm and about 30% salinity.
  7. For normal movement and feeding the fish need a current using centrifugal pumps. This is facilitated by a powerful filter needed for water purification.

When acquiring an aquarium, pets need to create comfortable housing and suitable conditions for their maintenance.

  • An important detail is the lighting, which is organized with the help of various types of lamps.
  • Provide a favorable environment in the aquarium with ultraviolet emitters, ozonizers and other systems.
  • Soil and plants are selected depending on the types of fish.
  • Some people get an aquarium without underwater inhabitants. This saves them from constant supervision and care of pets. The aquarium itself is an element of decor, filled with exotic plants and figures.

    For river themes, algae of green shades are selected, and the marine world is created with the help of reefs, grottoes, corals and plants of bright colors.

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    Artificial pond should be combined with interior design. Reservoir pick a certain shape and design.

    Conventional models that can be moved from place to place, no longer cause much interest among people who are fond of the underwater world. Today, aquarium manufacturers can delight customers with such designs:

    1. Corner. These options are often used for small spaces. The triangular model will fit into any small space. L-shaped design is used to divide the room into zones. The trapezium-shaped aquarium can be placed on a bedside table or a table in the corner. With concave and convex glass home with water pets will seem more voluminous.
    2. Embedded. For such models, you should plan the placement of the structure during the construction phase or during the housing redevelopment. The base must be level because it will experience a large weight load. If a brick was used in the construction, then the reinforcement is not done. For plasterboard construction will need welded steel frames. The aquarium can be built into the interior wall, while the back face can be open or closed. Such models can cause difficulties during installation, because it is not always possible to provide free space for communications and equipment.

    For built-in aquariums, you should plan the placement of the structure during the construction phase or during the housing redevelopment.

  • Bulkheads. Usually this design is made to order. The partition aquarium will be an excellent separator of living areas, with which the space visually expands. The light passing through the water tank makes the room lighter. Although it is easy to see the opposite part of the room with a transparent partition, it still feels lonely with it. This aquarium is often used when they want to separate the living room from the kitchen or hallway.
  • In the room where these structures are located, you can feel the unity with nature. Volumetric tanks carry lively energy and have a relaxing effect.

    With properly selected fish and decorative elements, it will be possible to create an illusion of space and a unique look of the interior.

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    Non-standard aquariums are distinguished by individual features. Such models can be located in openings or inside niches.

    They are large or small, high or low. There are options for round, square and triangular shapes.

    Interestingly look multi-section models.

    Elements of a decor, additional illumination or the unusual products supporting life activity of pets independently will help to emphasize originality of designs. Creative tanks can be any, but they must be comfortable for living fish and convenient for maintenance.

    Non-standard aquariums may be located in openings or inside niches.

    Unusual ideas for an aquarium:

    1. Table. The reservoir built into this piece of furniture is easy to use. The table-aquarium can be moved to the required place at any time. The refined element of the decor will attract the eyes of all the guests and turn an ordinary dinner into a festive meal. This option is suitable for a city apartment, and for a country house.
    2. Picture. The design is difficult to perform, but the result will be great. Such an aquarium will be an excellent alternative to the usual picture, but the living landscape, mounted on the wall, can create difficulties in care.
    3. Sink. Even familiar plumbing can be a work of art. Aquarium sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen will radically change the look of the interior. In such a reservoir, you can settle shade-loving fish, adding to its hidden lighting.

    Elements of a decor, additional illumination or unusual products will help to emphasize originality of designs.

  • Part of the cabinet. If desired, furniture can be ordered with an aquarium built into it. And with additional lighting in the container, it is easy to see the contents of the cabinet.
  • Column. A cylindrical tank is placed inside the columns, which serve as an excellent way of zoning rooms. To supply water to such models are used pipelines hiding in the floor. Glowing in the evening the columns look fantastic.
  • Ceiling model. The hanging aquarium suspended from the ceiling will be an additional source of lighting. This model is recommended to be used in two-tier spacious rooms, where it will be a decorative partition between the upper and lower parts of the room.
  • The aquarium can be placed inside the pool table or make it as a canopy at the head of the sofa. In the bedroom, the arch design can be placed above the bed.

    The owner of such beauty will be pleased to fall asleep, looking at the wonders of nature.

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    Not everyone has the opportunity to place complex glass constructions in their home. The reasons may be a small space of premises or lack of funds.

    But anyone can afford a mini-aquarium.

    Creatively look small desktop ponds in the form of glasses, light bulbs, vases, cans or chemical flasks. Such models are lightweight. They can be placed in any room and, if necessary, moved from place to place.

    Small tanks are placed on tables, bedside tables or shelves. It is not recommended to put the aquarium on the windowsill, where the direct rays of the sun will fall on it.

    Small aquariums can be placed in any room and, if necessary, moved from place to place

    In the capacity of a small size fit only 2−3 fish, but such a reservoir can be purchased for premises of any size. A mini aquarium is easy to care for.

    Cleaning the tank and changing the water does not take much time and effort. Even a small aquarium with fish will please the owners of the house and charge them with positive emotions for the whole day.

    Most often, an artificial reservoir can be seen in the living rooms. This room is considered to be the central place in a house or apartment where guests are greeted and family evenings are held.

    A small fish tank fits perfectly into any interior. For larger structures, an appropriate location should be determined in advance.

    Artificial reservoir is often placed in a dark place of the room, which becomes brighter from lamps and lights for fish.

    For large structures of aquariums should determine in advance the appropriate location.

    A few tips for installing an aquarium in the living room:

    1. The traditional place of the tank with fish and algae – against the wall in the room.
    2. In classic interiors, round containers look best. A great solution would be the corner models.
    3. Tanks of rectangular or square shape are recommended to be placed in a niche.
    4. Vertical designs can be used to separate living room areas.
    5. Focus on the aquarium will, if it is placed on a hill. For example, a round vase-shaped tank will be visible on a glass pedestal.

    A large rectangular aquarium with black inserts is suitable for interiors decorated in bright colors. The dark element of the decor is perfectly combined with the white ceiling and visually increases the space of the hall.

    Once people bought aquariums for the maintenance of fish and other aquatic pets. Today, this detail is one of the most popular design elements.

    The aquarium with fish, plants and various additions will be the main pride of the owner of a modern home.

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