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Aquarium-glass: a description of the features and types of suitable fish

Aquarium-glass is most often chosen by novice aquarists. Just take care of him, and it can be a great decor for an office or living room.

In summer, the vessel can be taken out to fresh air. The inhabitant of such an aquarium is most often a cockerel – a bright and extravagant fish.

Aquarium-glass is an excellent decorative element for home and office

For the manufacture of an aquarium in the form of a glass, high-quality acrylic glass or ecological plastic is used.

Such a vessel has many advantages, which distinguish it from other varieties:

  • high glass strength;
  • transportability;
  • easy care and cleansing.

Choosing a vessel in the form of a wine glass, it should be understood that the amount of substrate in it will be very limited. Consequently, it will be possible to land only a few species of algae.

It is also possible a slight distortion when viewing items and creatures that are in the tank. This is normal, as the vessel is spherical.

The main advantage of a glass aquarium is simplicity in care and cleaning.

The main disadvantage of such vessels is that the space is limited, therefore there is not so much oxygen. Not all fish species can normally exist in such tanks. Other disadvantages include the following nuances:

  • Small volume Due to the small size, the choice of fish that can be placed in such an aquarium is significantly reduced. Caring for such a vessel has several features.
  • In a vessel of 10 or 20 liters can contain a maximum of 2−3 small fish.
  • Distortion. Due to the curved walls there is a distortion of light and a shadow is formed.
  • Frequent cleaning. A small filter becomes clogged much faster, and it is more troublesome to clean than a large device.

Before buying a round-shaped aquarium, weigh the pros and cons. It is recommended to choose in advance the type of fish that will live in a glass.

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During the selection of the type of fish for settling in a round container one should pay attention to the fact that the tank is small, there is little oxygen, and also due to the round shape the light is refracted in a special way. All these factors can cause stress in a fish and negatively affect its lifespan.

For a container in the form of a glass, only small individuals are suitable. For example, it may be a small catfish, which will clean the walls of the vessel from green plaque.

Only small types of fish are suitable for the capacity in the form of a glass.

Will feel good The following species of fish:

A goldfish does not tolerate a small amount of water and oxygen, so they can often hurt and grow poorly. Small fish will eventually multiply. Their numbers need to be controlled, as overcrowding can be dangerous.

Most often in the aquarium-glass put a rooster. This fish is quite bright and noticeable.

The capacity of the equipment for the glass is selected depending on the type of fish and their needs.

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When making a small vessel should be very careful. The main task of the decor is not only to give beauty to the aquarium, but also to create comfortable conditions for the life of the fish.

For a glass, as for a regular aquarium, the following equipment is needed:

Buy should be those models that are created only for the round-shaped aquarium. They look more neat and do not spoil the appearance of the vessel.

At the bottom you can put a small scattering of stones in which algae will take root.

At the bottom of the glass you can put a small scattering of stones in which algae will take root

The main principle of the design of a small vessel is minimalism. Otherwise, due to the abundant decor, the fish will be lost.

A special cap is provided for the aquarium glass. It has the following functions:

  • preventing fish from jumping out;
  • protection against the ingress of foreign objects;
  • backlight mount.

It is best to buy models that already come with a lid. It can be purchased separately, but it will be quite problematic.

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Cleaning the glass has its own characteristics. Due to its size, it is recommended to replace water every 7–10 days.

At the same time it is necessary to replace from 20 to 25% of the liquid. It is advisable to use distilled water.

The following tools will be needed for cleaning.:

  • a little net to catch a fish;
  • container with fresh distilled water;
  • paper napkins;
  • water treatment kit;
  • algae scraper;
  • sieve.

In the aquarium-glass, water replacement is recommended every 7–10 days.

Vessel walls need to be cleaned regularly. Magnetic scrapers are recommended for cleaning.

Before cleaning the fish must be pulled out of the tank, as you can accidentally damage it.

A siphon or aquarium compressor is used to remove organic residues. The soil is recommended to siphon every 2−3 months.

Aquarium in the form of a glass is perfect for a novice aquarist. It will be an excellent element of the decor, which does not require such thorough care as large aquariums.

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