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Aquarium for beginners: tips on maintenance and care

The maintenance of the aquarium is not only an original hobby, but also a way to achieve harmony and peace, to get rid of stress. For beginners, an aquarium at home is a way to join something new and unknown, to learn the secrets of the depths and their inhabitants.

Knowledge of simple rules aquarism, supported by desire and patience, will help anyone to master this interesting activity.

Novice aquarists often do not know where to start an aquarium, but this should be done by choosing the appropriate tank. The main thing to think about is where in the house or apartment it will be located.

The answer to this question will help determine the shape of the container and its design. So, the vessel can stand on a stand or legs, be suspended or have a frame base.

The shapes of aquariums are also very diverse. They can be:

  • rectangular (parallelepiped);
  • square (cubic);
  • Panoramic (viewing glass of a convex shape);
  • round (in the form of a ball);
  • prismoidal (used for installation on the floor);
  • triangular (for closed aquariums).

In addition, an important condition for choosing a vessel for fish is taking into account all the factors of maintenance of underwater inhabitants and care for them. Proper installation is necessary for free access to the home aquarium and manipulation of it (changing water, cleaning the filter, feeding the fish, caring for plants).

It is impossible for direct sunlight to enter the container. This can harm fish and some types of algae. The size of the aquarium in liters is selected based on the number and length of its inhabitants.

So, for 1 cm of fish, 1 l of water is needed so that underwater inhabitants can freely swim and feel comfortable.

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The maintenance and care of the aquarium for beginners requires care and follow the rules. The well-being of its inhabitants depends on whether all the necessary materials were selected correctly.

Before launching fish and planting algae, a beginner to an aquarium needs to purchase a standard set of equipment. It includes:

  1. Devices for lighting. Lamps should be selected depending on the types of fish and underwater plants.
  2. Water heaters. The liquid in the aquarium should be at a comfortable temperature, so it is best to choose a model with automatic heating control.
  3. Filtration devices and aerators. Water should be regularly cleaned of impurities and saturate with oxygen. This will not allow the disease of fish and their death.
  4. Additional accessories are selected at will, as well as, if necessary, for certain phenotypes of fish and plants.

Often, along with the capacity of the proposed stand and stand with a backlit cover. These accessories will do a good job for a beginner aquarist.

The lid helps prevent some species of fish from jumping out and provides proper lighting, and the pedestal can be used to store aquarium accessories, such as fish food, nets, thermometers, and others.

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Particular attention should be paid to the selection of the soil. In no case can not be used for the bottom of the sand from the banks of reservoirs.

It may contain protozoa, which will cause fish diseases. Too shallow soil is not suitable, as it is difficult to clean from the waste products of the inhabitants of the aquarium, as well as food residues and other contaminants.

The ideal option would be basalt soil. It is not only easy to maintain, which is a plus for newbies, but also softens tap water.

The soil should be poured in a layer of 4−8 cm, depending on the plants and the development of their root system.

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Aquarium not only needs to be installed correctly, but also take care of its internal environment. To do this, you need to organize the space, taking into account the peculiarities of the natural habitat of the fish.

At the bottom of the tank are placed aquatic plants to create shade, algae, decor.

When the design of the aquarium is completed, it is necessary to create a biological balance of its environment. Within 14 days the space is illuminated 7−8 hours per day, planted algae.

It is important not to change the water before running the first fish.

Beginners aquarists should start breeding fish with guppies and swordsmen. These are the most unpretentious types which will help to find out whether the created atmosphere is suitable for their life. If the fish do not get sick and do not die, then all materials have been selected and installed correctly.

In this case, it is possible to start sharing other phenotypes, such as zebrafish, speckled catfish, barbus.

Individuals should be no more than 8 pieces, among which 2 males. The main thing – to remember about the size of the aquarium and the number of fish to avoid overcrowding. Do not forget about the compatibility of species, to avoid eating some phenotypes by others.

Predatory fish must inhabit separately.

However, before you start a new kind of fish, you need to wait some time, so that they acclimatize to an unfamiliar atmosphere. You can find out whether the environment is suitable for new fish by testing the water. In specialized stores you need to buy tests to determine the composition of the water in the aquarium.

To do this, pour a small amount of liquid into a separate tube, add reagent to it and use the reference card to find out the composition. If necessary, soften the water, reducing the acid level.

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Caring for an aquarium is an integral component of the proper maintenance of its inhabitants. Standard works include:

  • weekly water change;
  • cleaning filters and aerators;
  • removal of feed residues;
  • cleaning the soil from the products of fish life;
  • washing glasses and covers against plaque and sediment.

The soil of the aquarium can be cleaned once a month. The process must be carried out carefully so as not to damage the root system of aquatic plants. Aerators and filters should not be washed with tap water using soap.

For this purpose, only aquarium liquid is used.

Sterilization of the aquarium is not a mandatory step in the care of it. It is carried out under the condition that among the inhabitants there are species that are subject to the influence of protozoa, parasites and fungi.

Disinfection is carried out with ozone and ultraviolet. For each method there is a special device, however, ozone sterilization is suitable only for experienced aquarists, since it is very easy to exceed the concentration of gas, which will adversely affect the health of underwater inhabitants.

Ultraviolet sterilization is performed with a lamp. This method is cheap and easy to use.

It is safe, and the time of exposure to ultraviolet light is easy to control, which is an undoubted advantage for beginners.

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For beginners, it is difficult to immediately grasp the process of maintaining and caring for an aquarium, so they often turn to people with experience in this matter for help. Knowledge of aquarism rules for beginners can facilitate the process of knowledge of underwater life in miniature:

  1. Novice aquarists should choose the classic models of tanks: square or rectangular.
  2. The easiest in the care and adaptation of fish are aquariums 100-110 liters. In them the internal ecosystem is well formed.
  3. The thermometer is necessary both for beginners and experienced in the aquarium business. The temperature of the water is very important for the fish, and its sudden drops can lead to their death.
  4. It will not be out of place to have several tests for the composition of the water and to conduct them regularly in order to correct the softness of the liquid in time.
  5. Caring for an aquarium is complicated depending on the rarity of the species of its inhabitants.
  6. Aerators and filters should work all the time.
  7. Obligatory aquarium lighting is 8–10 hours per day.
  8. Feeding the fish should be according to the developed scheme. It is impossible to feed them, as overfeeding affects the health and life of underwater inhabitants.

Keeping fish at home will bring a lot of pleasant moments to an aquarist, because observing the water inhabitants can be compared to meditation. Maintaining an aquarium for beginners will not be difficult, because the main thing is to want to know the underwater world and not be afraid of learning something new.

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