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Aquarium for a tortoise the red-skinny the hands

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Aquaterrarium for the eared turtle – content care photo description.

A properly equipped aquarium with adequate size is necessary for keeping domesticated turtles at home. It would be more correct to call it aquaterrarium, since such a reservoir contains not only water space, but also an island of land.

Buy housing for turtles can be in the spec. stores or do it yourself.

Since the reptile is quite demanding to the place of residence, you need to know how to properly equip an aquarium for a red-eared turtle. Your pet’s home should be as close as possible to its natural habitat.

Only in this case, your ward will be healthy and happy in its own way.

Approach to the choice of an aquarium should be based on the size of your red-eared pet or (if you have a young individual) take immediately “for growth”. Keep in mind. that in a few years a tiny little turtle the size of a peach seed will turn into an adult individual the size of a saucer.

The optimal size of the aquarium, depending on the size of the turtle:

  • babies from 3 to 10 cm – 50 liters;
  • young turtles from 10 to 16 cm – 80 liters;
  • big turtles from 17 to 25 cm – 150 liters;
  • adult animals – from 150 liters.

In order to prevent the runner from escaping, the top of the aquaterrarium should be covered with a lid that allows air to pass through well.

The snail turtle leads a sedentary lifestyle, spending a lot of time not only in the water, but also on the shore, so you need to equip at least one, and preferably several land areas per one turtle (one shaded and the other in a brightly lit warm place). ). On land, the turtle receives oxygen and enjoys the UV rays.

What is important to consider?

  • The land plot should occupy no less than a quarter of the total bottom area.
  • Land areas should have a sloping, smoothly rising from the bottom of the coast. Steep cliffs are not allowed. You can build a ladder or a mini-ladder, put a large stone or a grotto with flat walls.
  • The surface of the islands should be made of quality materials and be rough. If there is a ground on the island, then it should not crumble into the water.
  • If there are several turtles, then the land should have such a total area that all individuals simultaneously have access to it and can fit.
  • If there are several islets, some of them may not be completely dry, but covered with water by a few millimeters.

The island should be located about 30 cm below the edge of the terrarium so that the animal does not climb out and run away.




The recommended water temperature for a snail turtle is 23-28 ° C. The temperature on the shaded (cold) island should be 23-25 ​​° С, and on the brightly lit (warm) area – 28-32 ° С.

This is an absolutely ideal option for arranging temperature conditions that are most suitable for a red-eared turtle.

Heating is necessary to create such temperature conditions. The main heating is carried out using a special lamp, which is fixed above one of the islands.

If the temperature during heating the lamp is insufficient, then apply additional heating.

You can use a heater in the form of a long glass tube that is immersed in water. Particular attention should be paid to its location: the tortoise should not be able to accidentally bite the electric wire or damage its shell.

There are aquariums in which red-eared turtles cannot be categorically maintained:

  1. Little turtles up to 50-70 liters. They can only be used for temporary housing. If a turtle lives in such a capacity for a long time, then it develops skin infectious diseases, dystrophy and softening of the shell.
  2. Aquariums in which the land is made of plastic.
  3. Aquariums in which it is impossible to set the desired temperature, as well as ultraviolet and filtration. The absence of all these conditions leads to disease and death of turtles.

Thus, the care of the red-eared turtle, as well as any other pet, requires some effort. But a terrarium in which the water is clean, the bottom is picturesque, and the animals are healthy – this is a fascinating sight that is worth the time and effort.

How to equip a terrarium for a red-eared turtle, tell the leading channel “Carousel”:

Plants in the dwelling of the red-ea plant planted does not make sense. Your pet will eat or dig up without thinking twice.

You can try to decorate the aquarium with artificial plants, commercially available, securely securing them at the bottom. You can even do without plants, decorating the aquarium with various snags, unusual stones, etc.

But keep in mind: snags need to take only those who have lain for a long time in the water. Fresh wood is no good.

An interestingly designed aquarium for red-eared turtles will add zest to any interior. But do not forget that when choosing decorations, you first need to think about the safety of your pet.

How to make aquaterrariums for red-eared turtles with your own hands

If you decide to have a red-eared turtle, then it will be possible to buy or make an aquaterrarium on your own. Initially, it is necessary to determine the parameters of the future home of the animal, only then you can think about what materials and tools you need to purchase.

Aquaterrariums for red-eared turtles can be made using a variety of materials, namely: polyvinyl chloride, wood, etc. The design can be made on the basis of a skeleton. In this case, it all depends on the size of the installation.

Thus, if it is large, it is preferable to build a frame, whereas for small terrariums, structures made entirely of Plexiglas or glass are excellent.

It is permissible to apply when aquaterrariums for eared turtles are made, and old furniture, the elements of which will be used to complete the installation components. In the manufacture of such glass constructions, special adhesives should be used.

If you have an unknown glue in front of you, you should definitely read the instructions, this is because the composition may be poisonous to the animal, which is especially important when installing aquaterrariums.

No matter what material is used, it needs to be painted, which will protect the elements from moisture. If we are talking about wooden construction, then the most effective when carrying out protection against moisture can be achieved by painting the surface with hot drying oil, which is applied in two layers.

After the first layer is dried, you can proceed to applying the second one.

Performing aquaterrariums for red-eared turtles with their own hands, in the next stage, the design should be left to dry completely, and then treated with furniture lacquer. If you want to preserve the natural color and texture of wood, you can use oxide paints that have bright and saturated colors to process the frame elements. If you have to work with a steel structure or one that is made of duralumin, then it must be painted on all sides.

In this case, epoxy compounds will manifest themselves more effectively.

An aquaterrarium for the eared turtle with your own hands, the photo of which is in the article, can be made with very impressive dimensions, while the walls, the floor, and the ceiling should be made using multilayer plywood. It is necessary to process it using the same technology that is used when working with wooden elements of the building frame. It is acceptable to cover the floor surface with thin plastic, which is often replaced with linoleum.

Such a coating will be reliable, and water will not leak through the cracks under the surface of the material. Thus, you will manage to create conditions favorable for metal or wood.

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