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Aquarium decoration design from A to Z

Aquascaping refers to art, with the help of which amazing landscapes are created within the aquarium. Make a masterpiece under the force only creative and educated people. Before proceeding to the refinement, the idea is embodied on paper and implemented only after adjustments.

Aquascaping for beginners involves the development of styles and techniques, as well as the creation of simple compositions. Further development in this direction will allow you to professionally engage in this kind of art.

Aquascaping – one of the directions of aqua design

The natural design of aquariums was born in the 90s, the Japanese Takashi Amano is considered the founder of the idea. When composing compositions, he was guided by the principles of creating Japanese gardens. The direction in a short time has become known and popular all over the world.

The main task of the natural style is to repeat as accurately as possible the terrestrial landscape within the aquarium.

To create an aquascape with your own hands is a laborious exercise that requires a complex of knowledge and experience. The study of the theory and the regular development of skills will help to achieve high results.

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Despite the fact that aquascaping is a young art form, many people want to create underwater paintings. A variety of natural materials makes it possible to implement a large number of ideas. As a result of the development of aquascape, directions were developed, each of which has its own characteristics and features.

Despite the fact that it includes more than a dozen styles, they prefer the main ones.

The garden of stones is built up in stages: first of all, boulders are installed, then low-growing plants, at the end of the grass. Vegetation and fish are present in a minimum amount, attention is given to stones.

They should not affect the quality of water and inhibit flora and fauna.

When making iwagumi large stones are used

Developed rules for placing stones:

  • are present in an odd number;
  • you can not arrange on a flat line or obeying any regularity, they do everything according to intuition;
  • objects are fixed to ensure their sustainability;
  • each stone has its own parameters;
  • do not use smooth objects, they spoil the naturalness of the picture.

The style is characterized by the creation of a single elegant composition. Appeared from philosophical Zen teachings based on harmony and tranquility.

In the landscape used aquascape with snags and Japanese stones. Vegetation is either absent or represented by mosses.

Design elements, their shape and location are subject to the rules of Zen Buddhism. Landscapes in this style are used for meditation.

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The main feature of the direction is the presence of surface objects. In the middle of the composition a bump or mound forms, which is densely covered with vegetation, and the top is seen above the surface of the water.

Thus, small islands are formed above the surface.

It is considered difficult and time consuming to compose. Distinctive features are strict zoning, planting dense grouping of plants, caring for them and timely haircut.

  • The number of plant species used depends on the scale of the aquarium. Each group is at least 10 centimeters long.

Dutch aquarium is easy to recognize by abundant vegetation

  • A variety of flora is welcomed. Differences in size, height and color between species make the composition colorful, rich.
  • Vegetation is distributed to the front, middle and background. In each zone there is a certain type.
  • The background is dark, in gloomy colors. Brown and black shades will do.

These styles have long become classic in aquascaping. However, with the development of modern art, new trends are emerging, the popularity of which is gradually gaining momentum.

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What are the rules for the placement of elements

Creating aquascaping proceeds in stages. Filling the aquarium with individual objects occurs according to the rules developed:

  • first install the largest and most significant elements;
  • nearby plants for making an aquascape differ in size and shape;
  • the location of the main part of the composition is calculated according to the rule of the golden section;
  • if the aquarium is small in size, one visual point is made, for large tanks two are permissible.

Regardless of the style in which aquascaping will be performed, the work must be framed harmoniously, and the placed elements correspond to a single idea.

In a small aquarium there should be only one visual center.

Such a clever trick as interaction with perspective allows you to visually increase the size of the aquarium, to make it spacious. The effect is achieved due to the distortion of the parameters of decorative objects.

Perspective is of three kinds:

  1. Linear. Elements are laid at a certain angle to the wall of the aquarium. Guided by the rule: the greater the slope, the larger the picture will turn out. Also use the method of distancing. The objects are arranged in such a way that a constriction is obtained, and the composition goes away.
  2. Air. Items that are set away are blurred. This smooths the boundaries, and thereby visually increases the space.
  3. Tonal. The volume of the landscape is achieved by darkening the front zone due to the formation of shadows. Far background, on the contrary, is illuminated or highlighted by the presence of bright objects.

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Proper zoning improves the quality of the composition. Usually a lot of time is given to the selection of objects and lighting that will be in the foreground.

The background is equally important. Its appearance depends on the theme of the landscape and the location of the aquarium. It is necessary to consider the following features of the background design:

  • bright colors can distract from the main elements of the landscape;
  • if the aquarium is placed next to the wall, choose saturated dark tones;
  • vegetative subjects are well combined with a green or deciduous background;
  • seascape looks harmoniously with the image of the rocks.

It is permissible to decorate the background with photo wallpaper, tile, display, foam elements.

Light performs one of the main functions in creating an aquascape. It is used to highlight individual objects or entire areas to focus attention on them and create an atmosphere of composition.

Without competent illumination it will not be possible to achieve the proper effect.

In order for this factor to complement the landscape, rather than depress it, there are two basic rules for lighting:

  1. It should correspond to the chosen style.
  2. Favorable influence on the livelihoods of vegetation and fish.

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Not every design assumes the presence of living creatures in an aquarium. Some styles do not imply the presence of such decor.

However, the fish revive the landscape, emphasize its colorful.

When selecting aquarium fish, a number of factors are taken into account:

  1. Habits If some types of underwater representatives calmly swim in the water, others may engage in active soil excavation or constantly hide among vegetation and stones.
  2. Options. The length and width of the fish should be proportional to the size of the tank. Large individuals “eat” the space, distract from the composition. Small ones, on the contrary, make the aquarium spacious.

For aquascaping choose small fish

  • Amount. The numerical factor is also important. The presence of many fish will create chaos and confusion. Therefore limited to a small flock.
  • Color In aquascape, bright accents are permissible. It is important that the picture was harmonious, and too colorful fish did not look ridiculous motley spots.
  • Care. In the process of life, the inhabitants of the aquarium litter it. It is necessary to think over all the actions for the care, so that the decorative elements are not affected by pollution.
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    Those who only decided to try themselves in akvaskeipeng, face a number of difficulties. It is realistic to avoid most of them if you study typical mistakes and prevent them in your work.

    The most common are:

    1. Lack of concept. If the idea is poorly thought out and not implemented through a sketch, it is impossible to create a correct and harmonious landscape. You can not make an aquascap immediately “clean”, to begin with, you should practice on paper, think over the details, make adjustments.
    2. Lack of knowledge. In order to be professionally engaged in aquaskapepeng, it is not enough to follow the basics of decor. It is necessary to understand the technical aspects of the installation of landscape elements, to study biology and zoology.

    For the correct design of the aquarium need creative makings and knowledge of biology

  • Copying professionals. For beginners, it seems that repeating work already done is easier than ever. Far from it. To make a high-level composition, the creator took a long time to acquire the necessary experience and master the technical skills. Even if the newcomer could at least approximately copy the work, it will still be of poor quality.
  • Violation of proportions. Elements must be in harmony with each other and the environment in which they are located. Failure to follow this rule will make the composition ridiculous and ugly.
  • Creative people with good imagination need to try themselves in aquascaping. Beginners should be aware that this class will require not only creativity, but also knowledge.

    Willingness to learn and enthusiasm will help achieve significant heights in this area.

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