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maintenance, care, compatibility

1. aquarium + pedestal 600l, with a convex front glass (color of wenge) 700 cu
2. Delivery 30 cu
3. Filter JBL Crystal Profi 1501e $ 250
4. Compressor Sera Air 550r plus 42 USD
5. Spray Tablet (10cm) * 2 pcs. = 20u.e.
6. Sprayer flexible (100cm) 14 USD
7. Internal volumetric background (50 * 65) * 3 pcs. = 142 USD
8. Ground of different fraction (black) * 60 kg. = 100 cu
9. Bottom soil Tetra Plant Complete Substrate (100 -120l bucket) * 5 pcs. = 73 cu
10. Soil top dressing for plants Tetra Plant Intial Sticks (300ml. Jar) * 2 = 14 cu
11. Means for reducing nitrates Tetra nitrat minus pearl (90 l. Jar) * 7 = 32 cu
12. Aqua safe water conditioner (500ml) – 6 cu
13. Snag XL – 60 USD
14. Snag XXL – 84 USD
15. Stone (decor) from 8 to 23 USD * 14pcs. = 150-200 cu
(I already had them, I bought a couple of pieces and that’s it)
16. Siphon for soil cleaning 45 cu
17. Thermometer 8 cu
Plants in the range (about 15 positions) about 70 USD

Do not rush to immediately plant the fish, let the aquarium “insist”, and
plants to take root. It is best to run the fish, somewhere on the 4-9 day.
Do not plant a lot of fish at once, it is better to run them in batches with a break
between replanting 4-5 days.
Home for your fish is ready. If you do everything right, measured and with the soul,
then in the future the aquarium will bring you only a lot of pleasant
of emotions.
Good luck and success!

FanFishka.ru thanks
the author of the article – Jan Terekhov,
for the provided material and cooperation! Video on the launch of the aquarium

Arrangement of aquarium selection of photos and video design.

how to arrange a beautiful aquarium with live plants

The underwater world is the most unexplored environment on our planet. Maybe that’s why many people decide to put an improvised sea world at home to enjoy the breeze of distant seas and oceans every time they put a piece in their home.

You do not need to be a beginner or an experienced aquarist to appreciate the beauty of this homemade underwater world.

In the aquarium two amazing things are connected: constant movement, active life of sea creatures and unearthly calm, peace. Internal filling of the aquarium is selected under any plot. Pirate ship lying at the bottom, sunken Atlantis, or Dracula’s castle, and maybe even a football stadium for fish. It all depends on your imagination.

The aquarium is a wonderful piece of an amazing underwater world. In any room – be it an apartment, office, place of rest – this exotic island of nature will amaze and delight the eye.. It is an aquarium, harmoniously blending into the interior, it can be a source of psychological comfort and a powerful means of relaxation.

The most significant role here is played by the location, shape and size of the aquarium, as well as its color scheme. Well, in conclusion, I propose to watch the video

The right aquarium: what you need to consider when choosing, running and arranging


More than 7,000 people a month ask this question: “What kind of aquarium is right?”, “How to create it?”, “What is right and what is not in aquarium breeding?”.

So let’s try to deal with you in this matter. And we will try to bring a certain qualification of the correct aquarium.

To begin with, let’s define the concept – the correct aquarium.

You must agree, there are so many nuances and criteria of correctness: What form should an aquarium? What volume? What kind of fish?

What should be in it at all and what should not be?

I think in this matter you need to push off from a certain constant and understand that AQUARIUM is a closed ecosystem, an imitation of the natural conditions of fish habitat.
From the above, it can be made simple that the RIGHT AQUARIUM is a body of water as close as possible to the natural habitat of fish. That is, in such an aquarium should be:
– All water parameters for a certain type of fish are observed;
– the landscape and design of the aquarium should be as close as possible to the natural habitat;
– filtration, aeration, lighting and purging must be present in sufficient quantity;
– care for fish, which carries people, should be as close as possible to the actions of “Mother Nature”;

Now, based on the definition, you can easily display the main parameters

1. VOLUME AQUARIUM. Everything is obvious here – the bigger the aquarium the better! And this is not because a huge aquarium can boast or it will look “rich”.

Not! Simply, the more a closed ecosystem, the easier and better biological processes take place in it, such a system is easier to set up, such a system is easier to maintain.

We can say that such a system is more stable than in a small aquarium.
Many aquarists on the Internet give an example, that in a small aquarium it is much more difficult to maintain water temperature stability than in a large aquarium. And it is true.

And if you drop even deeper? It can be said that in a small aquarium it is harder to adjust the parameters of water, it is harder to dissolve a colony of useful nitrifying bacteria, more often you need to clean and change water, etc.
Alas, the living space and the financial component does not allow many to acquire a large aquarium. But, still for a novice aquarist can advise an aquarium of 100 liters.

So to say – this is the initial volume of the correct aquarium.
2. FORM AQUARIUM. Here in this article – “WHAT AQUARIUM IS BETTER”, examples of various forms of an aquarium are given – their infinite number.

However, the most appropriate form for an aquarium is rectangular or panoramic. At the same time, you need to take into account the characteristics and characteristics of the fish.

Some need a long aquarium, some tall.
The worst form of aquarium is considered – round. Such an aquarium is not convenient for placement of equipment, it is not convenient for maintenance, and even the spherical glass itself distorts the image of the reservoir.

3. EQUIPMENT FOR AQUARIUM. Properly selected aquarium equipment is the key to success.

The thermostat, aeration, filter, lighting should be of sufficient volume and quality. Based on the characteristics of a particular aquarium and specific fish, you need to select equipment with a certain specificity.

For example, the filters can be internal and external, multi-section or single-rack, with a compartment for ceramics (biofiltration) or without it. For more information about filters, see the article – A good filter for an aquarium.

The same applies, for example, to lighting. If there are plants in the aquarium, the aquarium lamps must be of sufficient power and the required spectrum.

The habitat of fish is different. Some fish live in the thickets of valisneria, some live near the rocky shores, some even live in the standing water of rice fields.
Therefore, when arranging the “right aquarium”, first of all you need to start from the needs of the fish and their natural habitats. For example:
Angelfish are South American cichlids that live in bodies of water with rapidly growing underwater and surface plants. That is why, as a result of centuries of evolution, the body of the scalar has acquired a flat shape – so it is more convenient to swim among the “underwater forest”.

Obviously, the most appropriate design for an aquarium with scalars will be an aquarium densely planted with a variety of vegetation, especially long-stemmed, tall plants, for example, vallyseries.

African cichlids – the exact opposite of the scalar. Most African cichlids live in the so-called “stone deserts”, where there is not a small plant. The rocky shores of African rivers, completely covered with rubble, caves, grottoes.

Such a landscape helps the fish to survive and shelter from the enemy; in the caves and minks, African cichlids hatch and hide their offspring.
Therefore, the right aquarium for such fish will be a reservoir, equipped with numerous stones, grottoes and snags.

Labyrinth fish (cockerels, gourami, macropods) are the South Asian guests of our aquariums. They live in the rice fields, where there is little oxygen, and the water is stagnant.

Living conditions have taught these fish to breathe atmospheric air, which they capture from the surface of the water. Therefore, the aquarium for them should not contain plants that float on the surface or completely close it.

Otherwise, the fish will suffocate. In addition, many labyrinths need shelters – caves.

5. PARAMETERS OF WATER AND CONDITIONS OF THE CONTENT OF FISH. Everything is simple – the parameters of water temperature, hardness, “acidity”, etc. must fully meet the needs of this or sometimes the type of fish.

Actually, these same parameters are of first priority when deciding on the compatibility of fish – it is impossible to contain fish, for which the water parameters are different. See also the article AQUARIUM WATER – parameters dH, pH, rH.

The aquarium is not a picture, hanged and admired. This is a daily care and care. It is difficult to call an aquarium right if the fish are fed only dry food, and aquarium plants are not fed with trace elements.

Do not forget about the usual care for the aquarium: changing the water, cleaning the walls of the aquarium, siphon of the soil, washing the filter, etc.
There are other nuances that speak about the correctness of the aquarium. For example, the presence of a UV sterilizer, ozonizer, cooler, cooling system or CO2 system will speak of you as an advanced aquarist. In addition, many aquarium devices can be done with your own hands!

The exact same phyto filtering that anyone can do will have a favorable effect on the “health” of any aquarium.

Based on the foregoing, you can derive some formula

This aquarium of 100 liters, rectangular shape.
With the right equipment:
– aeration (preferably versatile)
– filtering (multistage)
– heater (with thermostat)
– lighting (sufficient power and the desired spectrum)
The design and arrangement of the “right aquarium” as close as possible to the natural, natural habitat of a particular type of fish.
In the correct aquarium, the rules of compatibility of aquarium fish are observed, the parameters of water and the status of hydrobionts are regularly monitored.
In the correct aquarium, there is more specific equipment that improves the quality of the reservoir and the life of the fish.

And most importantly, aquarism, and any other human activity, will always be right – if it is done with love.

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How to equip the first beautiful aquarium


“I am unspeakably pleased with the fact that you are taking the first steps into the wonderful WORLD OF AQUARIUM FISH.

I will draw your attention This article is introductory and basic. I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with more informative articles of our site “about the first steps in the underwater kingdom”, which you will find at the end of this article. “

Scientists have shown that even short-term observation of aquarium fish normalizes blood pressure and calms the nervous system. And fish care teaches children to care and attention.

The underwater world is mysterious and still little studied. Therefore, if you decide to create an aquarium world at home, then before that you should be familiar with the rules of underwater life.

Aquariums can be of any shape: round, semicircular, cylindrical, rectangular, etc. They should not be put on the windowsill, as it will be exposed to direct sunlight, which in turn will lead to “greening of the aquarium” – uncontrolled growth of algae.

There are also aquariums that are suspended from the ceiling or embedded in furniture or a wall between two rooms. For such aquariums can be observed simultaneously from two rooms.

If you want to do sea fish, then keep in mind that the equipment for the marine aquarium will be more expensive than for freshwater. In addition, for marine life will need to specifically prepare salt water.

Freshwater aquariums are cheaper and easier to care for, but the fish living in fresh water are less exotic.

Imitation of a marine aquarium is a freshwater aquarium of decorations with artificial algae and corals under a marine aquarium with bright freshwater fish.

The smaller the aquarium, the harder it is to care for it. The aquarium in which live plants will be taken should not be very high – no higher than 50 cm.

If it is higher, then you need more powerful or additional lighting.

Aquarium can be designed yourself. For a homemade aquarium it is necessary to take only high-quality glass. The front glass is better to put imported, it is more expensive, but more transparent and better.

All aquarium glass must be professionally cut and polished. Do not save on silicone – it should be solid, proven brands.

It is worth noting that a homemade aquarium goes a little cheaper than a shop (and even more expensive if it comes to individual order). In this connection, we can say that the game is not worth the candle.

Quality, in all respects, are aquariums Japanese firm “ADA”. They are much more expensive than other brands. Optimum at the price and quality Kharkiv aquariums of the Priroda company.

Recomend for everybody.

Planting an aquarium is better with live plants. Stunted should be planted in front, then – medium height, and behind – high.

For some species of fish, live plants are simply necessary – they hide there, and some even lay eggs on the leaves of plants.

Living plants are definitely needed. Even if you start a fish that loves to eat them. Just feed it better so that it does not take up the plants.

Plants help dispose of the waste products of fish. The more of them, the better.

Plants, first of all, need light. They feed on them.

Therefore, there should be good lighting in the aquarium – lamps with a capacity of 0.6 to 1 W per liter of water.

At the initial stage, the aquarium should be highlighted 7-8 hours a day. Then 11-12 hrs., But no more than this, so that your aquarium does not turn into a solid green swamp.

When buying aquarium fish, and also in the care of them it is necessary to ensure that they feel well. Most healthy fish swim calmly, do not get clogged in a corner.

The fish should have a good color “not to be pale”, clean body, not bitten fins. The fish must breathe properly – i.e. when the gill covers do not rise, but only the mouth opens.

Eyes must be clean and clear, never protrude.

At the bottom of the aquarium ground is needed. The soil in the aquarium is a substrate for plants and for beneficial bacteria. The thicker the ground, the better – at least 5 cm.

For living plants, it should be generally like a multi-layer cake with all the necessary substances.

At the bottom of the aquarium, you can put clean sand. In general, it is better to buy soil in the store.

It should be remembered that before placing the soil in the aquarium, it should be washed, but rather boiled or at least pour over with hot water.

The temperature regime in the aquarium is supported by specials. heater, which is especially needed in winter to control the temperature of the water. After all, fish can die from the cold.

Fish feed mainly dry and frozen feed. It is better to combine a variety of food, so that the fish eat a varied and nutritious food, get enough vitamins, proteins and minerals. Feed the fish once or twice a day with a small amount of feed, which they completely ate in a few minutes.

Remember, it is better to feed a small fish than to overfeed.

Fish can be fed live food. Some predatory fish feed chicken or other meat (bullish heart).

The easiest option for a novice aquarist is guppies. They have very beautiful males, females are smaller and not so bright.

Guppies are very unpretentious to the conditions of detention. They are viviparous and multiply very quickly.

Therefore, over time, they can become very much in your aquarium.

Beautiful and unpretentious neon fish. They are small but bright.

If you run them a lot in one aquarium, it will be very beautiful.

Some types of fish are not combined. To live in one aquarium, you need to pick up fish that would not harm each other.

There are “territorial” fish that fight among themselves, conquering territory. Each fish has its own food preferences, as well as its own character.

Large predatory fish should not be placed in the same aquarium with small fish, so that the former do not destroy the latter.

There are very picky fish, for example, discus and butterfly apistogramma. Such fish require special attention and good care.

Cichlids are the brightest and most beautiful fish, but as a rule they are aggressive, territorial and are predators. Predators should be settled only with those fish that they can not eat.

Tsikhlovyh fishes can not be combined together with haracin, because the first is much more aggressive than others. In addition, part of the Cichlidae does not live in an acidic, but in an alkaline environment.

For aquarium fish need aeration, which saturates water with oxygen. What is achieved with the help of special compressors.

To clean the aquarium water filter put, and also use aquarium activated carbon.

Get an aquarium! Make fish!

Aquarium is great, and caring for it is much easier than for cats and especially for dogs)))

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Basic rules for the selection and arrangement of aquarium for beginners

Starting an aquarium for beginners is always difficult. More precisely, this case seems simple enough.

However, mistakes are often made, which then lead to the fact that plants and fish die. To prevent this, you need to take a responsible approach to launching the aquarium. It is not enough to be guided only by “I want”, you also need to be confident in your “know how”.

In this article we will look at the main stages of creating a proper, beautiful and harmonious underwater world of the house, and also point out useful tips.

Where to begin? Of course, it is important to determine the aquarium.

And here you cannot just say: “I want this one”. The choice must be conscious.

Often the rule about the connection of the aquarium and fish for beginners becomes fundamental. And this rule consists in the following: one centimeter of fish length should account for one liter of water. At first glance it seems that the rule is quite simple.

But an experienced aquarist knows that this rule is not bad for calculating the optimal size of the aquarium, but without reservation it cannot be applied. What are these reservations?

First, the length of an aquarium fish is an indicator by which it is impossible to assess and determine the effect of a fish on a closed aquarium system. For example, some have a round body and, consequently, a greater mass, while having the same length as others, smaller in mass.

So it turns out that a home aquarium can comply with the stated principle, but in fact be overpopulated.

Secondly, the rule does not take into account such a characteristic as the surface area of ​​the water in the aquarium. But it is the square that is the real deterrent. Aquarium residents need oxygen, they emit carbon dioxide while breathing.

The amount of oxygen dissolved in water largely determines how many fish can live in it, fully developing. Oxygen comes from the air, carbon dioxide, on the contrary, goes into the air.

From this we can conclude: the larger the surface area of ​​the aquarium, the more intense the replacement of carbon dioxide with oxygen.

Thus, to choose the size of the aquarium, you need to pay attention not only to the length of the body of the fish, but also their weight, the surface area of ​​the aquarium. The following rule is taken into account: one centimeter of the body of a fish, not taking into account the tail, must have at least 12 square centimeters of area.

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Once we have indicated that the most important thing to start with is an aquarium, then we will determine its shape in order to make the choice easier. What are the forms? So:

  • usual sizes – used for various small fishes;
  • elongated in height – designed to observe the inhabitants of the aquarium. They have a large height, which provides a fairly large area of ​​the front glass. At the same time, such aquariums have a small width.
  • elongated – perfect for small schooling fish.

In turn, elongated aquariums or elongated in length can be, for example, hexagonal or even octagonal. If you are going to choose an aquarium of a specific shape, you need to remember that a hexagonal aquarium has a smaller surface area than a regular one.

In general, you should not stop the choice on too wide or narrow aquariums. This ratio does not fit any fish for a comfortable stay.

The choice between beauty and convenience for fish, of course, is yours.

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