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Aquarium 10 liters: the price and size

There is an erroneous opinion that a beautiful aquarium should be necessarily large. But among aquarists, both large aquariums and small tanks are popular — only 5–10 l. Aquarium 10 liters is great for beginners, but use it and those who breed fish or contain aquarium shrimp.

For beginners in the aquarium business suitable small aquariums with a volume of 5-10 liters

A small aquarium is a great option to try yourself in aquariums for those who have never kept fish. Usually beginners are afraid to immediately acquire a large water reservoir, because taking care of fish and plants, changing water, filtering and cleaning waste take time, knowledge and skills.

A balance called biological equilibrium should be restored in a body of water. Not everyone can immediately maintain the aquarium world in a stable state of biological balance.

And failures are especially hard when trouble happens to a large reservoir.

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A small body of water, on the contrary, can serve as a good launching pad, where you can hone techniques and skills without fear of experimentation. After all, the contents of a small tank are easy to change, if something goes wrong, and caring for them does not require so much time and effort. The advantages of an aquarium of 10 liters include:

  • compactness;
  • small weight;
  • mobility;
  • ease of care.

Small aquariums do not take much time to clean.

In addition, most manufacturers of aquariums today equip the tank with all the necessary equipment that you need for a comfortable content of fish and plants in it. Usually such an aquarium has:

  • backlight;
  • filter;
  • aerator;
  • heater.

A small aquarium can be purchased already with all the necessary equipment

Included with the equipment, some manufacturers also offer aquarium soil or artificial plants as a decor. As a result, the aquarist does not need to puzzle over what equipment should be purchased – everything is already there and arranged in such a way as not to disturb the aesthetic qualities of the artificial reservoir.

When you try to assemble a similar kit yourself, the same effect, as a rule, cannot be achieved. In addition, the buyer does not have to think about what power to select a filter or heater, because all the technical equipment is thought out in order to function optimally in a small tank.

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Of course, the inquisitive buyer, first of all, is interested in the price of the desired acquisition. Artificial reservoirs from different manufacturers are on the market for aquarium products, and many would like to know how much an aquarium costs per 10 liters. The price can vary from 3,000 to 10,000 rubles.

It all depends on what kind of glass is used for manufacturing (regular or super-transparent) and what equipment the glass pond is equipped with, whether it has a special lid and a backlight. An important factor is the design of the product.

An aquarium of 10 liters, the size of which varies depending on the equipment contained in it, usually does not take up much space. The simplest tank fits easily into a 20×20 cm square.

More complex systems containing a filter and other equipment (often hidden in the case) can have a size of 40×60 cm.

But most of the tanks have a size of about 20×30 cm or 25×25 cm. The height of such man-made reservoirs is also no more than 25 cm.

Thus, the aquarium is ideal for installation on a small shelf, in a closet or even on a desktop.

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The small aquarium is suitable for keeping small fish. A flock of guppies or petsyy will perfectly fit into it, such fish as a micro-sampling galaxy, neons, roosters will look beautiful in it.

A pond is also suitable for keeping shrimp: blue, red, black, yellow and orange neocardines will feel quite comfortable in it.
Moreover, the water reservoir can be maintained both with the presence of soil and plants, and without it. You can throw a bunch of moss on the bottom of the tank, and this will be enough to make the aquarium look natural and aesthetic.

The absence of soil and plants greatly simplifies the life of an aquarist.

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  • Echinodorus gentle;
  • moss monosolenium;
  • Norway stalker;
  • hygrophil cinema;
  • Elodea;
  • peristristis;
  • mikrantemm.

With the help of the latter, you can recreate an amazing water mini-landscape, cutting off all kinds of forms from the plant. Moreover, in a small aquarium, it can play at the same time the role of the foreground and background, covering the ground or rising with an openwork cap in the water column.

Of course, when keeping fish and plants, a novice aquarist will need to arm himself with at least minimal knowledge of their content. But even with little effort from the owner, a small aquarium is able bring joy and pleasure from the contemplation of its inhabitants.

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