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Aquarium 10 liters round

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Experienced aquarists prefer rectangular aquariums, while skeptics are considered to be round tanks. You can hear that the round aquarium is inconvenient to maintain, it is dangerous to the health of the fish, and caring for it does not justify itself.

In fact, the content of the flask has several disadvantages. But the observance of certain rules and knowledge of which fish are suitable, will allow for many years to ensure a comfortable life for the inhabitants.

And, of course, it will be an excellent interior decoration.

For a start, it is still worth to identify the main disadvantages of a round aquarium.

  • Small volume The standard sizes of round containers are designed for 10, 20 or 30 liters. A small round aquarium may be beyond the strength of an inexperienced aquarist. A round container must also be equipped with a filter and other devices.
  • The size. The volume will not allow to keep any kind of fish. With plants to roam, too, will not work.
  • The number of inhabitants. A space of 10, 20 or 30 liters will allow you to contain two or three fish. Plus, these fish should be small in size and have a number of qualities that will be discussed below.
  • Distortion. The glass aquarium has curved walls, they will reflect the light and create a shadow, causing the illusion of movement. Fish, prone to stress, will suffer.
  • Inconvenience. Caring for such an aquarium is more difficult. It is necessary to carefully monitor the filter – it becomes dirty more quickly. Its maintenance is troublesome, and frequent water changes and wall cleaning will be an extra stress for fish.
  • Oxygen. Due to the shape of the oxygen layer in the flask is small. There will be less dissolved oxygen in the water, so the fish demanding such a parameter should not be chosen.

Required equipment includes:

If you are interested in a round aquarium, it is worth considering its drawbacks carefully, but not to be afraid of them. First, decide on the volume.

As mentioned above, the average volume of round aquariums is 10 liters, but you can buy containers for 20 or 30 liters.

You will need special equipment to create a cozy environment. This compressor, bottom filter and heater. It is also necessary to provide the glass aquarium with illumination, but it will be difficult to install it yourself.

In order not to complicate your life, it is better to purchase a container with a built-in lamp.

As for the rest, the heater, filter and compressor are purchased separately. In the pet store you can find special models for round containers – for example, a round bottom filter or a convenient compressor that is masked in cramped conditions.

There are aquariums with built-in filter.

In addition to the equipment you will need a cover for a round aquarium. She has several tasks at once:

  • prevents fish from jumping out of the tank;
  • serves as protection from curious cats that may wish to eat fish;
  • on the cover is mounted fixture.

Finding the cover separately may be difficult. This is the second reason why it is better to choose a round aquarium with a lid.

Stand under the aquarium is included, but it can be made to order or purchased in the store separately.

No matter how much you want to decorate your house with a flask with a golden beauty inside, it is better to refuse the idea.

First, goldfish are classified as large species. The ball aquarium has a small volume: one fish needs at least 20-30 liters, but not 10. In any case, if you buy an aquarium of 20 or 30 liters, a goldfish will be uncomfortable, even if you supply the filter to the aquarium.

You can stop the choice on the varieties of goldfish smaller, such as telescopes.

Having decided to start a goldfish, you will have to really often clean the aquarium, carefully control the amount of food, replace the water. Are these efforts worth keeping one goldfish (which in any case will feel discomfort)?

At the heart of the decor is minimalism. If you overload the aquarium with plants and decorative elements, it will be difficult to watch the fish.

It is better not to take too shallow soil: in a small volume it will muddy the water a lot. Especially, if the aquarium is equipped with a bottom filter. It will look beautiful in a round aquarium with small pebbles.

You can add some beautiful pebbles.

Do not forget about the oxygen layer, if you are going to keep a rooster in the tank.

Approximately 20% of water is replaced every week. Do not forget to clean the filter, it clogs faster. Sometimes a bottom catfish or a snail can help to maintain cleanliness.

Full maintenance requires regular siphoning of the soil.

Glass round aquarium is not for everyone. Think carefully about which fish you want to have – a guppy, a swordtail or a rooster.

Do not overload the aquarium, regularly restore order in it, do not skimp on the equipment, and for a long time your interior will be decorated with a cute little water ball.

What kind of fish can you keep in mini aquariums? In a small 10-20 liter tank you need to settle pets with miniature body size. Fish 2-6 centimeters in length will carry such a volume of water.

But remember that even small fish want to swim in a spacious environment. They can not be kept in containers that will restrict movement. Territorial and aggressive fish cannot be accommodated in mini aquariums.

Which do not need to settle in a 10-liter aquariums? These are swordtails, barbus averages, cichlids, gourami, danios.

They have an active and energetic disposition, they need more space for shelter.

In the aquarium of 10-20 liters, you can settle small barbs, pseudomogil gertrudy, rice fish, cherry barbus, rasbor, erythrosalonus, neon, tetra Amanda. Also there you can keep such fish and shrimp: catfish ottsinklyus, corridor, shrimp amano, cherry shrimp, copper tetra.

A representative of the genus Pecilia, viviparous fishes get along well in mini tanks.

You need to buy breeds of fish with a strong immunity, that is, not actually thoroughbred, but hybrids. If you do not have the opportunity to buy a spacious “house” for your small pet, you need to buy a small aquarium with a capacity of 10 liters.

There are also often settled well-known Siamese cockerels. The cockerel can live alone, does not get along with relatives, this is after all a fighting fish.

See also: Small aquarium fish.

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