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Aquaria yesterday and today

Aquaria – what exact and at the same time capacious word!

Aqua – water;
Riu – city, place, in this case – capacity;
Mystic – mysterious;

A mysterious tank filled with water …

How it all began.

The first mention of the content of fish in artificial reservoirs belong to the IX century. BC er In Egypt, they created open ornamental ponds that contained fish.

However, it took a lot of time before the fish began to breed purposefully, to obtain new decorative species. The beginning of breeding in aquarism was laid in China, at the beginning of the last millennium.

As a result, the world’s first breeding form was bred – a goldfish, which differed from the original form (common carp) in bright colors.

Originating in China, aquarism has gradually spread throughout the world. The English scientist Ward, who lived in the 19th century, was engaged in growing plants in glass vessels and, by chance, put the same goldfish there.

This is how the prototype of a modern aquarium appeared.

The second half of the XIX century can be considered the heyday of aquarism in Europe. Together with the development in France and Germany, aquarism developed in our country.

The development of aquarium in our country.

In 1863, Moscow hosted the first exhibition of aquariums in Russia, which featured domestic freshwater fish. This exhibition was visited by 20 thousand people.

The exhibition was organized by A. S. Meshchersky, L. P. Sabaneyev and N. F. Zolotnitsky. By the way, thanks to Meshchersky, telescopes (a kind of goldfish) and some other types of aquarium fish appeared in Russia.

In 1899, Zolotnitsky organized a circle of aquarium lovers in Moscow. During the first few years of the mug’s existence, a lot of work was done: several types of chromis were bred, as well as other exotic fish.

At the beginning of the last century, amateur aquarism in Russia is developing rapidly, and the cultivation of aquarium fish reaches significant volumes. Aquarists’ clubs open in different cities, annual aquarium exhibitions are held, and aquarium-related magazines are published.

The steady increase in the popularity of aquarism in our country continues until the beginning of World War II. Then, for obvious reasons, there is a significant decline, which continues until the end of the eighties of the last century.

With the raising of the “iron curtain”, amateur aquarism in Russia is taking a second wind, and the possibilities of our country that have never been seen before are unprecedented. Enthusiasts bring new species of aquarium fish and plants from abroad. New, technically more advanced types of aquarium equipment are becoming available.

It is possible to consider aquarism from a commercial point of view.

forerunners of modern aquariums

A modern aquarium is fundamentally different from an aquarium twenty years ago. Technical progress has significantly expanded the capabilities of a person in keeping an aquarium, growing aquarium plants, keeping and breeding aquarium fish and invertebrates.

At the same time, the aquarium systems were made not only more functional, technically complex, but also much easier to maintain.

The latest developments of scientists, designers and designers are used for the production of aquariums and aquarium equipment. The amateur now has the ability to maintain at his home both a nano aquarium of 10 liters and an aquarium of several hundreds or even thousands of liters.

Thanks to the development of the Internet, ordinary information is now available to the average amateur. The knowledge gained helps to do what you love, to develop and improve, to solve both simple and complex tasks.

In addition to helping to obtain information, the Internet helps to find like-minded people. The amateur does not brew in his own juice, does not feel like a lonely traveler.

In communication, with the same enthusiastic people like himself, the amateur receives moral support, exchanges experience, discovers new opportunities and ways to achieve his goal.

Barcelona Aquarium and Okinawa Aquarium

Today, thanks to the scientific and technical progress, the steadily growing interest of commercial structures, the development of the Internet and other information technologies, modern aquarism has received a new round in development. The number of fans of this exciting and interesting activities is growing steadily every day.

Aquariums appear both at home lovers and in offices, cafes and restaurants, in medical institutions and even in space at orbital stations and space ships.

The aquarium has become an integral part of our lives, and this instills confidence that modern Aquaria will continue to develop, bringing people joy and moral satisfaction from doing their favorite thing.

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