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Air spray for aquarium: which one is better to choose

To maintain the normal functioning of aquarium inhabitants, it is necessary to select special equipment. Aeration of air is very important, it allows you to make water suitable for all inhabitants. For this purpose, use a spray for the aquarium.

In order for the device to work efficiently, when choosing, one should pay attention to its characteristics.

Aquarium air spray is a very simple device. It provides normal conditions for living fish and other organisms, as well as a beautiful decoration of the underwater world.

Besides, small air bubbles look gorgeous on the general background.

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This equipment fills the aquarium with oxygen. With it, the layers of water move, the temperature levels off, and the desired balance is achieved in the equipment, at which its inhabitants feel cozy and comfortable.

With a large number of fish and other organisms, such a device is simply necessary.

Spray for aquarium with small bubbles quickly sprays air and enriches the aquatic environment with oxygen, oppressive carbon dioxide. And the hose of the device creates an original effect in the form of a kind of curtain.

Everything in the complex makes the aquarium harmonious, riveting views to the exotic underwater world at home. So he looks more dynamic and alive.

The many useful features of the aquarium sprayer are a great addition to the rest of the equipment. It is an indispensable device for providing fish and other aquatic organisms with comfortable water for living.

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Nebulizers are required items for aquarium equipment. With the help of a compressor, small bubbles are formed, which then enter the water through a spray bottle.

There are many types of sprayers:

  • flexible (plastic);
  • point;
  • in the form of scenery;
  • disk.

Each of them has its own purpose, for example, a flexible device made of rubber mainly finds application for large containers. It consists of long tubes that are easily placed in a spacious aquarium.

Stone used in all types of aquariums. However, they have a significant drawback – noisy work. This feature must be considered if the tank is in the bedroom or nursery.

It will produce more noise if there is an insufficient amount of soil in the tank, a shallow bottom.

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Without an air spray for an aquarium it will not be possible to achieve high-quality aeration. A lack of oxygen will lead to a decrease in the immunity of the inhabitants of the container and, as a result, to diseases. But such devices are multifunctional and improve various processes in water tanks:

  • effectively mix layers of water, preventing it from stagnating, and also remove harmful gases;
  • average temperature;
  • the filter picks up all the dirt from the bottom;
  • create a current required for most species of marine life.

The created air flows help to reduce the point pressure on all aquatic animals, including plants. In addition, the operation of the device does not occur large waves.

And to cover the tube used special weights, which help to hide it in the tank.

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Going to the pet store, you need to focus on several parameters. They will help determine which aquarium sprayer is better. Many different types of devices are now offered, however the device must meet all the requirements of quality and efficiency:

  • First of all, it is worth paying attention to its power. This type of equipment should produce enough bubbles for the home ecosystem.
  • It is best to choose a device with minimal noise during operation. It is desirable that he quickly and efficiently perform its function and not irritate the noise of all family members.
  • The ideal option for a home aquarium is a device that emits a large number of small bubbles. This makes it possible to saturate the water with oxygen.
  • A large assortment of devices often confuses a customer when choosing. But a variety of colors and designs will allow you to choose the best option for the interior of the container. If it does not have a beautiful appearance, it can be hidden under the ground or in algae.
  • Matters and form sprayer. The most convenient are wide rectangular devices. They are usually placed in the center of the aquarium, deepening into the ground. However, experts advise not to bury the device in the bottom of the aquarium, because there is a risk of breaking the tube.
  • After prolonged use, the device becomes dirty and it is difficult to wash it, so it is best to buy a new one. But if the device is collapsible, it greatly simplifies the cleaning procedure.

A quality air diffuser will help create a cozy and healthy ecosystem in a home aquarium. It will simultaneously perform two functions: to provide living organisms with oxygen and to improve the decorative component of the reservoir.

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