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Air bubble water panel – elegant interior decoration

In the interior, it is customary to use non-standard solutions that make the design of the room original and unique. Widely used in this area are a variety of materials: plastic, metal, glass.

For example, the air bubble panel can be made of acrylic glass or polycarbonate. This design is able not only to decorate the room, but also to divide it into zones.

Air bubble panel can not only decorate the room, but also divide it into zones

The panel is a flat tank of transparent durable materials (triplex, plexiglas, polycarbonate) filled with distilled water, glycerin or ethylene glycol. Inside, a multitude of air bubbles are created using a compressor., who are in continuous motion.

This design looks like a sparkling waterfall.

Additional charm of the water panel with bubbles gives color lights (you can choose the color of your choice or use interchangeable mode). This element of decor is found in public buildings, country houses, city apartments. A variety of manufacturing options allow you to harmoniously fit such a partition in the living room, hallway and kitchen.

So that the bubbles do not mix up chaotically, inside the structure is divided into vertical compartments by glass partitions or transparent tubes. The backlight can have several modes, with the result that the colors change.

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Finished products are sold by many manufacturers, but they are expensive. The price starts from 13-15 thousand rubles and ends with several hundred thousand.

Water-bubble panels in the enterprise can be made to order, taking into account all the needs and wishes of the buyer. Those who are not ready to spend money, but have skillful hands, are quite capable of assembling such a product on their own. For the manufacture of construction will need:

  • two-layer polycarbonate;
  • vinyl hose;
  • silent compressor;
  • air injectors;
  • LED lights or LEDs;
  • special glue.

In addition, you will need to make a podium, which will serve as the basis of the design, and a cover for the upper part, which will prevent dust and foreign objects from getting inside. LED backlight is the most economical, but illuminates the panel in height only by 30 cm, therefore it is installed horizontally from above and below.

LED lighting requires the use of an RGB controller that will control the lighting mode.

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The design is collected on a pallet, pre-installing the backlight. The main element for self-assembly will be a two-layer acrylic sheet 1.6 cm thick, 98–120 cm wide and up to 7 m long. On one of the end sides, an acrylic bottom is glued with special glue, which will provide the entire structure with the necessary rigidity and sealing.

The strip with an LED tape or LED illumination is attached to the bottom. This also attached nozzles for supplying compressed air into the compartments with liquid. They must be distinguished by quality and reliability to ensure a uniform flow of bubbles.

Since the height of the compartments with water is usually at least 2 m, a high-power compressor with the lowest noise level is required. It is installed next to the structure, connecting the air hose, which can be hidden in the baseboard.

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A non-return valve must be built in between the hose and the panel. to prevent leakage. If the compressor is mounted at the top of the structure, valve installation is not required. The backlight controller allows you to create unusual lighting effects and combine or change colors.

The finished panel will need to be decorated around the perimeter and take care of secure attachment of the bubble septum.

Professionals advise to fill the panel with a mixture of distilled water and glycerin

To maintain a stable height of the water column, it is necessary to pour some water into the pan. To achieve a uniform size of air bubbles will allow the adjustment of the outlet openings in the tubes. The water tank can be installed both at the top and at the bottom of the panel.

If equipped with a valve, the process of replacing water is simplified.

Professionals advise to fill the panel with a mixture of distilled water and glycerin. This composition will provide the best “game” of bubbles.

Water needs to be replaced if it becomes cloudy or begins to “bloom.” To remove greenery from the internal parts of the structure will help temporarily poured oxalic acid solution.

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Contemplating the smooth movement of bubbles has a hypnotic and relaxing effect, as well as the kind of living fire in a fireplace or the peaceful murmur of a fountain. But functionally bubble panel can do a good service. It can be used as follows:

  1. Zoning room. For example, divide the kitchen into working and dining areas using a narrow panel or several separate tubes with bubbles.
  2. Apply as a wall or wide partition. This will require a large area of ​​the panel. It is necessary to take care of the reliability of the mounts and to ensure that the lighting design does not contradict the overall color scheme of the room.

Air bubble panel can be used as a wall or a wide partition.

  • Designed in the form of columns, the panels can emphasize the sleep area or the doorway, become a frame for a collection of paintings and the like. It is important to remember that the diameter of the columns must match the size of the room.
  • Small panels can be built into furniture and wall niches, where they will serve as decoration and an additional source of lighting.
  • This design item will create the unobtrusive effect of a festive atmosphere all year round. The game of colors in such panels can be considered an element of color therapy and give owners a good mood even on an overcast day.

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