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3D background for aquarium do it yourself

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Aquarium decoration cannot be imagined without such an important detail as the background. With him home water corner looks much more beautiful, neater and more alive.

To choose this element of decor today is not difficult – the range in pet stores is impressive. Here and film of all shades, which is easy and simple to glue on the aquarium, and finished bulk designs.

But still, sometimes it’s impossible to find what the soul desires, and then a simple decision is made – to decorate the background for the aquarium with your own hands.

Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of self-made backgrounds, it is useful to find out why an internal background is needed. Moreover, you should immediately make a reservation: what kind of décor you will glue on your aquarium, you need to take care in advance before you start planting trees and settling the tank.

The background has a number of positive qualities, thanks to which you can call it an integral element of the aquarium. In general, its background performs the following functions:

  1. Practical function. The background can be used as a completely utilitarian detail. Especially if it is a volumetric background. If you stick such a background in the aquarium, you can mask the wires and hoses from the equipment and “fill” the tank if you are experiencing a lack of decorative elements.
  2. Decorative function. Not only the shape of the tank, the exoticism of the plants and the brightness of the fish affect the appearance of the aquarium – it also depends on your decision – which background you decide to glue. Properly chosen decor will hide some flaws and vice versa put an emphasis on the pros, make the coloring of rare and exotic fish brighter, give your aquarium exclusivity.

Variants of making a homemade background, there are many, as well as materials that are suitable for creativity. Armed with quite affordable and simple materials, you can even make a 3d background for an aquarium with your own hands.

The background for the aquarium with your own hands can be made of the following materials:

  • Styrofoam;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • stones, snags and other natural materials.

Making the background may not be so difficult compared to the next step: stick it in the aquarium to the back wall. This question is especially important if you are the owner of a large aquarium, which stands firmly against the wall, and it may be simply problematic to glue the background again.

Depending on the material and structure, the background can be fixed with silicone sealant, glycerin or scotch tape.

If we are talking about the film, then attach scotch – the easiest option. But you need to purchase a film with a margin – so that it protrudes several centimeters from each side of the aquarium.

The background must be taped to the back wall on one side, then neatly smoothed and attached on the remaining three sides.

Glue a flexible background glycerin more reliable than one tape. To begin with, the surface of the aquarium wall is carefully wiped, then one edge of the background is glued with tape. The back wall of the aquarium is smeared with glycerin – evenly distributing it with your hands or a brush.

On the greased surface gently begin to impose a background – smooth out the irregularities and bubbles with a spatula. With the help of adhesive tape you need to attach the edges – for greater reliability.

A volumetric background made of material that is heavier and denser will have to be attached to the inner surface of the aquarium using silicone sealant. This background must be glued properly, because it is inside, and the remaining gaps can cause injury to the fish.

Aquarium background – an integral element of the aquarium, especially if it is standing against the wall. You can choose a variety of options: attach a finished volume panel or stick a beautiful film with a photo collage.

You can also make the background yourself, having on hand quite affordable tools. However, if you are not 100% sure of your abilities, it is better not to risk it – a poorly made construction can cause illness and death of the fish.

It so happens that the aquarist has carefully thought out the internal design of his home pond, correctly picked up plants, fish and other inhabitants, but the aquarium does not look complete and complete. But the fact is that an important detail was missed – the background. Performing this part harmoniously and at the same time non-standard is a rather difficult task.

Let’s try to figure out what are the current design options.

Background is the most important element of aqua design. Its main role is to hide everything superfluous from view: a wall, wires, equipment and create a general holistic impression of design.

He himself remains unobtrusive, but allows to diversify the compositions inside the home pond, without interfering with imagination and not eating valuable space.

The pinnacle of mastery is when the background and all other decorations create a spatial perspective, a single composition, smoothly flowing into each other.

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