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Hemianthus mikrantemoides: pearl grass content

One of the most popular plants for creating a beautiful aquarium aquascape is Hemianthus micranthemoides grass. Many aquarists have fallen in love with her for her attractive appearance, rapid growth and unpretentiousness in growing and breeding.

That is why people who decide to breed fish should learn more about this pearl seaweed.

When keeping a plant in an aquarium, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of 24-28 ° C

This grass is just perfect for creating akvadizayn due to its structure and some features of development. Aquarium plant Hemianthus has an elongated and flexible stem, which is completely covered with small green leaves. It can grow up to 30 cm and cover the entire bottom of the aquarium.

The leaves themselves appear from whorls.

Mikrantemum few-flowered – previously belonged to the families of Podorozhnikovye

Chemianthus mikrantemum grows in groups, which includes several dozen stems. This grass grows quite unusual: not only in breadth, but also upwards, creating a peculiar effect of a green cap.

If you wish, you can give it absolutely any shape, for example, cut a bush in the shape of a mushroom or form cone-shaped figures, everything depends on the imagination of the aquarist.

There are two subspecies of the micrantemus micrantemoids:

  • whorls throw out 2 leaves;
  • a whorl has 3 or more leaves.

To create aqua design, it is better to plant the second type. The fact is that the first kind of chemiantus grows exclusively upwards and it will not work to create a beautiful composition from such a grass.

Hemianthus mikrantemoides does not require any special care and it is quite simple to grow it. Although some nuances still exist, and they must be respected. If you plan to grow such an aquatic plant in a home aquarium, The following should be considered:

  1. The temperature of the water and its acid-base balance are very important for micrantemoid weed. For good and rapid development, it is necessary to withstand the temperature in + 20- + 25 ° С, trying not to exceed this indicator. With regard to acid-base balance, you need to adhere to a neutral indicator of 5−7 units. And any deviations, even at the minimum value, can lead to the death of the pearl plant.
  2. For this plant, no matter how hard water is, it will grow in any. But to clean the grass hemianthus is very important, so you need to change the water weekly. The fact is that a dirty composition leads to the growth of green algae, and they negatively affect this herb, do not allow it to develop.
  3. Proper lighting. For chemyantus, however, as well as for other green pets, light is very important, it should be enough for growth and proper development. Good illumination also affects the decorative properties of this aquatic plant. If the aquarium is in a shady place, the foliage becomes dark, and the plant loses its appeal. In addition, if hemianthus feels a lack of light, then it begins to reach for a lighter area. This leads to the fact that the bush violates its decorative and curvaceous shape.

In addition, hemianthus gets on well with aquarium fish. It becomes an excellent shelter during spawning, when the female begins spawning.

Mikrantemum mikrantemoides can be propagated by vegetative method. For this you need to choose the most beautiful, strong and healthy shoots.

Make it easy, especially if the plant properly and regularly cared for.

Under appropriate conditions, the growth is 10 cm per month

First you need to carefully pinch off the young escape from the root system, and then just root it in the ground. You can also use an easier option: inspect the pearl grass and choose the largest and most well-developed stem in the bush, cut off the tip of it, and plant it.

This upper part is an independent cutting, so grow a new young plant will turn out much faster.

You also need to add that this plant takes root very quickly, because its root system is almost on the surface of the soil. Deepening required literally 3−5 millimeters.

It is possible to plant these vegetative shoots throughout the aquarium. Vertical grass looks best on the side walls.

If you make such a landing, you can get a beautiful and original aqua design, which, by the way, visually increases the amount of underwater space. And you can form an unusual lush bush, which will give the aquarium uniqueness.

The plant is recommended to use for medium and background.

But you should regularly take care of the planted pearl grass, remove unnecessary side shoots, trim too high bushes, otherwise the plant will grow throughout the aquarium and spoil its attractive and well-groomed appearance.

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