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Why dream of small fish

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The desire to know what will happen in the future has always been present among people. Someone uses fortune-telling for this, but you can simply interpret what they saw at night.

To do this, analyze it with all the details.

Why dream of fish?

For the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, such a dream promises good luck in relations with the opposite sex. Even this can be taken for advice that it is worth spending more time on health.

Seeing fish in water means you can count on generous gifts of fate. Night vision, where you caught fish, predicts the emergence of problems and trials, for the solution of which will have to show the will and ingenuity.

Dead fish in a dream are a negative sign, foreshadowing various losses and disappointments. If the fish are in clean water, then you can count on success in business and in family relationships.

Fish in the sea is a good sign, promising wealth.

Why dream of small fish?

Small fish are an omen of the approach of some significant event. Another such plot indicates that soon you will have to communicate with unpleasant people.

Why dream of colorful fish?

Such a dream warns of receiving good news. Another similar story can prophesy dramatic changes in life.

For men, such a dream is an indication of a frivolous attitude to life.

Why dream of small aquarium fish?

Such a plot points to the beginning of new affairs, as well as to the opportunity to move up the career ladder or expand business.

Why dream of beautiful fish?

Such a night vision is a good sign, indicating a small but pleasant surprises and gifts. For girls, beautiful fish promise new adventures that will give a lot of energy and impressions.

To dream of a lot of fish in the clear water prophesies luck and the abundant gifts of fate. If the newlyweds see such a dream, he promises them happiness in their family life.

Young women dream of fish can predict a quick pregnancy.

Sleeping with big live fish in the water can lead to a profit, and the larger the fish, the more substantial the cash flow will be. But the dead fish dreams of losses, sorrows and ailments.

Small fish in an aquarium – a sign of fate, warning that you should temporarily take an observant position.

Fish in a dream are those people who are trying to find a way out of a difficult situation and improve their lives. But if in a dream a person is left without a catch, all his efforts will be fruitless. If the dream included fishing gear — a net, hooks, or a drag — then the future well-being depends on their integrity.

Strong nets and hooks dream to a happy end of affairs, torn and rusty – to failure.

In the old days, people often thought that a fish dreams if a person is doing something difficult and useless (“beating like a fish on ice”) or he should think carefully before saying something (“keep silent like a fish”).

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams betray the hidden desires of man. The fish, in his opinion, dreams of people who often dream of sex.

A person who eats fish in a dream is an egoist in sexual life, and an unlucky fisherman is afraid of sexual failures.

When creating the dream book, Nostradamus did not bypass the fish with his attention. Bad signs, he believed to see a fish falling from the sky, with a human face or dead.

But the dream in which there was a lot of fish, especially in pure water, this predictor considered good.

If you dream that you are fishing in muddy water, this indicates that there are unclean thoughts in life or you are doing bad things.

If you are dreaming of a fish, it means that you will be in big trouble in the future. Bad luck will literally haunt you.

There is also a high probability that you will get sick.

To dream big fish is to make a good profit in the future. It may also warn of slander and slander. A small fish dreams of pregnancy, but it can also foreshadow a disease or some kind of trouble.

If you see spoiled fish, then this indicates a possible profit, and the fresh one promises good luck in business and good health.

If your catch is multicolored, then such a dream for the sick brings deterioration, and for other people the occurrence of a serious quarrel.

Why dream of catching a fish woman? In this case, you should expect a successful marriage.

If you feed fish at the lake, it means that in the near future you will win any “battle” with your rival.

If you are fishing in a dream, then, most likely, you cannot get rid of thoughts during sex and completely relax to enjoy the love in full. In a dream, you caught fish and eventually did not catch anything, then in reality you are afraid to goof in bed.

It is recommended to leave all sexual failures in the past and try to start over.

Your current behavior, many people can interpret based on the popular expression – “neither fish nor meat”. To change the situation, try to change some of your character traits, persevere and show your “core”.

If you are a young girl, then such a dream is dangerous, and you may have problems with the opposite sex. Such a dream dreamed a man, then his actions can harm other people.

See the fish splashing in the water, then in the future you will be involved in troublesome affairs. I dreamed that big fish swallows a small fish, it is worth waiting for trouble at work.

The fish that you just caught, says that all undertakings and affairs will end in success, but just do not tell anyone about your plans. Fishing did not succeed, which means that there is a serious obstacle to the realization of desire.

If you are looking at aquarium fish in a dream, then the occupied position of an observer can lead to serious problems. At night, you saw how to cook or eat fish, the urgent things you do in real life will end quite well.

The main thing to remember to say “thank you” to the people who helped you.

You dreamed of a large number of fish, then expect a change in the financial situation for the better. Fried fish promises unexpected news, and boiled – to great spending. If a woman dreams of a fish, but rather a crucian carp, tench or perch, then in the near future you will become pregnant as a boy.

To see tadpoles in a dream, wait for proposals about dubious offers in business. If such a dream happens to a young girl, then her chosen one will be financially secure, but immoral.

If you look from the outside at how someone is fishing, then this dream foreshadows a surge of energy that you can spend on a good deal. A trip to the fish market in a dream promises good profits and happiness.

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