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Unpretentious aquarium fish – a list of major fish

Dear colleagues. With you, as before, Andrei Selitsky, the author of this aquarium blog, and I have prepared for you another article on the topic “Unpretentious aquarium fish”. I hope you have read my previous post in which I told you how to deal with a black beard.

If this is your first time on a blog, then you can read this article here. I hope those tips that I gave will help you get rid of this scourge.

Well, we still return to the unpretentious fish.

You must admit that every beginner aquarist who has just matured for this fascinating hobby has repeatedly thought about what kind of fish to bring to his home aquarium. First of all, people think about the unpretentiousness of the inhabitants, as a newcomer in aquarium affairs is afraid to choose aquatic organisms that will be demanding to the conditions of detention.

He is constantly visited by the thought: “What if I do not cope. “It’s okay, friends, we all started with something, everyone was scared and it will pass) And now, with your permission, I want to review the most unpretentious aquarium fish thanks to which, beginning aquarists will be able to make their choice. So, let’s begin:

This fish is considered unpretentious for its survival in critical conditions for other species of fish. Mottled catfish can survive fluctuations in water temperature from 2 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, these soma will feel excellent in dirty, muddy and old water. Therefore, I believe that if you have just taken the path of an aquarist, this fish may be the ideal option for you.

You can read more about this catfish in the article itself published on the blog.

This catfish belongs to the order of large catfish in the aquarium world. This fish is also unpretentious, is a great orderly underwater garden. For the maintenance of Tarakatum, solid thickets of plants and artificial shelters are needed where the catfish could hide.

Tarakatum are suitable for any aquarium and for almost any fish. As they say – they are perfect neighbors.

The only thing that should not be done is to settle them with obvious predators, otherwise they will be eaten or swim with gnawed tails.

By this concept, I mean the following aquarium fish: guppies, mollies, swordfish, petilia. There are no problems in principle about the last three representatives of live-bearers.

They are also aquarium attendants and friends of aquarium plants. Here you can read these articles in which I spoke about the friends of plants:

But about the guppy there are some controversial issues. Yes, the fish is beautiful, there are such varieties of guppies, from which the eyes do not tear.

But! Basically, in the market we now have breeding forms that are very demanding for the conditions of detention, and in particular for water hardness and pH.

But the wild forms of the most, they are unpretentious, unlike their breeding relatives.

The labyrinth fishes include Ghurami, Lyalius, Macropod and Cockerel. These aquarium fish can live well in a three-liter jar standing in the office. They do not need an aerator, compressor and other equipment.

They can feel great in room temperature water. The only minus of males and macropods – they are strong fighters.

Males are constantly biting between each other, which can sometimes lead to the death of a smaller and weaker relative.

All types of tetra fish are quite mobile, nimble, lovers swim in a crowd around the aquarium. They are also considered unpretentious, but Spartan conditions are not suitable for speckled soms, either.

If you decide to buy a tetra, then you can not do without a heater, filter and aerator. If you decide to start an aquarium, you still need to buy all the necessary equipment for the aquarium, so I think there will be no problems with these fish either.

Another unpretentious fish that prefer to keep a flock. These fish already 30-liter aquarium will be somewhat small, they love the open space and light aquas. If there is still no lid on your aquarium in which danios live, it is better to purchase and install it.

The fact is that these nimble children are big fans of jumping from aquariums, especially at night. When I kept the danios in my old aquarium, I managed to jump into the gap between the cover glass and the aquas, and there was not a lot of space, literally a centimeter. For this fish, you also need a filter, heater and aerator, as the fish loves clean water enriched with oxygen.

Read more about the importance of oxygen here.

These robbers can also be considered unpretentious fish. These are not a timid fish and they can always stand up for themselves, and sometimes they can even bykovk in the aquarium, especially the Sumatran barb. This striped robber loves to cling to other fish, especially those with a nice big tail.

Very often, these guys nibbled the tails of my guramks and pinched growth points on delicate plants, such as ambulia and limnofily. I recorded these fish last for their pirate character.

Well, that’s all for today. I was glad to write this article for you, I hope it will be useful for you. All, see you soon!)

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