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The most unpretentious and small aquarium fish with photos

I think many aquarium fish experts will agree that the first place is given to guppes.

Everyone probably knows these fish … even those who have never seen aquariums. We can say that these fish are the fish of all children of the former USSR (they were in all Soviet aquariums))).

The fish is very beautiful and unpretentious. The tail fin is her beauty. The simplicity of the fish is that it can withstand “difficult conditions of detention.”

I happened to see an aquarium with guppies. without aeration, without filtering, without plants, without proper feeding etc. – horror, terrible dream aquarist. Nevertheless, guppies managed not only to survive in such an aquarium, but even tried to multiply. So to mock the fish of course not worth it.

But their endurance and vitality sometimes affects.


2nd place Swordtails

A very famous fish, as a result of persistent selection, a large number of swordtails of various colors and shapes were bred. Males differ from females by the presence of a “sword” on the lower edge of the caudal fin.

Swordtails are kept in flocks in a densely planted aquarium. The minimum size of the aquarium from 10 liters (but better is more).

A good volume of aquarium for a small group of swordtails is 50 liters.

An interesting fact about these fish is that the female swordtail can, at some point, become a male, i.e. change the floor. This is due to the struggle for the survival of the species.


Read about swordsmen more in detail here.

3rd place Somiki corridors

It should begin with the fact that all aquarium catfish – a priori unpretentious. Moreover, they are “orderlies of the aquarium world”: they clean the soil and eat the remnants of life activity. The corridors are chosen from all catfish, since

in addition to the gill, they have intestinal respiration, those. if aeration stops, they will live for a long time.

The fish are very peaceful, calm. They slowly swim along the bottom in search of food.

In the aquarium they are usually kept in flocks. Fish, do not pose any threat to other inhabitants of the aquarium.

You can read more about CORRIDORATUS here.

4th place Mollies

Molly, like guppies – viviparous fishes. Unpretentious and tolerant of poor conditions.

Nevertheless, they are more capricious than the “troika of winners”.

Fish suitable for beginners and young aquarists. The fishes most difficult to keep from all members of the family are demanding of their conditions, they do not tolerate low temperatures, some like “salty” water, like bright light, etc.

You can read more about MOLLINESIA here.

5th place Tetras – Harazinki

All tetras are small, brisk, not capricious fishes. However, they will not be able to survive in “Spartan conditions” as guppies.

They need aeration and filtration. You can keep them in an aquarium by a group (from 5 individuals) with a volume of at least 35 liters of water.

You can read more about TETRAH here.

6th place Ternetsii

Very famous little fish. Fish energetic, mobile.

Fish get along well with other types of fish. Somehow my terntions even lived with small cichlids. Recommended aquarium with a volume of at least 30 liters of water, densely planted with plants.

Aeration, filtration – yes!

You can read more about TERNIA here.

7th place Danio (rerio, pink)

Starting from the 5th place TOP, all the fish require unpretentious attention. Tanks are different from them – briskness and speed of movement.

They can coexist with many species of fish, even with fish of medium and increased aggression: scalar, goura and even with small cichlids.

Read more about DANIO here.

8th place Torakatum

One of the famous large catfish of the aquarium world and excellent attendants of the aquarium. Peaceable and unpretentious to the content. They can be kept in a common aquarium with thickets of plants and a large number of shelters.

Fish, do not pose any threat to other inhabitants of the aquarium. Compatible with all kinds of fish.

The neighbors are not recommended only one hundred percent aggressors and predators.

You can read more about TORAKATUM here.

9th place Gourami

Gourami – are medium sized fish. Entered in this TOP due to gill labyrinth – fish do not need aeration, they breathe atmospheric air. Really peaceful fish, but sometimes aggression.

Some individuals taken separately are even very aggressive, as they say, as lucky.You can read more about GURAMs here.

10 place Barbus

Barbusses are schooling, small fish that can stand up for themselves! If you decide to start a barbus, I recommend to allocate for this a separate aquarium, “barbusyatnik.” “Pirate” temper, the ability to stand up for themselves – deserve 10th place.

You can read more about BARBUSH here.

Of course, the above TOP is conditional – always remember the words

Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger de Saint-Exupery

“We are responsible for those who have tamed”

We also recommend you to look at the colorful brochure “Popular types of aquarium fish”. This brochure contains all popular types of fish, with a description of their conditions of maintenance, compatibility, feeding + photos.

(to view or download, click on the image)

An interesting video about unpretentious and small aquarium fish

Additionally, we invite you to view a large photo collection of small and unpretentious aquarium fish

Caring for aquarium fish – the whole science. At first glance, it is impossible to remember all the conditions and requirements for the content, it is difficult to find the means to purchase a huge aquarium and expensive equipment for it and time to prepare special feeds and regularly test the water.

But there are fish that will forgive the newcomer for his inexperience and possible mistakes, and caring for them will not require huge material and temporary resources from him. About these simple to care, tenacious and unpretentious inhabitants of the aquarium and will be discussed.

If a novice aquarist is immediately serious and ready to spend time on caring for an aquarium and studying special literature, you can recommend him to buy the most simple cichlids – the angelfish and black-striped chichlases. These species need a sufficiently large amount of water (at least 100 liters per pair) and careful selection of neighbors, but otherwise they are not too demanding.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that there are no aquariums and fish that do not require care at all. Fish, like frogs, turtles, tritons are living creatures, and care about them should be constant.

If you don’t want to mess with the aquarium, and you just want beauty and pleasant murmur, it’s better not to torture animals and not to suffer yourself, but to buy a bubble panel and admire its pacifying gurgle.

In addition, it is not enough just to choose unpretentious fish, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • fish must be compatible, since if, for example, simple guppies and barbs are placed in one aquarium, nothing good will come of it;
  • it is preferable to place in one aquarium related species or species that live in nature under similar conditions;
  • when choosing fish, it is necessary to take into account what maximum size they can achieve, and based on this, determine the capacity of their aquarium;
  • most small fish are schooling, they need to be acquired immediately by the group.

Only by observing these conditions, you can make your first aquarium a source of beauty and pleasure.

The story of the small and unpretentious fish look at the video:

Deciding what kind of fish to start first in your tank can be sudden, and can be thought out. Unfortunately, novice aquarists are often guided by the very first impulse, completely without understanding the fish.

And then, instead of joy and pleasure, they get a headache and problems. You need to choose the fish wisely, because their life and your comfort depend on your choice.

Before you go to the store or to the market, study all the available information about the fish that you liked.

What kind of fish is not worth buying for beginners, we have considered here. And the top 10 unusual fish here.

And in order to make it easier for you to navigate, we have compiled a list of the best aquarium fish for beginners and briefly described them. All of them are distinguished by unpretentiousness, tolerance to conditions in an aquarium, peaceful nature, livableness and modest size.

We hope that it will help make your choice easier!

Danio rerio is a small (up to 5-6 cm), elegant fish. For its small size, peaceful disposition and unpretentiousness, it has earned great popularity in aquarium.

Since this is a schooling fish, it is better to keep at least 5-6 individuals. The aquarium can be planted with plants, but it is important that the danios have free space for swimming near the surface, as this is a very mobile fish. If you are going to have a veil form, do not plant them with fish that may tear off fins, for example, with a Sumatran barbus.

The aquarium should be closed, as danios can jump out of the water.

Omnivorous, they eat any kind of feed – branded, live, frozen. It is better to feed them with flakes, as they pick up food from the surface of the water and they don’t collect them for a long time without sinking.

It is very easy to breed danios, for once the female lays from 200 to 500 eggs.

Fishes belong to the same genus – labyrinth. These fish live in water that is poor in oxygen and adapted to this by learning to breathe oxygen from the surface.

You will see how they rise to it, to take another breath of air. Small, peaceful, males are very brightly colored, and their ventral fins have turned into long processes.

You can feed any feed, including floating. Only give the moth with care and a little, it is poorly digested.

Already after the publication of the article, my readers corrected. The essence – liliaus can be difficult for beginners (he is just a little flaky and jealous of females). I agree, and add that there is another wonderful fish of the same kind – gourami.

There are many types, but for beginners a good choice would be marble gourami. Very hardy, peaceful, of unusual shape and color.

It is generally similar to lyalius, but larger and less demanding. So you can stop at this gorgeous fish, and start up a little later.

The most unpretentious aquarium fish :: What are the most unpretentious fish :: Aquarium fish

Increasingly began to see in a dream a goldfish? So you need to think about purchasing an aquarium.

The most important thing in this business is to choose its future guests correctly. Out of love for Pushkin’s fairy tales, you can, of course, buy a goldfish, but in the absence of skills on the aquarium side, it is better not to.

Since such a “sea mistress” to keep at home is not at all easy.

The question “opened a pet store. Business is not going. What to do? “- 2 answers

So what kind of fish can you recommend to beginner aquarists? Of course, the most unpretentious. Today, there are a lot of such undemanding in terms of care for the inhabitants of aquariums.

Therefore, you can choose any kinds of fish, different sizes with any color.

For example, you can choose a zebrafish as the very first inhabitant of a new aquarium. These mobile and peace-loving small fishes come in both medium and small sizes, they prefer to live in packs. It is desirable that the top of the aquarium covered with glass, because for these fish is characterized by a kind of jumping ability.

It is also necessary to ensure that the danio’s “house” is spacious and well lit. You should also take care of aeration, because zebrafish need clear, oxygen-rich water. These fish are not exacting to food, and therefore they can eat with equal pleasure, both live and dry food.

Undemanding data inhabitants and the chemical components of water. Most importantly – the water should be fresh. In 2003, a genetically modified zebrafish fluorescent breed appeared on the world market.

It was obtained by implanting in the DNA of the zebrafish embryo a fragment of the jellyfish DNA with the ability of biofluorescence.
Incredibly beautiful in the aquarium look barbs. Small fishes of this variety do not cease to amaze with their variety and magnificence. Barbs are characterized by high activity, while they are quite peaceful.

They are undesirable to sit down to other inhabitants, with threadlike fins, for example, to the angelfish, as they can pinch their fins. The same applies to sluggish fish with so-called “voile” fins.

The best neighbors for barbs are speckled catfish. And although the latter are not particularly beautiful, they can live in any, even in not quite clean water.

They are friendly and can easily get along with other fish.
Swordtails are also good neighbors for aquarium dwellers, because they are endowed with qualities such as calm and peacefulness. One of their virtues is omnivorous.

They can even live in small aquariums, although they need some room for maneuver. Live plants should be present in their “home”, and it is desirable that some of them float on the surface.

The main mistake that novice guppy lovers make is to keep several breeds in the same aquarium, which is why the offspring has a low-value mix. The championship in the nomination “the most unpretentious aquarium fish” certainly keeps the guppies. They are considered to be the most common aquarium fish, which attracts with its undemanding, as amateurs and novice aquarists.

It is also noteworthy that the very first of all aquarium pets guppies visited space. Experts have noticed that such fish in artificial conditions grow better than in natural waters. It is enough to have only a couple, and soon their number will increase many times, as these fish are viviparous.

If there is no need for a large offspring, then a pregnant female is better not to be separated from the common aquarium. Fry will be the perfect food for other fish. For males, guppies are characterized by a large variety of different colors, although the females themselves are seemingly homely.

But at the same time they are quite unpretentious and feel great in any water, the temperature drop is not terrible for them.

Tip 2: What are the most unpretentious aquarium fish

Aquarium fish, like any other living creatures, need proper care and care. Cases of mass death of the inhabitants of the aquarium in novice aquarists are not uncommon. For the health of the fish there are no trifles.

Everything is important here: the composition and temperature of the water, the level of illumination, the quantity and quality of food, the timely cleaning of the aquarium and much more. In order to avoid mistakes and disappointment at the initial stage of aquarism, you should prefer unpretentious species of fish that do not require special care, special knowledge and high costs.

1. One of the most unpretentious species of aquarium inhabitants is the well-known guppies – miniature viviparous fishes of various colors and colors. Guppies are highly resistant to water conditions, temperature fluctuations.

Picky fish in the diet. And these creatures are extremely prolific. To keep the guppy fit even the smallest aquarium.

So, for a comfortable dwelling of seven or nine individuals, only ten liters of water is enough. Due to modesty and ability to survive in difficult conditions, guppies became the first aquarium fish to be in space.

2. If guppies seem to you too ordinary, pay attention to the Sword. These bright coral fish will be a real decoration of any aquarium!

Swordtails undemanding to the composition of water and food quality. However, these representatives of the underwater world have an aggressive character.

Often males of swordtails, competing for food and females, arrange real battles in which a large number of fish die.

3. Invariably popular among beginner aquarists cockerels. These aquarium fish are distinguished by the bright color of the tails and fins, similar to the plumage of birds. For breathing males need atmospheric air, so if this type of fish is the only one in the aquarium, then you can do without installing a compressor.

Both live food and artificial cereals are suitable for food. The only minus of the content of the cockerels lies in their quarrelsome nature, therefore, if there are several males in the aquarium, fights and the death of the fish cannot be avoided.

4. Perhaps the most peaceful fish are catfish. Among all the aquatic inhabitants of the catfish, the most unpretentious, besides, they perform the role of orderlies, cleaning the soil from food debris and waste products.

These fish are slow and do not pose a threat to their neighbors. However, it is not recommended to keep catfish in the same tank with predators and aggressors. When choosing somikov should pay attention to the corridor.

This species, in addition to the gill, has intestinal respiration, which allows it to live for quite a long time in conditions of periodic shutdown of aeration.

5. Of particular interest are small schooling fish that can revive any aquarium. Among the most unpretentious are danios and neon.

Danio is a small fish, as a rule, not growing more than five to six centimeters in length. For the content of six to eight copies of a small enough aquarium of ten liters.

They are picky about nutrition: they eat both natural food (daphnia, bloodworms) and flakes. These fish perfectly coexist among themselves and with other inhabitants of the aquarium. Neon is also undemanding in food and easily tolerates a temporary lack of food.

By their nature, these fish are very playful and peaceful, but they should be protected from more aggressive species. Neon requires a large amount of water.

For ten individuals, a 50-liter aquarium will become a comfortable habitat.

Natural breeds of aquarium fish are distinguished by increased adaptability and simplicity to the conditions and quality of food. Artificial species are usually more capricious and vulnerable.

When choosing an aquarium should pay close attention to the quality of glass, tightness, as well as the smell coming from the tank. In no case should the smell be harsh and chemical!

By unpretentious include the following types of aquarium fish:

Unpretentious aquarium fish guppy – the most famous representatives. Males of these fish are distinguished by brighter colors than females.

You can have several guppies at once, these unpretentious fish are suitable even for a small aquarium. They survive in any water, with changes in temperature and even without food for several days. In addition, guppies breed very well.

They are viviparous fishes. Therefore, if you do not want offspring, it is better to place the female in another aquarium.

Swordtails – These unpretentious aquarium fish will require care for their habitat. They need algae, can be floating, and the aquarium itself is better to cover with a lid, as the swordtails – lovers jump. By their nature, the Swordtails are quite peaceful, love peace in an aquarium.

As for feeding, in this regard, the swordtails are omnivorous.

Neon better to start flocks of 10 fish. These lively colorful fish immediately create a fun moving atmosphere in your aquarium.

They love to frolic, swim in a race, so it’s best not to settle them with calmer representatives. By eating unpretentious and not upset if you suddenly forget to feed them.

Beautiful and unpretentious fish angelfish have a long life span. However, these fish can grow up to 15 cm in size, so it’s better to have a spacious aquarium for them.

Angelfish prefer water at a temperature of 24-26 ° C, but can live at lower temperatures. However, do not allow sudden drops, they may not survive.

By their nature, scalar fishes are quite sedate and do not favor too active neighbors.

Barbusses – active fish, however, may differ by a detrimental disposition and pluck sluggish fish with filiform and veil fins. It is not recommended to settle the barbs with scalars or cockerels.

The colors of the barbs are very diverse, you can see striped, speckled, monochrome representatives of this family.

Gourami – beautiful, bright, unpretentious small fishes, can be bright yellow, moon, pearl or spotty coloring. In addition to oxygen dissolved in water, these fish can consume oxygen from the air.

Gourami have a real tolerance for other members of the aquarium. They get along easily with very active fish, such as neons.

Danio – small fish that love to live in flocks. For them, an aquarium is needed which is lighter and more spacious. Cover it with a lid, as the zebrafish is known for its jumping ability.

We will have to take care of aeration of the water, as the danios love clear, oxygen-filled water.

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