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How to quickly and tasty cook fish in a pan: the best recipes and reviews

If you are looking for recipes for lunch or dinner, then pay attention to this article. In it we will tell about how to cook delicious fish in a pan and in the oven.

We want to share with you a recipe for juicy and delicious dishes in airy batter. How delicious to cook fish (pollock), you can read here:

  • Take 500 grams of fresh fillet, cut it into portions, lightly salt and season with a mixture of peppers.
  • Beat two chicken yolks with 50 ml of milk, a pinch of salt and sugar. After that add to the resulting mixture three tablespoons of flour and mix the products with a mixer. At the end, put whipped whites in a batter and mix again. If desired, add finely chopped dill to the dough – it will give the dish a special piquancy.
  • Heat a frying pan and pour some vegetable oil into it. Dip the pieces of fish in a batter, and then fry on both sides with the lid closed until they get a golden hue.

When everything is ready, put the pieces on a plate, add a side dish and serve to the table, decorating with fresh greens.

The stunning taste of this juicy dish will not leave indifferent even the strictest critic. For it you will need white onions, salt, some wheat flour and fish saffron. How to cook a tasty and quick easy dinner:

  • Thawed or cooled fish (one kilogram) free from entrails and skin, remove tails and heads, rinse under running water. Salt it.
  • Three large onions clean from the husk and cut into thin half rings.
  • Put the navaga in a frying pan and fry over medium heat. When one side turns golden, you can turn the fish. At this point, add the prepared onion to it.
  • When the fish is fully prepared, lay it on a plate, and continue to fry the onions, stirring occasionally.

To make the dish juicy and get a little sweet taste, put the onions on the fish and leave the food alone for a while.

Another idea for a delicious lunch. For this dish, inexpensive and affordable hake fish is used. How to cook an unusual “hodgepodge”, you can learn from the following recipe:

  • Peel 15 or 20 slices of garlic, and then lightly fry them in vegetable oil.
  • Open two cans of tomatoes in your own juice (800 grams each) and put the contents into the pan.
  • Bring the vegetables to a boil and boil over low heat for another half hour.
  • While the tomatoes are stewing, go in for the processing of the fish. It should be cleaned, cut into pieces of the size you need, salt them and pepper.
  • Put the prepared hake into the pan in one layer and continue to simmer all together for another 30 minutes.

When the specified time passes, try to taste the fish. If it is ready, then serve the dish to the table, sprinkled with fresh herbs and adding a side dish of potato or rice. We hope you enjoy the hake fish stew.

How to cook other culinary delights you can find out if you continue reading our article.

This unusual dish has such a pleasant taste that it is not a shame to serve it for the festive table. How to cook delicious fish in a pan? Read the simple recipe below:

  • Take any fish fillet (one kilogram) and cut it into fairly large chunks. Sprinkle with a little salt.
  • For cooking batter, take 200 grams of grated cheese, three chicken eggs, a little salt. Beat the food with a mixer at low speed.
  • Next, to cook the fish, heat the pan on the fire and add a little oil to it. Hook a slice of fillet with a fork, dip it in cheese dough and immediately fry over medium heat. Do the same with the rest of the fish.

Finished fish goes well with a salad of fresh vegetables.

If you want to cook delicious fish and surprise your guests, then pay attention to our recipe:

  • Cut the pangasius fillet into two parts (if you need more portions, do the calculations yourself), beat each piece slightly, add salt and season with your favorite spices.
  • Bacon cut into long strips and slices wider.
  • Place a large piece of bacon on the filet edge and gently roll the roll. Wind the resulting structure with a strip and pin it with a wooden skewer.
  • Pour enough oil into a deep frying pan to cover the finished roll and heat it over the fire.

Fry the pangasius until done, and then lay the fish on a paper towel to get rid of excess fat. Serve the rolls for dinner by adding fresh cucumbers and boiled potatoes.

Tasty fish can be cooked in different ways. This time we suggest you try the original version, which your loved ones will surely appreciate. How to cook delicious fish in the oven:

  • Peel a large onion and cut it into thin rings.
  • Tomato cut into rings.
  • Divide the fillets, salt and pepper to taste.
  • Cut the pita bread and place it in front of you on the working surface of the table.
  • In a bowl, mix the sour cream and mayonnaise.
  • In the center of the pita, put the onion, then the fish, and then grease it with sauce. Put tomato circles on top and wrap the stuffing in an envelope. Do the same with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Put the finished envelopes in a container for baking and grease with the remaining sauce.

Preheat oven and bake an unusual snack for half an hour.

You can use this recipe not only at home, but also at a picnic where there is a grill and grill. At this time, tasty and quickly cook the fish, we can the following way:

  • If you have whole fish, then it should be peeled and cut into steaks. If you are using fillets, then simply cut it into chunks.
  • For the sauce, mix two tablespoons of sour cream, two tablespoons of soy sauce, shredded ginger root and garlic, passed through a press. Then add a little chili powder, cumin seeds, and a spoonful of soy sauce. If you want, put some more chopped greens. Mix all the ingredients.
  • Smear the pieces of fish ready sauce and leave alone for half an hour.
  • When the pieces are marinated, wrap them in foil and bake in a preheated oven until cooked.

Before serving, decorate the dish with fresh vegetables and herbs.

Women who regularly cook for their loved ones believe that fish dishes help them out in many life situations. First, the cost of the source material is not too high. Secondly, it takes little time to cook.

Third, the dishes are tasty and very healthy.

We’ll be happy if our article was helpful and you’ve learned several new ways to make delicious fish.

Culinary Community Li.Ru – Fish Recipes

Fish dishes

Tsar-fish or sturgeon – very tasty and healthy fish. You can cook it in different ways, but I prefer the most useful – for a couple.

Steamed sturgeon is tender, non-greasy and very tasty.

A gourmet dish can be cooked in 30 minutes. One of these is baked salmon with garlic and mustard.

Very simple cooking, but the result is worthy of a good restaurant.

Another great way to cook pink salmon is pink salmon in foil. The method of cooking is very simple and fast, but the fish is simply excellent.

Salmon pockets are simply a great festive dish that can become a worthy decoration of any table. They are preparing quite, but the result is beyond words! 🙂

Steamed fish with herbs – quick and easy to prepare, but very useful and tasty dish. Requires a double boiler.

Salmon fillet with steamed olives is a delicious, tender and, most importantly, most useful dish. The fish turns out incredibly tasty and just melts in your mouth.

The basic recipe for cooking fish fillet or steak fish steak. In the same way, you can cook almost any fish steamed – unless the cooking time is different.

The recipe for cooking tilapia a couple – your attention. Tilapia has gained popularity due to the delicate taste of its white meat, which contains a lot of protein, but a little fat.

Tasty and healthy.

Recipe for cooking sea bass steamed with vegetables. In this dish the fish goes very well with vegetables.

Here the sea bass can be replaced by another fish – for example, trout, pike perch, dorado.

Chum salmon in foil is a delicious dish. A very easy recipe for cooking this fish that will not take you much time.

Chum is obtained very tasty and fragrant, just yummy fingers.

I suggest you make sure that the healthy can be tasty. Fish cooked in a slow cooker is a very light, tasty and incredibly healthy dish.

Read the recipe!

Delicious, tender, with a creamy taste of sour cream. Not pike, but lovely.

This simple pike recipe in sour cream proves that pike meat is not dry at all, you just need to know how to cook it correctly.

I want something like that, you really do not know what? Then I offer a specialty of coastal Odessa cafes – capelin in batter.

I promise it will be delicious! Especially capelin in batter like men;)

Many of us have never tasted such tasty fish as tench. Cooking is very easy, and eating is a pleasure. So – I tell you how to cook roast tench.

Cook and savor!

Baked sea bass is a test dish that has not only excellent taste, but also a very attractive appearance. The fragrance delights and inspires.

The dish scatters at the moment. Try it!

Students, all here! If you are here and browse this page, then you have made the right choice, and all because saury soup is what you need. Read the recipe – and find out why! 😉

Grilled salted pollock prepared according to this step-by-step recipe is quick and easy. For cooking, we use a minimum of products, but the taste of the dish still turns out to be rich and interesting.

You had a whole sturgeon, and you do not know what to do with it? Then I propose a very simple recipe for stuffed sturgeon.

Stuffed sturgeon – a spectacular dish for your holiday table!

Pike perch soup – a delight for the soul and for the stomach! This recipe was brought from a trip to Finland.

I advise you to cook it – pikeperch soup turns out very tasty, nourishing and nutritious.

Easy, non-nutritious, delicious salad. Greens and cucumbers smell in the spring, and the lack of heavy mayonnaise has a positive effect on your figure.

So we cook, eat and prepare for the summer.

Provence cuisine is closely related to fish. It was from there that the Proverbian gilthead came to us.

The fish turns out very fragrant and tasty, and it is easy to cook. Try it and not regret it.

Pink salmon in sour cream is a good dish that both adults and children love. The taste of the dish turns out to be saturated due to the presence of a cheese crust, and the pink salmon itself, baked in sour cream, comes out tender and juicy.

Salmon carpaccio is a delicious cold appetizer from the category of delicacies. The beauty of this dish is the combination of arugula and thinly sliced ​​salmon fillet.

By the way, it prepares very quickly.

Today I offer you a minimalist recipe of pink salmon cooked in a sleeve. Pink salmon in the sleeve is low-calorie, but saturated with useful substances.

Good everyday lunch or dinner.

Pollock in batter is a great appetizer that will be in demand on any holiday table. Good for receptions.

However, and as a hot dish with a side dish can also be served.

Pink salmon in batter is a very simple dish. For its preparation requires a minimum of food, but it turns out the fish canceled!

I offer my step-by-step recipe of pink salmon in batter with photos.

Sea bass in the oven for this recipe turns out very tasty and incredibly beautiful. We will cook the perch in the oven with vegetables.

So, step by step recipe perch with photos.

White fish in the envelope – gourmet to taste, but easy to prepare dish. The recipe is taken from the magazine about gourmet cuisine, so do not hesitate – it turns out very tasty!

I offer you a very beautiful and sumptuous dish – pollack with vegetables. Step-by-step recipe with photos tells you how to quickly and easily turn an ordinary dish into a real culinary masterpiece.

Baked pollock is cooked simply, quickly and easily, and it turns out the dish is delicious and satisfying. Your attention is a step-by-step recipe of baked pollock with a photo, according to which everyone can cook a dish!

Delicious, healthy, dietary meal for the whole family – from grandmothers to kids. Tender fish and crisp rice. A slow cooker will facilitate the cooking process and free you time for yourself.


Escabeche is a fish dish marinated in vegetables. The simplest fish aged under this marinade acquires an exquisite taste.

I advise you to use this recipe.

A great recipe that is worth taking into account – it is pink salmon cutlets. This recipe with photos will tell you how to cook tender, juicy, nourishing and very tasty fish cakes.

Very tasty snack – mackerel roll. Many people find mackerel too fat and fragrant, but the fish prepared according to this recipe will appeal to even picky and gourmet.

Bream – one of my favorite fish. A bream with mushrooms cooked in the oven is just the ultimate dream.

Fish fillet is always soft, and mushrooms give a peculiar flavor.

Grilled mackerel is a gentle, tasty and low-calorie dish, easy to prepare. You can cook both in the home oven and in nature. The dish will not leave anyone indifferent! 😉

There are many recipes for making smelt. Most often, it is fried or marinated.

Did you try to cook the smelt in the oven? Not? I advise!

It turns out delicious and very fast dish.

Red fish, baked in foil – an ideal dish in terms of the ratio of simplicity and speed of preparation and delicacy of the result. Only half an hour – and a festive lunch or dinner in your plate.

Smelt – small fish, beautiful and very tasty. I want to present to your attention a simple recipe for cooking fried smelt.

The fish turns out gentle, albeit with a crispy crust.

Crucian soup is one of my favorite dishes. The ear of this simple and affordable fish turns out to be nothing, even if you cook it correctly.

I share the recipe for good crucian soup.

Chum salmon in batter can be a wonderful dish for both dinner and dinner. Every housewife will like this recipe, because the fish in batter turns out to be tender and very appetizing, and it is very easy to prepare.

Due to the ease of preparation and availability of the product, scad is popular on everyday and holiday tables. Fish baked under different sauces and fillings looks very impressive.

I use this recipe for making mackerel with vegetables when I don’t want to stand at the stove for a long time. Useful, fast, tasty and easy. I hope the mackerel recipe with vegetables will be useful to you;)

Are you looking for a recipe for a luxurious sturgeon snack? Then you found what you need!

Boiled sturgeon in this recipe not only turns into a beautiful and delicious snack, but also remains useful.

A fish. A storehouse of useful items. And as such a noble fish, like pink, and even cooked in a slow cooker, is truly priceless.

We take care of ourselves: we read the recipe, we prepare a pink salmon.

Bream with buckwheat porridge is a wonderful dish for all lovers of fish. The dish is very easy to prepare and is versatile hot, which can be served both for lunch and for dinner.

Grilled sturgeon is a simple but sumptuous dish. In this recipe, I will show you and tell you how to cook sturgeon on the grill to make it as juicy, tender and tasty as possible.

Baked sturgeon in the oven is an exquisite and spectacular dish, which you will need an hour to prepare. Baked sturgeon is a low-fat fish with a rich and unforgettable taste.

Lenten fish patties are one of the most popular Lenten hot dishes on our family table. Easy to prepare and budget, these tender, lean fish cakes are popular with both adults and children.

White fish in cream sauce with anchovies is a very effective and original way of cooking white fish fillets. Quick and easy dish with a delicious sauce.

If you like fatty, tender, not bony fish, then baked tench is what you need. Minimum bones, maximum nourishing and fatty meat – a real pleasure for fish lovers.

Best thanks – share the recording with friends;)

Thought to organize a grand cocktail party? Or want to surprise your lover? Appetizer tuna tartare – what you need.

Recipe tuna tartare with photos – your attention!

The meat of this fish is perfectly complemented by a spicy anchovy sauce. Touch the gourmet cuisine – try making dorada with anchovy sauce at home, on your own.

Everything will work out!

This is a simple and quick recipe, but we give them
We use for a long time and gently love. When I cooked a fish like this for the first time,
The review sounded surprisingly unanimous – a very tasty fish! Since
She lives with us under this name.

white fish fillet – about 800 g (I have fresh unrefined pike weighing a little more than a kilo)

1 large, and preferably 2 medium onions

6 bay leaves

10-12 sweet peppers

15-20 black peppercorns

If you have a ready fillet, there are no problems at all. If a whole fish, for example, pike perch, then it should be cut into fillets without bones.

First, we clean the scales of the perch, remove the insides through an incision on the abdomen, and wash them.

Take a sharp narrow knife. Cut off the head with the fins:


On the back, starting from the head, we make a deep incision along the entire spine, cutting the fish into two parts – the upper one with the ribs:


And the bottom – with the spine, tail and ribs:


Then, with the bottom, carefully cut the ridge along with the tail (the ribs remain on the filles):



stage – we cut off the bones, keeping the knife almost parallel to the cutting
the board and trying to cut off as little meat as possible:



Done, two beautiful fileki:


Then everything is simple. Cut the fish into small pieces:


Onions clean and shred half rings:


I apologize to the gentlemen of aesthetes for the type of my cauldron. No parma him
no longer takes, and throw this thing there is no strength, no desire, all
the most delicious things are made in her.

So, we pour a little pot or a thick-walled pot to the bottom
vegetable oil and lay out a layer of onions to completely close
bottom. Put a layer of fish on the bow:


Then we add the fish, on it – a couple of bay leaves, 3-4 peas allspice and 5-6 black peas:


Slightly sprinkle with oil and again – a layer of onions, a layer of fish, salt, pepper. And so, until the fish ends with the bow:


This pour into the pan a third glass of water, cover with a lid and set
on medium fire for 40-45 minutes. After a while, open the lid – fish
should be in a thick transparent sauce:


What to file? Garnish to your taste. I am categorical in this case –
only mashed potatoes, because together it’s just great.
Greenery. I love. But believe me, she is not needed here, more and more.
than self-sufficient, the fish is delicate, the sauce is delicious, the flavors knock off. BUT
if the dish remains the next day, then the sauce is made with a drochochka


  • Cold curd cake
  • Chicken hee
  • Yeast Dough for beginners
  • Chocolate Cake with Sour Cream
  • Recipe from childhood “Smetannik”
  • Cheese “Cream” home

Best thanks – add a record to quote pad 🙂

A simple, healthy and tasty second course fish that does not hit your wallet. And you cook fish with onions and carrots very quickly.

I want to share my favorite fish recipe. Roach baked under cheese is a terribly tasty dish, moreover, it is not at all expensive and very nourishing. Step-by-step recipe with photos 🙂

Sprat baked – the recipe is very interesting. Sprat is baked in the oven with smoked cheese, so it turns out incredibly tasty, fatty and well-suited as a hearty snack to beer.

Baked sea bass, which we are going to cook today, tastes very good – try it! 🙂 Preparing is quite simple and fast, and the result is a very tasty restaurant-level dish.

Sprat in tomato – an incredibly tasty and appetizing fish appetizer, able to decorate any holiday table or buffet. Fish is inexpensive, easy to cook, but it turns out very tasty.

Halibut is an elegant fish that does not require special cooking. I propose a recipe for halibut in foil, which will tell you how to cook a delicious lunch from a minimum of ingredients.

According to a common misconception, only expensive varieties of noble red fish are suitable for kebabs. In fact, it is not – shish kebab from catfish, pike, perch, etc. it turns out not worse, and cooking in the oven will save time and allow you to enjoy the appetizing roast fish at any time of the year!

I love capelin. There are many reasons for this – a tasty, entertaining, inexpensive, easily cooked fish.

Capelin in sour cream is a dish for gourmets who love to experiment in culinary terms. I share the recipe.

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