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Representatives of the class of ray-finned fishes

Radiant fish belongs to the class of bone rocks. It received its name due to the structure of the fins, inherent only to her. Ray-finned fishes are distributed in almost all water bodies of the planet.

The archaeological findings of the skeletons of these individuals allowed to establish that they have been living on Earth for 420 million years.

Ray-finned fish got this name due to the special structure of the fins.

A huge class of ray-finned fish is divided into two types: new-fin and ganoid. The latter include not only two modern detachments, but also ten fossils. The younger group is the newcomer.

It consists of numerous species of various bony fishes. Although all these individuals belong to the same class, they have significant differences in appearance and structure. Ganoid ray-ray representatives include:

  • sturgeon;
  • mnogoporoobraznye;
  • carapace-like.

Luciferous – the most numerous detachment of fish

This is the most numerous and famous detachment of fish. Their skeleton structure is primitive and consists of cartilage with separate vertebrae. Scales of such representatives of the diamond shape, connected to each other.

It forms a very hard shell.

Bony ganoids have a formed bone skull, gill covers, and a swim bladder. This order includes sturgeon, sturgeon, beluga, and several other valuable commercial species.

The most ancient representative of the ray-finned – the imperial pomakant. The remains of this predatory fish were found in Estonia, Sweden and Russia.

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Marine fish, as well as freshwater, belonging to the same class, differ significantly from each other. If they can be from 1 centimeter to 12 meters in size, then the weight can reach more than two tons. In 1908, a fish was caught, the weight of which was 2,235 kg.

The best known representatives belonging to the species of ray-finned are herring, all species of salmon and perch, sticklefish, flatfish, representatives of carp, freshwater and sea eels, catfish.

The varieties of northern fish include the herring family. Its representatives are often accompanied by fishermen vessels.

They are always moving in large schools-shoals. Often, herring becomes food for larger individuals.

Predators can be tuna, salmon or cod.

Herring family members often move in the doorjamb

Fish of the herring family grow to medium size. In length, they can be from 25 to 45 cm.

Their body is flat and streamlined. The abdomen of individuals is always noticeably lighter, and the back is colored gray with blue.

There are about 70 subspecies of herring. The most famous and frequently encountered are the Atlantic, Araucan and Pacific.

All kinds of herring taste good, thanks to what they are common in cooking. Often fish include in the diet, as it contains a lot of useful elements.

Herring can be salted, fried, pickled, smoked, dried and fermented.

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All individuals of this family are divided into three subspecies: salmon, whitefish, and grayling. The salmon family consists of 7 genera. They belong to predatory breeds.

Nutrition in these individuals is mixed. Their large maw has rather large teeth. Salmon includes pink salmon, salmon, trout, chum salmon.

They are the most famous representatives of the genus.

The subspecies of the whitefish consists of three genera. Its representatives have a large scale and a small maw.

These subspecies include the tree, omul and peled.

Only one genus belongs to grayling. They live only in fresh water, preferring fast rivers and cold lakes.

The most famous individuals of this species are European grayling., Mongolian and Siberian.

The salmon family consists of 7 genera

Salmon meat is considered a delicacy. In cooking, it is used both after heat treatment, and in a lightly salted or dried form.

There are many recipes eating this valuable and healthy meat in its raw form.

The carp family includes more than two thousand different species. These are marine and freshwater individuals, as well as some aquarium fish.

Since the size of the family is very large, it is divided into 250 genera, which are combined into 9 subfamilies.

The color of the body in representatives of carps is mostly monophonic. The scales may be silver, greenish-brown or gold.

The sizes of individuals of these breeds are very different. Their length can vary from a few centimeters to three meters. The most famous representatives of the carp family are roach, roach, crucian carp, tench, bream, etc.

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