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How to weave a fish from a dropper

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In Soviet times, the hospital often had a chance to see cute goldfish woven from droppers, which were both decoration, and entertainment, and comfort. Surely many people would like to learn how to weave such fish from droppers, so let’s fulfill children’s dreams.

Crafts from droppers: step by step instructions weaving

Very often, in Soviet times, there were unusual crafts in the form of fish, frogs, robots, etc., which were made of the most ordinary droppers. That only did not invent the craftsmen who were in hospital wards.

Tubes were painted with iodine, brilliant green or potassium permanganate.

Craftsmen constantly improved their skills and created a wide variety of crafts from droppers: charms, pendants, pens and fish in this case are not the limit of perfection. Now this skill can be called endangered.

He was replaced by ready-made more elegant sets for weaving plastic threads with additional accessories, but the principle remained the same.

Crafts from the dropper: a workshop on making devil

Making crafts from a dropper do-it-yourself: goldfish

Twenty years ago, fish from droppers could be found everywhere. But, unfortunately, time has passed, and the goldfish swam away.

However, you can ponozhalgirovat and remember these simple crafts, besides a similar master class can be used for classes with children, they will come to the delight of funny figures.

How to make fish droppers :: Medical dropper weave :: Hand-made

A few years ago, hospital crafts were extremely popular among adults and children. droppers – surely everyone remembers the transparent fish, which were collected from medical transparencies. Weave a fish out droppersYou can easily create such a figure, you can return to your childhood.

The question “what will happen if you drink hydrogen peroxide?” – 1 answer

1. Fish from droppersYou are woven along a scythe, and the harnesses for it are cut into two parts. Extreme harnesses intersect in the middle.

Continue to weave a fish of three flagella-like simple braids, leaving loose bands around the edges that are not yet included in the work. Consider weaving technology in more detail.

2. First, take two tubes. dropperss 40 cm long and cut them along the entire length with sharp scissors. Starting from the edge to the middle, cut the tube into thin strips – the thinner the better, and the more prominent your fish will be.

3. Fold dropperss in half and fasten together. As already described above, begin to weave a braid from a long cut along a strip, the longitudinal edges of which are wrapped inward, forming the scales of the fish. Insert between the flagella eyes.

To make an eye, cut the tube dropperss along and fold it into a tight spiral.

4. Insert the eye into the braid, then continue to weave the braid of the harnesses from droppers, leaving at the edges in several stripes for the fins. Gradually narrow the torso of the fish towards the tail, and closer to the tail, pass the harnesses into a piece of the cut tube from dropperss to secure them.

5. Remove the remaining fringe from the stripes into the tail of the fish and curl the edges. You can color fish with green paint, iodine and manganese.

If you don’t really want to paint the fish, use modern droppersAmy from colored tubes – this will allow you to vary the colors of your crafts as you like.

how to make devils out of a dropper

how to make devils out of a dropper

how to make devils out of a dropper

weaving from medical droppers. Double lace beginning

Remember, with the help of such knots, before any fish and devil weaving? And the material was. medical droppers.

Interestingly, now who weaves such toys?

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