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How to feed a guppy fish

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How to feed guppies :: feed guppies with semolina :: Feed

Guppies are the most common type of aquarium fish. They have beautiful colors, are friendly and unpretentious.

Therefore, many give birth to them.

Feed guppies need 3 times a day. If the aquarist has the opportunity to do it more often, then you can give them food every 3-4 hours. But you need to use a small amount of feed.

Regular and fractional diet will favorably affect the offspring and life expectancy of the fish.

Food guppies should be balanced. Then the fish will not often hurt.

Living organisms should form the basis of their diet: bloodworms, tubules, daphnias, Korets and arthmas. You can also give the fish a finely chopped squid fillet and river fish. They willingly eat such food, but during the cold season it can become inaccessible.

Therefore, you need to take care of it in advance, freezing food in the required quantity or starting to grow it at home.

The guppy diet should include vegetable food. It should be given in small quantities every day.

As it can be parsley, seaweed, spinach, lettuce. Before giving such a guppy feed, scald it with boiling water and chop it.

Feed the fish with lightly boiled cereals. Semolina and ground rolled oats are perfect. Guppies can be given 2-3 times a week for bread, liver sausage, cottage cheese.

Suitable for feeding low-fat hard cheeses. They need to pre-grate.

Refuse to use dry feed as a basis for guppy feeding. Give them only in a small amount.

Be sure to dry food must be of high quality and have a long shelf life, then they will not harm the health of guppies.

A balanced diet can not provide the fish with all the necessary vitamins. Therefore, they need to enter into the diet.

To maintain the health of guppies, use oil solutions of vitamins E, A, D. They are added in a small amount (4-5 drops) to dry food and mixed thoroughly. The shelf life is 3 days.

In addition, use fish oil. It must be added 2-3 drops in the cottage cheese or liver sausage.

Do not feed the fish every day the same food. They need a varied diet.

Food must be fresh and chopped.

By organizing a balanced diet and introducing vitamins into the diet, guppies can provide comfortable living in an aquarium. For this they will delight you with their bright appearance and health, as well as beautiful and numerous offspring.

The basis of the guppy ration should be healthy and high-calorie live food. The most popular living organisms for feeding fish are:

  • small larva moth. When you purchase should pay special attention to their color and activity. A quality bloodworm should not be dark and half-dead;
  • crushed tube worm. To prevent infection in the aquarium infection, feed should be thoroughly washed;
  • daphnia;
  • artemia;
  • Cyclops.

In addition, guppies should be periodically fed with vegetable feed. These can be lettuce, parsley, spinach or seaweed.

Greens must be dried, and before feeding scalded boiling water.

Sometimes, as an exception, fish can be lured by dry feed. But this is often not recommended due to the risk of disease.

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