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How to call a fish

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Funny topic, is not it. Cats and dogs we give nicknames, but the names of the fish … why not!

Here I picked up, in my opinion, the most interesting names for the aquarium nicknames.

For male fish:

Adam, Admiral Adolf, Aikido, Iroh, aquamarine, Aquarius, Alex, Alejandro, Amadeus, Amigo, Angel, Antonio, Antoshka, Anubis, anchovies, oranges, Armageddon, Arnoldik, Archie, Buddy, Bako, Bucks, Bellman, Bandit, Barbossa, Barmaley, Fugitive, White-tailed, White, Bilan, Blade, Bob, Boniface, Bonopart, Boria, Boatsman, Rogue, Bublik, Waldemar, Bartholomew, Vasily, Vaska, Veteran, Victor Karpych, Vinni, Leader of the hoghlikh, the sihihih, the sihihih, the sihih, the sihih, the sihih, the sihih, the sihih, the sihih, the sikh Garik, Harry Potter, Hercules, Givi, Glavryba, David, Darmoed, Dexter, Demon, Jazz, Jenson, Jerry, Jean, Joe, John, Johnny, Dollar, Associate Professor, Drakosha, Dracula, Drachun, Erik, Zhivchik, Zhorik, Zyoba, Snack, Zygmund, Zorro, Nibbler, Indigo, Ichteander, Kai, Captain Nemo, Casper, Kesha, Killer, King, Kling, Confucius, Korn, Xavier, Ktulhuh bush, Kutuzov, Lazarus, Lucky Larry, Lelik, Lenardo, Leon, Leopold, Luntik, Lucifer, Michael Manyunya, Mario, Mars, Moby, Monya, Neptune, Nigger, Nemo, Odysseus, Oracle, Oscar Palpalych, Pavlovich , Pakhan, Pepper, Petka, PikAsso, Pirate, Colonel, Poseidon, Professor, Puzka, Rein, Rio, Richie, Roberto, Romochka, Rybik, Rybson, Syoma, Simon, Alpha Male, Sassafras, Sid, Soso, Stepa Mikhalych, Tyson, Tamagotchi, Tics, tics, William, barbel, Fedor, Phantom, Felix, Filimon Foxy, Freddy, havchik, Chopik, Charlie, Scale, Chip Shaitan Shmyga, Shtirlits, Jung, Jupiter, Eustace Yakusha

For female fish:

Aurora, Aqua, Alex, Alice, Angelina, Assol, Aphrodite, Bagheera, Barbie, Bella, Snow White, Busia, Vanessa, Gracia, Danich, Georgette, Asterisk, Cinderella, Toffee, Droplet, Caramel, Kikimora, Blot, Kopek, Ledi Gaga , Ribbon, Lidinka, Mamba, Margosha, Matilda, Nefertiti, Nyusha, Nancy, Penelope, Rihanna, Mermaid, Sakura, Snowflake, Fairy, Feona, Felicia, Frosya, Shakira, Elizabeth, Juno


The cockerel male fish that lives in your tank can be called as well as the heroes of famous cartoons – for example, Nemo, Flaunder, Freddy, Marlin, Nigel. Also, your pet can get a nickname: Charlie, Brooke, Klevik, Mikhalych, Napoleon, Pixel, Eclair, YouTube, Strauss, Vartash, Joe, Rebbie, Lewis and Zane.

If you think about how to call a goldfish, and you do not attend various ideas, then turn your attention to the colors of the pet, and she will tell you a great nickname. Your beauty may have such names: Sun, Zolotze, Orange, Karamelka, Asterisk, Zolotinka.

So bright nicknames are sure to suit your little ones.

Fish-girl, which pleases all members of the family with its amazing beauty and grace can be called the same as the flower. For example, Chamomile, Melissa, Fialochka. As well as some musical term that would be quite original nickname.

For example, Gama, Quart, Noteka, Coloratura, Composition, Cantata, Melody, Dynamics, Imitation, Cadence, and Modulation.

Choosing a name for a pet is not so easy, because a living creature will carry it, and this is quite a responsible step. Your children can also think about how to call the fish, and will be the happiest if they come up with an amazing name that will become part of the life of the pet.

Fish along with cats and dogs, parrots and turtles are our pets. But for some reason in the overwhelming majority of cases they are deprived and not given a name.

Some people think this is nonsense and overkill, especially if the aquarium is large and more than a dozen species of fish live in it. However, if you think about it, each of them deserves to have their own name.

To determine the choice of names for their fish will help our article.

In fact, fantasy is not limited here. You can call the fish the names of the heroes of your favorite series, teachers at the institute or the names of computer programs (for programmers).

Here are some options for funny names without any binding: Boule-Boule, Glavryba, Palych, Bandit, Professor, Bruce Lee, Akulin, Nefertiti, Zorro, Kiko, Button.

If you love traditions, your fish will be chosen by such names: Timoshka, Miron, Yurik, Xu, Agafia, Yasha, Vasilisa, Alexandra, Arkasha, Victor Karpych.

Aquarium fish: the most interesting names :: funny aquarium fish :: Animals :: Other

Now a large number of people decorate their apartments or offices with various aquariums: large or small, with exotic colorful fish or unpretentious guppies. Aquarium fish is a very popular choice of the diversity of your day for busy people, because care for it is minimal.
It is also a good option for children – caring for a fish does not take much time, but will teach responsibility. In addition, by giving the fish an unusual name, the child will give it individuality and make it a full-fledged friend.

The question “Why are cats not a commodity, when there are already reviews about them?” – 1 reply

When choosing a name, you can first carefully consider the fish. Some are guided by its color, for example: Chernushka, Ryzhik, Sunny, Polosatik.

You can estimate the size: Baby, Fat Cat. In any case, the reasons for choosing the nickname for the fish will be obvious!

Sometimes the owners of the fish try to pick up an extraordinary name that will enhance the mood. For example, Herring under a fur coat, Piranha or Taranka.

This name for the fish is chosen by young people who have a sense of humor or want to stand out.

The name for the aquarium fish, you can choose based on its behavior. You just need to watch her a little and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Often choose the names: Shustrik, Obzorik, Lazy Boy, Bully. If the character trait of aquarium fish is very noticeable – then this is the best option.

For the nickname of the aquarium fish is not rarely choose the names of celebrities or movie characters. This may be Dracula, Tyson, Nemo, Cousteau, Schumacher, Cleopatra.

So aquarium fish can easily tell about the preferences and idols of its owner!

Sometimes a name that is not very interesting in Russian can be translated into other languages. So aquarium fish can be Belle, Faer, Blek.

Name for aquarium fish can be associated with any technology. So there are Sotik, Googles and Yandex.

Often such a nickname is chosen by young people who “live” in the field of information technology.
You can also always ask how your friends and acquaintances called their favorites, search for options on the Internet. In any case, the pet’s name is a manifestation of the individuality of the owner.

How can you call a fish :: what are you named fish :: Aquarium fish

Nowadays, the design of apartments and offices with aquariums has become popular, as it is believed that contemplation of fish soothes the human nervous system. You bought an aquarium fish and want to give a name to your pet.

When choosing a name, follow these guidelines.

The question “opened a pet store. Business is not going. What to do? “- 2 answers

1. Look carefully at your aquarium fish. You may notice some distinctive features.

For example, if your fish is orange, then it will suit nicknames: Red, Orange, Sunflower.

2. Go online to special sites and forums dedicated to fish. There you can ask a question about what to call fish, and one of the forum visitors will recommend you a few names.

Also on the Internet you can find a list with already ready nicknames of fish and choose any of the ones you like.

3. Name your fish in honor of your favorite actor, singer, athlete, politician, TV host, cartoon character. For example: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cipollino, Mike Tyson, Schumacher.

4. Come up with some funny name for the aquarium fish. For example: Piranha, Float, Herring under a fur coat, Fisherman’s dream.

5. Observe the behavior of the fish. Perhaps it is mobile or slow, gluttonous, or vice versa, eats little.

Given these features, you can give her a name: Shustrik, Kopusha, Glutton, Skinny.

6. Having come up with the name of the aquarium fish in Russian, you can try to translate this word into English. For example, Angelfish – Monkfish, Beauty – Beauty.

7. If among your friends or acquaintances there are fans of aquarium fish, then consult them. They will prompt you a couple of options.

On the Internet, in addition to information on the maintenance of fish, there are a large number of sites for lovers of cats, dogs, lizards, hamsters, turtles, frogs. They are usually laid out a huge number of interesting names that may be suitable for your aquarium fish.

No matter how you choose your name, remember that in the aquarium from time to time you need to change the water and feed the fish twice a day.

Today, a considerable number of people draw up their offices or apartments with the help of a variety of aquariums – large or small, filled with simple guppies or bright exotic fish. In short, these pets are very popular for busy people. Care of them is the most minimal.

For young children, this option is also not bad. A lot of time care does not take, but teaches responsibility.

However, that is the question! Kids (yes, however, and adults) are often trying to come up with names for fish!

And this is not at all surprising. Like any pets, they are family members. Accordingly, the names for the fish give them individuality, make them full-fledged friends.

So how to call these little frisky water pets?

So, more. Names for fish can be picked up without any problems.

The main thing is to start to carefully consider their favorites. Many, for example, are guided by color. It can be Polosatik, Sunny, Ryzhik, Chernushka, etc. And some owners are used to focus on size.

For example, Fat Cat or Baby. In such cases, the names of the fish will be obvious to all the people around them.

And you can “turn on” more and your sense of humor. That is, to come up with any extraordinary names, lifting you and your friends in the mood.

Suppose Taranka or Piranha. Some comedians come up with very sophisticated nicknames – something like Herring under a fur coat.

Typically, these names of their fish chooses young people who want to stand out among friends with wit.

Although you should not forget also about the behavior of the fish. Watch her, and you can draw the appropriate conclusions.

Someone will call his fish Lazy, someone – Zadira, someone – A sauteer, and someone – Shustrikom. The ideal option would be such a name, if the character trait of your pet is pronounced.

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