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How much are aquarium fish

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How much is an aquarium?

The question that starts a fascinating hobby!

Dear reader, in this article we will discuss with you the first question that a person asks when he decides to engage in aquarism – “And how much is it worth – is it aquarium pleasure?”

Just want to say that our site always seeks to develop an aquarium culture, to instill a love of nature, to teach people to understand and feel its laws. Therefore, we suggest that you do not limit your desire to start an aquarium by reading only this material.

Aquarium theme is limitless and diverse. The deeper you dive into the beautiful world of aquarium fish, the more exciting your trip will be!

So, before covering the everyday question – how much is an aquarium? It is worth saying that any undertaking is born from an idea!

Therefore, first of all, you need to imagine what you want in the end: what kind of fish, what design, will there be plants, snails, shrimps, other aquatic animals in an aquarium? After that, you need to read the materials telling about the conditions of maintenance and compatibility of aquatic organisms, to study the issue of proper decoration of the aquarium, in the end, visit us at forum and ask questions that remain incomprehensible to you.

Why is this so important? The avaricious person pays twice, it is better to foresee everything at once, in order to avoid a convulsive race at pet stores and cutting out money from the salary for the missing aquarium equipment or hydrochemistry.

It doesn’t matter what question you asked in the search engine:

How much is an aquarium 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 200, 300, large or small?

First, what you need to know is that aquariums sell different brands and each has its own pricing policy. There are domestic aquariums that are cheap, there are imported aquariums, the price of which is several times higher.

From this, you must conclude that you should not throw and buy the first available aquarium. Rate the full range of services!

With regard to imported aquariums, they cost more, but their quality is good. At the same time, this does not mean that the domestic aquarium collapses, a year after the purchase.

Not! Here, for example, see the article. about inexpensive aquariums TM “Nature”,price is captivating.

And it should be said that such an aquarium has been serving for many decades. I speak from personal experience.

Implement what has been said and ask the price, you can, without leaving your home. For example, after analyzing the pricing policy at aquarium online stores:

For Russia, for example, AquaLogo storehttp://www.aqua-shop.ru/

For Ukraine, for example, the shop Arovanahttp://www.arowana-im.com.ua/

Second one what you have to consider is that besides the aquarium, you must purchase aquarium equipment and decor. At least the filter, heater, soil.

Third, Do not forget about the starting aquarium chemistry, which is desirable to use when starting the aquarium. Tetra AquaSafe, Tetra Baktozym, Tetra Nitrate Minus Perls will already cost on the volume of the aquarium 100l. about 1000-1500 rubles.

Fourth – These are hydrobionts! And the fifth – aquarium equipment (siphon, dip net, thermometer, scrapers, etc.).

In total, even if you have a small aquarium … a tidy sum comes out!

Is it possible to save? Can!

First, you can start with unpretentious fish or fish resistant to adversity, for example, cichlid.

Secondly, the soil, snags, stones in the aquarium can be picked up in the forest, on the beach or by the river. Materials on the preparation of such a decor, you can find on our website and forum.

Moreover, this decor is much better than what is sold in pet stores, because it is chosen by you with love, according to your individual requests, without any restriction in the choice, and most importantly it is free!

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