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How to cut a fish out of paper openwork fish :: fishnet fish :: Hand-made

Openwork paper fish will be a great Christmas-tree decoration. Composition from the life of the underwater world will look good on the window glass on New Year’s holidays, and on the panel in the nursery or living room.

Cut the fish out of paper in several ways.

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If you need to make several identical fish, cut them according to a pattern. For this you will need:
– paper;
– cardboard;
– sharp knife with a slanting blade;
– ballpoint pen or pencil;
– small plank
Draw on the cardboard fish. Apply an openwork pattern.

Regardless of which drawing you choose, there must be cardboard lintels between the openwork elements. By the way, a pattern for embroidery satin stitch or a cuticle is suitable. Cut the template is best with a sharp knife with a slanting blade.

For some grades of cardboard fit and scissors. Make sure that the edges of the hole are smooth, without chipping.
You can find a suitable picture and circle around the contour, at the first stage you only need a silhouette.

For the application you need a single fish. Cutting it is quite simple. Place the template on the front side of the paper, circle and cut the holes.

Thin paper is better to cut, of course, with scissors. If the fish is small, you can take manicure, with curved ends. In this case it is better to circle the template with a pencil.

To make a Christmas toy, fold a sheet of paper in half. In this case, it does not matter on which side of the sheet to encircle the pattern.

Fish can be folded or glued. In the first case, the halves should close where the upper fin passes, in the second one can cut the fish completely.

Cut out the toy and attach a loop to the upper fin if you are going to hang the toy on the Christmas tree.
Fish for the Christmas tree or for the panel can be made of colored paper with an adhesive layer.

Fish with a simple openwork pattern can be cut without any template. Cut a rectangle out of paper.

Fold it in half, aligning the long sides. Mark with a pencil the silhouette of the “semi-skirt” – the triangle of the tail, half-oval of the body and head.

From the side where the fold, make long cuts. They can be in the form of strips with smooth sides, teeth, arcs, etc. The technique is about the same as when cutting all familiar paper snowflakes.

Make sure the cuts do not reach the outer contour. The fish turns out double.

To cut a fish pattern with fins without a template, fold the paper in half lengthwise. Bend the strips along the long sections. Outline the silhouette of the fish, taking into account that from the side of the abdomen, it will have two identical fins.

For them, you need to leave pieces of paper strips around the middle of the abdomen. Cut the pattern in the same way as in the previous method.




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