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Hello, dear subscribers and readers of my blog. Today I want to post a post about how my wife went to fish for fish. The exhibition took place in our House of Culture.

Lenin and the guys came from distant Kiev. Honestly, I am not very enthusiastic about the exhibition, I expected a little more, although how to look at it. Our city is not big, and the event itself is somewhat unusual for us.

Let me explain why!

The fact is that serious people rarely come to our city who have something to show interesting. I do not know what it is connected with, but this is a fact.

The only thing we see regularly is an amusement park and a circus under an ordinary tent in our crap park. To be honest, it’s a bit fed up.

Something I digress from the exhibition.

What can I say about the exhibition itself: in general, aquariums are of course well-groomed and it is clearly visible that they are being watched. It is not like in Alushta when I was there with my wife in the honeymoon.

A huge flow of people, the price is prohibitive – 80 hryvnia. There are no questions, the collection is solid, there is not even talk here. But.

Despite the frantic revenue, they cannot hire people to put aquariums in order. It was a bit dumb: overgrown beard. nitchatka and other crap. Well, how can people show this for 80 hryvnia?

At least be ashamed! Even in Yalta, and that was better in the aquarium.

The collection is much inferior, but at least it is well-groomed, and the price was pleasantly surprised – only merely 30 UAH. 🙂 Do not think that I have any miser, not at all. Just if such things show people and take money from them, do you need to keep the exhibits in due order, or am I wrong?

I am happy to discuss this with you, dear friends, in the comments.

What was at the show? In addition to piranhas, tsikhlaz, gourami, arvanny and pacu, they also attached a couple of monkeys (one of them sat for perhaps 30 minutes scratching behind her ear in a wonderful pose, you will see on the photo).

There were several types of turtles: serpentine turtle, Chinese trionyx and one more, I honestly forgot what it is called. In my head spinning, but I can not remember (old age is not a joy))

In addition to the above, there is also the Ara parrot, a beautiful one, only it is dry on a branch, I did not take a picture of it. I saw a couple of crocodiles, one was Nile, and the other I did not read the name.

Varana saw, iguana, python, skink with a blue tongue, they also cornered 🙂 In principle, I do not regret that I went, it was something to see, although not enough. I want to note the excellent condition of the aquariums themselves.

Basically, it was dominated by banks of liters, probably by 500, or something like that. If you drive past Slavyansk, call in the exhibition, it is until May 5 🙂

I apologize immediately for two things:

1. That after the last post about food for aquarium fish almost 4 days have passed. I was just waiting for a trip to the fish exhibition to post pictures of what I saw there.

Do not be angry at me. It’s just that I fill the blog categories evenly, and the “Little about Me” rubric was my last one, and then I had a good opportunity to write a post and go to the exhibition.

2. While watching the exhibition, I got a fotik that I was able to naklats with him, and then laid out, there are a few photos from the phone. I compressed them all to reduce the size of the file itself and the photo itself.

Why overload the blog, WordPress and so on.

And now a couple of interesting news:

News one: I am starting a promotion for commentators. Its essence is as follows: the author of each 500 comments on my blog will receive a modest reward from me – 150 rubles! The amount is small, but over time it will grow, I promise you

Second news: Soon I plan to hold a competition on the aquarium theme. While I think about the essence of the competition, prizes and other details.

You better subscribe to blog updates so that nothing important is missed.

That’s all for now, here are the photos from the exhibition as promised. As soon as they look, fly on the comments 🙂

Asian snakehead
Turtles collection
Puffer fish

On this I have everything today, subscribe to blog updates, in a day I’ll post an interesting and useful post on the blog. And I look forward to your comments.

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