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How to draw a goldfish with a pencil? Phased instruction

Beautiful drawing – the lot of not only experienced artists who create real masterpieces since childhood. This kind of fine art is quite possible to learn independently at any age. Bright pictures can always please the kids.

In addition, such creations quite claim to be very stylish apartment decoration element. This time we will learn how to draw a goldfish in stages.

The work will be done in pencil. However, you can easily add color and brightness to the picture.

This option is considered the basis for more complex modifications.

The album sheet must be placed in front of you horizontally. The head of a goldfish will initially be drawn in the form of a small oval. He moves to a similar shape already larger.

This will continue to be the body. The tail is symbolic: wide and forked at the end without any additional details. All this will appear later.

With the help of such a blank you can easily draw a golden fish from a fairy tale. After all, the general contours and structure of the body are, in principle, similar.

At this preparatory stage can be considered complete.

How to draw a goldfish surround? Just shade it correctly. It is recommended to do this with the help of a pencil with a solid stylus.

In this case, the sheet of paper does not get stained, and the drawing does not smear and does not lose clarity. But do not choose too hard pencils. They can even break through the paper.

Strokes should be performed without strong pressure, neat and clear. How to draw a goldfish and give it a volume?

Start hatching with your head. Many professionals recommend doing it that way. However, you can easily start hatching from any other part of your design.

First identify the darker parts. Start shading with them. So it will be much more convenient.

Dark areas should be the lower abdomen, the base at the fins and tail, the upper part of the head. Is done.

As a result, you should get a charming goldfish, which is so similar to the real, floating in the aquarium. As you can see, everything turned out to be not so difficult as you might think at first.

Now you know how to draw a goldfish with the most ordinary pencil.

The favorite fairy-tale character of children – a goldfish – is not so easy to portray, but it is quite realistic.

  1. First you need to draw an oval, to which you then draw the upper fin, the mouth of the fish and the lines of the future tail and lower fins.
  2. We depict the mouth and eye of the fish, circle the half of the oval.
  3. Now wavy lines draw the tail, as well as the lower fin.
  4. Do the same with the fin on the back of the fish. To the right of the eye we denote the line of the gills in the form of a bracket.
  5. Add scales in the middle of the oval, draw the lower double fin.

It remains only to decorate our goldfish with felt-tip pens or colored pencils. If desired, you can decorate it with a crown.

How to draw a goldfish :: goldfish pencil drawing :: Drawing

Goldfish are charming and fascinating creatures, magical and beautiful. If we turn to history, we learn that the ancestor of the goldfish known to us was a crucian carp, which was bred in medieval China about 1000 years ago. Then they “sailed” to Portugal, and they got to Russia only 300 years ago.

Since then, goldfish have become the most popular inhabitants of aquariums and ponds. Let’s draw a golden one together today fish.

  • We need pencils, an eraser and a few pencils of different shades of yellow.

1. Draw the body of the fish. Her body is almost regular oval, draw an oval and outline the gills.

2. Smooth lines draw fins and tail. If you do not have in front of the eyes of this goldfish – look at the picture and, for a start, try to copy it.

3. Hatch the fins and tail. Carefully and diligently paint the scales. It is the iridescent scales that give the goldfish charm and beauty.

Note that in the center of the body the scales are larger, towards the sides they become smaller and smaller.

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4. Color the gold fish different shades of yellow.

Start learning to draw with a simple pencil and eraser – such a drawing is always easy to correct and bring to perfection.

Do not hesitate to first copy the pictures that you like. Over time, you will become accustomed to act more freely with pencil – and begin to create your own author drawings.

Drawings! How to draw a GOLD FISH!

We draw GOLD FISH step by step! Goldfish pencil poet




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Learning to draw different fish How to draw a goldfish

Goldfish have luxurious fins and tail. And the body is almost regular oval. First, draw the body, outline the gills.

Doris fins and tail, they are quite wide.

Shade fins and tail. Particular attention is paid to the drawing of scales. They give the fish such a mysterious shine.

In the center of the body, the scales are larger, closer to the sides – smaller. For coloring we select different shades of yellow.

The forefather of a goldfish was a crucian carp. In China, almost a thousand years ago, this new breed of aquarium and pond fish was bred.

In 1611, goldfish were brought to Portugal. These beauties were brought to Russia only three hundred years ago.

Since then, goldfish are one of the most popular aquarium and pond dwellers.

How to draw a goldfish pencil in stages

Goldfish – a picture for coloring

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