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Features of the selection of nicknames for cockerel fish boys and girls

Aquarium enthusiasts often like to call fish funny and unique names. And this is normal, because the fish are the same pets as cats, dogs, parrots and turtles.

Siamese fighting fish – cockerels are very popular. They are unique in color and character.

It is not surprising that the owners come up with names for the cockerel fish of boys and girls.

Aquarium enthusiasts often like to call fish funny and unique names.

For a start it is worth determining what criteria you can use by choosing a name for an aquarium pet. Flight of fantasy is unlimited here, for example:

  • view (Golden, Piranha);
  • pet color (Polosatik, Ryzhik, Scenic, Chernushka, etc.);
  • taste preferences (Glutton);
  • features of character (Bully, Shustrik);
  • unusual or funny sound (Herring under a fur coat, Marcus).

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It is important to consider not only the color, but also the breed of a small pet. After all, perhaps, it is the breed that determines the characteristics of behavior.

So, fighters are chosen by aggressive and brutal nicknames., and goldfish and guppies are cute and tender. Having difficulty in choosing how to call a fish a girl or a boy, you can use the nicknames of other animals, the names of friends or even famous personalities.

For example, you can use the names of popular singers, artists, athletes.

Choosing a nickname for a rooster or a goldfish is no different from inventing a nickname to any pet. The names of songs, cartoon characters, etc. will do.

The Latin name of fighting cockerel is Betta splendens. He is quite unpretentious, beautiful, but aggressive. The pet may even score his female and other males living with him in the same aquarium.

He also has the qualities of a typical labyrinth fish, that is, he breathes air freely. Cockerels were one of the first ornamental fish brought to Europe from Asia.

However, this fighting fish was known in Thailand and Malaysia long before it began to spread throughout the world.

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Fish has received wide distribution due to its luxurious appearance, elegant tail, original behavior and the ability to live in small volumes of water. And it is easy to breed and cross, so today there is such a variety of colors. The males are varied in everything from the color to the shape of the fins.

The wild Betta splendens are ugly. Its external characteristics are:

  • green or brown color;
  • oblong body;
  • small fins.

And he received the title of fighting fish for the fact that the males periodically get involved with each other in fierce battles. These battles often end with the death of one of the participants.

Wild fish are still being bred in Thailand for this purpose, although battles, of course, are being tried not to bring to a tragic denouement.

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The males, represented in the trading network, are nowhere near as fighting as their wild relatives. Of course, their character has not changed, they will still fight to the death. Changed the approach to these fish.

Modern aquarists appreciate them for their beauty, bright colors and fancy fins, and not at all for pugnacious character.

If the neighbors in the aquarium are chosen correctly, the roosters are quite livable. But nevertheless, during the spawning period, the male is extremely aggressive.

He still attacks any fish, especially violently snapping at her when she looks like himself or is simply brightly colored.

If the neighbors in the aquarium are chosen correctly, the roosters are quite livable.

Typically, the cockerels are kept in the aquarium one by one, or they choose companions whom they cannot offend. A male and a female can live together only on the condition that an aquarium of the required size and a female can find shelter in it. The cockerel is good for keeping novice amateurs when they are not able to purchase a large aquarium.

He needs minimal care. And he is unpretentious, has good health, is always on sale, has a huge number of colors. A popular Siamese Cock aquarium can be:

  • monophonic;
  • two-color (when the body is one shade, and the fins – another);
  • hard colored

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If, however, the owner of the aquarium finds it difficult to come up with nicknames for fish, you can use the tables below and pick nicknames for your pets from the suggested list for any letter of the alphabet. Names for cockerels and goldfish may be as follows:

Names for cockerels and goldfish

You can call a boy or girl fish by selecting any of the names suggested in the table:

You can name a boy or girl fish by choosing any of the names

Fish Names by Color:

Choosing names from a table by color

The names of the fish by color. You can call the male fish of the male blue, for example, like this:

Of course, nicknames for the inhabitants of the aquarium is not necessary to select, especially when it comes to a whole flock of completely identical pets. But sometimes the bright charisma of a silent friend manifests itself so clearly that it is simply necessary to designate it by means of additional personification.

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