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Does the fish need light in the aquarium?

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In order to reveal the topic completely, you need to answer one single question for yourself, namely, to decide why you start up an aquarium at home or in the office. As you know, water and observing the life of a fish soothes the human nerves and creates a sense of peace in the soul.

So, if the aquarium is immersed in darkness, it looks not only sad, but also very gloomy. And this applies only to the aesthetic side of this issue.

Of course, in the old days, round aquariums standing in bright rooms were not highlighted and the fish were perfectly visible, but they also did not differ in the special luxury of the existing landscape and diversified species of inhabitants, and from the algae they usually floated only on the surface. These times are long ago in the past and now aquariums are in many cases luxurious pedestals that are part of the interior and of course the question of why light in the aquarium becomes irrelevant.

If there is no light, the algae will not be able to grow and produce oxygen during photosynthesis. In the event that you are the owner of an exotic marine aquarium, in this situation, the lighting is necessary for the growth of corals.

Also, with proper lighting, there is also a slight heating of the water.

Only aquarium with plastic plants can do without lighting. Plastic plants, of course, do not need lighting, but the gloomy aquarium also does not look very comfortable both in the house and in the office.

The main thing is to choose the necessary type of lighting and choose lamps of such a range so that the plants feel comfortable.

The most important thing is to avoid directing light to the bottom because in nature it does not pass through the water and as a consequence, artificial light can harm the plants.

Whether light is needed in an aquarium becomes clear in the course of the above. We conclude from the above that the light in the aquarium is necessary for several reasons.

Firstly, so that you can enjoy the inhabitants of an artificially created island of the river or sea in your home or office.

Secondly, the presence in the aquarium plants also requires a sufficient amount of light for growth and life in the soft red or blue spectrum.

If the aquarium with the relief of the seabed, it is also necessary highlighting.

Aquarium lighting and choice of lamps, which is better to choose?

Duration of aqua illumination and options to facilitate control

If you decide to start an aquarium, then the question inevitably arises before you: what is needed for normal functioning of the aquarium, what minimum equipment should be purchased to make the fish feel comfortable.

Do I need a filter in the aquarium?

Unfortunately, an aquarium is not a closed and self-sufficient system, and the water in it must be constantly cleaned, otherwise it will quickly bloom and become cloudy. Filter – this is one of the most necessary devices for the long-term maintenance of fish.

If you have a small aquarium up to 60 liters, then the best option would be to buy an internal filter, for larger tanks of 200, 300 and even 500 liters, an external filter is simply needed, which has a more elaborate cleaning system and is easy to maintain.

Do I need light in the aquarium?

So, what else besides the filter you need for a home aquarium and should also be purchased in advance. Many experienced fish owners recommend never relying on sunlight or putting a container of water under direct sunlight.

So the water will deteriorate quickly, and its temperature will jump during the day. But the twilight is also not the most favorable conditions for the life of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Therefore, it is simply necessary to purchase a suitable aquarium lamp or lamp that will provide a comfortable environment.

Do I need a compressor in the aquarium?

Finally, the third necessary device in the aquarium is a compressor that provides water saturation with oxygen. Compressors are of two types: internal and external.

External do not occupy space inside the aquarium, but when working they are quite noisy, internal ones are quiet, but they take up a lot of space inside the aquarium.

Do I need a heater in the aquarium?

The decision of this question depends on what types of fish you are going to contain. If this is a thermophilic and capricious tropical species, it is better to get a modern water heater for an aquarium that will maintain a constant water temperature. For more stable fish, you can first bring the water to the required room temperature, which will continue to persist.

What you really need is a thermometer that will show vibrations, and you will not be able to respond to them in time.

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