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Cultivation of cockerel fish in a home aquarium

Breeding cockerel fish is not an easy task. This process is affected by any little things.

Before breeding, it is important to acquire the necessary equipment and be prepared for any non-standard situations in order to get a new healthy generation of cockerels that can be sold to aquarists.

Sellers in the store contain cockerels in inappropriate conditions and do not know the exact age of the fish.

It is better to choose individuals for breeding through breeders. In the pet stores a suitable couple will not work.

Sellers in the store contain cockerels in inappropriate conditions and do not know the exact age of the fish.

For breeding most suitable one year old cockerels. Fishes are ready to breeding already from 6 months.

The reproductive period lasts up to one and a half years.

Breeders can buy fish with interesting colors and propagate them for further sale.

Usually, cockerel fish breed at home quite successfully. It is important to properly organize this process.

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For successful breeding you will need two aquariums. A small aquarium (40 liters) for spawning should have a septum.

After breeding, the fry will have to grow in a large aquarium (per 100 liters).

In addition, you will need:

  • lamp;
  • water heater;
  • ceramic snag;
  • syringe;
  • net;
  • live food for fry;
  • dry or frozen food;
  • filter.

Do not fill the bottom with gravel and sand in a spawning aquarium. Eggs can get lost.

The optimum water temperature is + 27C.

After breeding, the fry will have to grow in a large aquarium (per 100 liters)

A couple of fish begin to cook in 2 weeks. During this period, the diet of fish should consist of live insects (worms, crickets, cockroaches, bloodworms).

Prepared fish should be carefully introduced. For this you can use different aquariums. Each one is placed on one fish and put them side by side.

After such an adaptation closer acquaintance is easier.

You can reduce the ritual by placing the female fish in the aquarium to the male. At first they should be separated by a glass partition. When the male ceases to show signs of aggression and begins to dissolve the fins, to build a nest of bubbles, the partition must be carefully removed.

After this, an interesting process of breeding for cockerels should begin in the aquarium for spawning.

It is better to introduce the female and male of cockerels first in different aquariums placed nearby.

If aggressive behavior does not pass, you can spread a couple for a while, and then try to resume pairing.

To build a nest, the male can add a duckweed, a piste, or another small floating plant to the breeding ground.

Spawning cockerels look like a fancy dance. Fish circling around each other. The male quite intensively touches the female.

When the female gives a certain signal, the male helps her to spawn, twisting it and pressing on the abdomen. After collecting eggs in the nest.

The female is deposited in another aquarium. Future fish remain in the care of the father.

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