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At the matinee need a suit fishes. Help please idea

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Christmas costumes for children: do it yourself

Adults, unfortunately, lose their naive childlike faith in miracle and the ability to dive into a fairy tale or even turn their reality into the fairy tale by the power of their own fantasy.
Adults – yes, but not children! And if on ordinary days they still can allow themselves to doubt something similar, then the time of the New Year holidays does not leave any chance to doubts.
And, by the way, adults also become infected with this general anticipation of a miracle, especially if they take an active part in preparing for the New Year’s children’s holidays. And children (especially girls) are waiting for not only gifts and holidays, but also a New Year’s masquerade, when you can try on yourself the outfit of a fairytale hero, temporarily turn into a princess or a magician, become a limp cowboy or all-powerful Golden Fish. By the way, many images can be realized by making children’s New Year’s costumes with your own hands.

For example, what outfits for girls are able to make mothers and grandmothers?
Malvina costume

If you sew well, you can do the tailoring of a beautiful lush Malvina’s dress, and in addition to it make pantalonchiki with lace trim. However, there is a simpler option that will suit even those moms who do not know how to sew-cut, but they wish to make a costume with their own hands.
So, dress. Almost any elegant dress of pastel shades will be suitable for Malvina’s costume.

But best of all, if it is blue or pink. Option with pantalonchikami for those who do not know how to sew – pants from pajamas of a suitable color.

Simply insert the gum at the bottom of the leg and sew around the edge of a frill of lace or tulle. If you don’t want to mess around with trousers, make a full skirt from the cut of organza, tulle or chiffon, which will be white or the same color as the dress, but will close the legs below the knees. Sew a dress with ruffles of lace or stripes of the same organza, or nylon ribbons.

And, by and large, the main part of the costume, made by hand, is ready.
Hairstyle. If you can buy a finished wig with blue hair – great! This means that another problem has been resolved.

The second option (suitable for a girl with long hair) is to do without a wig, and make a hairstyle from the child’s own hair by winding doll curls. The main accessory of Malvina’s hairstyle is a huge bow-butterfly, which can also be made by hand from satin, nylon, chiffon, organza and attached to the rim.

The same bow is desirable to decorate and a belt on the dress, and place the bow behind.
Footwear. Any white, pink or blue shoes, as well as Czech shoes, which you turn into Malvina dolls with your own hands, if you simply attach to them bows made in the image and look of what Malvina has on her head. That’s all.

Add to the suit white knee-highs or tights and make your Malvine an appropriate makeup – blue eye shadows, ruddy cheeks, pink sponges. Your girl with blue hair is ready to go to a masquerade ball.
Suit Golden Fish

Consider that you already have the Goldfish costume, if the girl’s wardrobe has any elegant dress in yellow, orange or even red. And if there is a golden dress, then the fish will turn out just perfect.

You will have to do only two things with your own hands: a headdress and a cape (cape). By the way, to heighten the effect, the dress of your Golden Fish can be sheathed on the hem of golden Christmas tinsel, and if the style of the dress allows, you can also decorate the bodice and sleeves.

Now cape. In principle, in the presence of a gold dress, the need for a cape disappears.

But if there is such a need, then sew it from any golden fabric. Cape can
make and long (to the floor), and short and lush, like a drape. This element of the costume does not require any special skills from you, and practically any mommy can make it with her own hands.
Headdress. Here you have two options. First, if you go the easy way, then the easiest way to make a crown of wire and gold tinsel.

First, put the tinsel on the wire, and then bend this wire in the form of a crown.
The second way will be more difficult, but the image with its help will be more recognizable. In this case, you have to make your own hands out of cardboard or cotton paper in the form of a fish. To do this, you need to draw two silhouettes (in a mirror image) of some cute cartoon fish and paint them with ordinary gouache, depicting eyes, gills, fins, tail, and, of course, scales.

By the way, the fish needs to be painted in a crown, and its tail can be decorated with golden Christmas rain. Now you need to fold both fish with each other (painted sides out) and glue both parts along the upper contour, making a similarity of a pioneer (or army) field cap out of the fish.

Put on the fish-cap on the baby’s head, fix it with invisible hair and admire the outfit of the Golden Fish, which, by the way, you have made with your own hands.
Red Cap Suit

Let the idea of ​​this costume seem to you to be hackneyed or even outdated and hackneyed, but your child, believe me, has a completely different opinion. For him, everything in this world is new, and the image of Little Red Riding Hood, which appeared in the seventeenth century, is just as relevant for your daughter (granddaughter) as it is for you at her age.

So, especially not bothering, try to make your own costume Red Riding Hood.
The main element of the costume is the red cap (panama, hat, beret). All other details of the costume can also be found in your child’s wardrobe or rented from relatives or friends.

White blouse is available in the wardrobe of any schoolgirl. But not only a blouse, but also a turtleneck or long-sleeved t-shirt will do.

Vest of any dark color (blue, black, maroon, green). Find this element of the costume for you is also not difficult, like almost any lush skirt.

By the way, to complete the image, you can sew lace on the skirt hem, or even sew a petticoat, the edge of which will look out from under the hem of the top.
The apron is the last important detail that you may have to sew with your own hands. And, of course, will complete the suit of the Red Riding Hood wicker basket.

You can put a bunch of artificial flowers in the basket or even put cookies and sweets that Red Riding Hood can treat your friends to.
Bee Costume

Very popular New Year’s costume for girls of any age. Both for babies and schoolgirls, the base of the costume will be a short dark-colored dress or trousers with a turtleneck. Your task is to embroider this costume with yellow stripes of fabric.

As an option – a yellow skirt and a striped T-shirt. Another option – black trousers and a yellow turtleneck, trimmed with black stripes.

By the way, fashionable colors in the style of “Beeline” can be found on knitted gloves or golf. If you have such, or you suddenly acquire them on occasion, they will become
A great addition to the Bee costume. And, by the way, you can tie your own yellow-black striped leggings or mittens for a couple of evenings.
The most difficult thing is to make the wings. To do this you need a strong, but soft wire, for example, aluminum. Fold the wire with the figure eight and fix it in the crosshairs and at the ends.

Then find a suitable translucent fabric (tulle, nylon, organza or even tulle) and cover the wire with this fabric. White nylon pantyhose, for which you need to cut off the leg and cut the upper part of the pantyhose into two parts along the front and rear seam, are also suitable for this purpose.

In extreme cases, the wings can be made even from thin paper.
Completing the New Year’s suit bees bezel with mustache-pompons. It is easy to purchase such headbands in the store or even to make them yourself, attaching the same wire with pompons or with large beads on the ends to the usual rim.

source about DELFI

Snow Maiden

The dress of the Snow Maiden, in spite of today’s popularity of Disney characters, will always be relevant, especially among those who are not enthusiastic about minor roles. In order to make a Snow Maiden’s outfit, you need to get a children’s blue dress that can be easily transformed into a New Year’s outfit: we put snowflakes on it, fringing the bottom of sleeves and the hem with artificial fur or white cloth.
We select a cap in that dress. To the cap you can sew a white braid made of cotton.

If after all you have done, you still have white fur – you get a beautiful muff!

One of the most touching Christmas reincarnations is the image of an angel. What do we need?

Without a doubt, it is worth to stock up on a white cloth, sparkles, feathers, rain, rhinestones, and all that you could not put on a Christmas tree.
The basis of the costume is a white airy dress. Wings for our angel can be bought in any market for a symbolic price.

If you are ready to create wings with your own hands, then you need to cut them from cardboard, thickly spread them with glue and sprinkle them with feathers.
On the head of a little angel is to make a halo. To do this, you can resort to using serpentine twisted wire or rain wire.

The most suitable hairstyle for the angel, of course, will be charming curls.

Peppy – Long Stocking

Does your girl have the opportunity to braid her pigtails? Put on her color sarafan.
You braid two pigtails with ribbons of different colors. On one you can build a bow, and on the second untied a bow (but so that the braid does not spread).
On the face very carefully apply large freckles.
Put on your legs in different colors long, striped stockings, in the hands of a toy monkey.
The image is ready.

Snake costume – symbol of 2013

The upcoming 2013 is the year of the Snake, so at the New Year celebrations the costume of the snake will be the most relevant. We suggest you try to make a snake costume with your own hands.
How to make a snake costume with your own hands – step by step instructions.
(information provided by the site 2mira.rf)
Step 1. Preparing materials. Buy fabric green. For a snake costume, it is better to choose a fabric that stretches – it will be better to sit on the figure.

You will also need: red cloth or felt for the forked snake tongue, yellow or white cloth and black oblong buttons (all this is useful for creating snake eyes). Oblong serpentine pupils and you can just embroider.
Step 2. Perform basic measurements. We take measurements from the future owner of a snake costume.

We need to know: the diameter of the child’s head, the height of the head — from the top of the head to the clavicles, and the height of the child (based on height, we can calculate the length of the serpent’s tail).
Step 3. Getting ready to make out a suit. Fold the fabric in half.
Step 4. Create a pattern: a hat and a tail. Outline on the fabric silhouette of a snake costume.

In fact, we should have a deep hat with a long tail behind. Face window can be cut immediately, but you can leave this work for later.
Step 5. Make a suit. Stitched the head of the suit on the edge – we get a hat. Try on a suit.

If he sits well, you can sew the edges of the serpent’s tail, and then stuff the peaked “sausage” with a padding polyester. The tail of the snake can be left and not sewn (then he will lie on his back like a narrow raincoat).
Step 6. We are finalizing the details. After the main work is done, it remains to modify the details. Cut out the eyes and tongue of the snake from cloth or felt (you can also use fleece).

They are best attached to the costume when it is worn on the child. So you can place the details in their rightful places: the tongue above the baby’s nose, the eyes – above the eyebrows.
Step 7. Decorate the costume. At will the costume of the snake can be decorated with sparkles or it can be made of shiny material.

On the back you can make a chain of black rhombuses (cut black felt into squares) – this will remind you of snake scales.
We advise you to wear a dark leotard that fits the figure (as an option: a black turtleneck and jeans). Then the clothes will not distract attention from the snake’s head and tail.

Suit “Chanterelle”

Suit “Snowflake”

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