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Candy Goldfish

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As often, when presenting a birthday man, we wish him that all wishes come true. If, in addition to the main gift, to present a bouquet of sweets in the form of a fabulous goldfish, then the wishes will come true!

It’s not for nothing that this character from a fairy tale known to all from childhood is associated with fulfilled cherished dreams. In this master class, we will step by step describe how to make a goldfish out of sweets.

Such an odd job will definitely be appreciated.

  • chocolate candies in the form of coins;
  • corrugated paper;
  • organza;
  • Styrofoam;
  • stand (you can use a tray from a flower pot);
  • skewers;
  • glue;
  • tapes;
  • beads.
  1. Cut out from foamed plastic an elongated oval that will serve as the basis for creating small fish. Wrap it in golden corrugated paper. Now attach a skewer (toothpick) to each chocolate coin. When the glue dries, attach the coins to the foam in a staggered manner so that they resemble fish scales.
  2. Wrap the base of the craftwork with blue corrugated paper and glue it to the stand. Make organza two side and one dorsal fins, attach them between the coins. Decorate the fish by making eyes out of beads, and cilia made of thinly sliced ​​paper.
  3. Attach the craft wooden skewers to the base. Make cones from wrapping paper and cuts and decorate them with hand-made articles. From the corrugations and wrapping paper make sea foam, waves, algae and attach the jewelry to the base and the fish. Do not forget about the luxurious lush tail, which is made from cut into thin strips of paper golden brown. Make a goldfish mouth out of red paper. If there are round candy at hand, attach them to skewers, and then stick them into the stand. It remains to decorate an unusual bouquet of sweets twisted in a spiral with thin strips of golden wrapping paper, and a wonderful golden fish is ready!

As the scales of goldfish you can use not only chocolate coins. If you find round candies in a golden wrapper, they can also be used to create this craft.

Only attach them to the base will need to be using hot glue. Other sweets that can decorate the base of the crafts will not be superfluous.

In general, it all depends on your imagination and desire to give a loved one a sea of ​​positive emotions.

Candy can be made and other crafts, gifts, such as shoes.

Creamo Candy – 12pcs.
Golden Lily Coffees – 26pcs.
Candy AVK “Diadema” – 5pcs.
Crepe paper: pink, bright pink, blue, blue.
Organza – white, red.
Grid thin pink, transparent film in the peas.
Gold cardboard A5 format, golden beads, white pebbles.
Polyfoam 2 cm wide.
Skewers, toothpicks.

Foam cut ovals for warp:
22x15cm – 2pcs
19x12cm – 1 pc
15x10cm – 1 pc
Glue the parts together.

Candy AVK “Diadema” fasten on skewers and candy around the wind the received details (should get 2 turns).

For the legs of anemones from polyfoam, cut bars 2x2x10cm – 2pcs, 2x2x15cm – 1pcs. Corners cut and smooth with sandpaper.

In the resulting legs secure three anemone.

From bright pink crepe, cut out 5 parts with the size of 5×6 cm, stretch the top edge, fix the obtained parts with anemones, 3 pieces – on legs and 2 pieces – on skewers.

For a small fish, cut a blank from foam, cut corners and smooth with sandpaper. Cut out of gold cardboard less than half a circle R = 8 cm, on one side make an allowance.

The resulting item folded in half and glue, fasten on the base of the fish.
For the “scales” of candy, make blanks, fastening the tails of candies “Golden Lily” with copper thread:
2 candies – 2pcs
Ring of 6 candies – 2pcs
Ring of 8 candies – 1pc

In the center of the base, at a slight angle, fasten the small fish on the wave, next to fix the white funtik on a small step, decorated with gold beads on copper wire.
On the sides of the fish on the base fasten anemones. On the basis of secure white pebbles.

But what happened with me:

A series of messages “crafts”:
Part 1 – Coffee Tree
Part 2 – Flower and paper art.
Part 98 – Salt Dough Lily
Part 99 – Sculpt from salt dough

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