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What feed crayfish in nature

Crayfish is popular among many people. Some people love to eat it, since such meat is considered delicious. Others like to go fishing.

And some bred arthropods at home. But it turns out, rarely anyone knows what crayfish eat.

Indeed, due to incorrect information, many people think that their main food is carrion and rot, but this is far from the case, because the ration of crayfish is very diverse.

In summer, crayfish feeds on algae and fresh aquatic plants.

Cancer is an invertebrate crustacean of the arthropod class. In nature, there are many species but the most common are only a few:

  • Far Eastern;
  • European;
  • Florida;
  • Cuban;
  • dwarf;
  • Mexican;
  • marble.

Crustaceans are widely distributed throughout the world. The main habitat of their habitats are rivers, ponds and lakes. And in one reservoir usually lives only one species.

Depending on the species in nature, there are crayfish of various colors from green and brown to blue and red.

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But whatever the color, during cooking everyone turns red. Their meat is considered a delicacy all over the world, there is practically no fat in it, but there are a lot of useful substances: calcium, iodine, vitamins of group B and E.

Depending on the sexual characteristics, the amount of food eaten differs significantly. For example, the male eats food 1-2 times a day, and the female once every three days.

But at the same time, a female individual in volumes eats more food than a male. Feeding should be done in the evening., because cancer lives nightlife.

And also it is necessary to follow the feeder, as soon as it becomes empty, you can add new food to it.

More often, giving supplements is not worth it due to the fact that the uneaten food will only clog the aquarium and it will have to be cleaned more often. Otherwise it will affect the lives of pets, so you should monitor the condition of the feeder. And in order to keep the water in the tank clean for as long as possible, it is best to use so-called clean feed, for example, earthworms.

And, of course, we must not forget that food remains should not be in the aquarium for more than two days, otherwise the process of decay will begin.

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90% of the diet of arthropods is plant food, and only 10% is animal protein food. In the wild, food for crayfish includes plants, algae, small invertebrates, phytoplankton, and more.

Crayfish feed in nature in different ways, it all depends on the season and the characteristics of the period. For example, after molting, winter, or during mating, river representatives prefer more satisfying and nutritious foods, such as snails, larvae, worms, tadpoles.

Rarely crayfish get to eat fish and frogs because of its slowness.

It also happens that arthropods have to eat carrion, but this happens extremely rarely. Crayfish have a very large variety in plant food, since everything is used – both the leaves and the rhizomes of various plants, especially since arthropods are looking for food not only in water, but also on land.

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The most active phase of feeding of crayfish falls in the summer, especially before winter itself, since until spring they will have nothing to eat at all.

Breeding crayfish at home is not as difficult as it seems. Just need to know some features of breeding:

  1. Be sure to need a reservoir of clean water. You can buy a swimming pool with a height of no more than seven meters or make an artificial reservoir with your own hands, provided that there is a river or a pond nearby. If there is no natural reservoir nearby, then the construction will cost several times more expensive.
  2. Water temperature in summer should be between 15 and 20 C.
  3. Near the reservoir should be installed two or three containers with water. This is done in order to protect the young growth from extermination by their older comrades. Females should be transplanted to small aquariums for laying eggs.

For breeding crayfish at home you need a reservoir of clean water.

The main thing in the construction of the reservoir to the bottom was waterproof. Experts advise to buy a special tank, which is distinguished by its durability and long service life.

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Today, the breeding of arthropods has become very popular. There are even whole farms on the ponds. Therefore, many wonder what feeds river crayfish at home and how to properly care for it.

Meanwhile, the diet in captivity is significantly different from what they eat in nature.

Under the conditions of the home, crustaceans consume herbs., bread, vegetables, any meat, cereals. But experts advise to carefully monitor the rations of food and feed them in volumes of no more than 3% of their weight.

Otherwise, the crayfish simply will not be able to eat all the food, and it will begin to rot. And this will affect the lives of arthropods, which simply begin to die out. It happens that individual representatives are raised in ordinary small aquariums, and then you can simply purchase special food at the pet store.

But you can not buy, and feed any meat, earthworms, algae or nettles.

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