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What dreams of big snails

The dreamed mollusk is an ambiguous symbol, which is interpreted by experts in different ways. Most dream books warn about a pause in business and problems in life, but there are also positive meanings. Seers advise more time to relax and pay attention to health.

What snails dream about should be characterized on the basis of their appearance and interaction with the dreamer.

The snail usually symbolizes valuable qualities – work and patience, but can also be the embodiment of laziness and empty pastime. To understand the dream, you need to consider many factors and details:

  • size – according to the dream book, a large snail foreshadows the appearance of an influential person;
  • appearance – an elongated shell symbolizes a high-ranking man, and a rounded one – a woman, a spiral shell says about vain alarms;
  • behavior – aggression from the side of the slug foreshadows problems at work, pressure from the authorities;
  • quantity – if the dreamer dreams of many snails with a shell, then this promises wealth and victory under any circumstances;
  • condition – if horns are shown, then to partner’s infidelity;
  • location – can be on the road, the human body, in the aquarium;
  • color – dark color according to Nostradamus means profit.

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Many dream books interpret the appearance of a slug as a source of a bad omen urging one to reflect on fundamental changes in life. This symbol means an alarming environment in which rash decisions should be avoided and steps should be carefully planned.

The snail, almost hidden in the shell, is evidence of self-doubt, the fear of making a decisive step towards victory. The interpretation of a dream in which there is a slug, depends on action, occurring at night in the subconscious:

  1. Kill the clam – you should expect trouble. Participation in a dubious enterprise is possible. And Chinese experts say it means victory over enemies.
  2. Step on the slug – you have to communicate with unpleasant people.
  3. Phlegm covers the creature – such a dream is decoded as a warning. It should be well appreciate the risk of the intended case – performed unfairly, foreshadows a quick punishment.
  4. The mollusk in the house is definitely a positive dream, it brings good news. It is important to remember exactly where the snail was seen. If she met on the threshold, it means a meeting with good friends or old love.
  5. Creeping creation – if it creeps quietly and confidently along the road, then you need to pay attention to the other details. So, if you take a creature in hand, it literally means to catch luck by the tail.
  6. Collect snails and shells – to profit.

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Separately dream books mark mollusks placed in an aquarium. If you observe how they crawl inside the tank, then this means an unconscious error in reality, a movement in the wrong direction.

And if you step on a snail in the water, then you need to prepare for an unpleasant conversation and cooperation with unscrupulous people.

For a girl, a clam on her body in a dream is a warning about a life situation in which the attractiveness of a sleeper is questioned. The British decipher the dream as a sign of replenishment in the family, as slugs are known for their fertility.

If the snail is in the aquarium next to the fish – to an early pregnancy, perhaps unplanned.

For a woman, a snail dreams of an increase in welfare, for a married woman, an increase in the salary of a spouse. And also heralds a speedy journey.

And for a young person means a wedding with a rich man and a happy marriage.

According to the Chinese dream book, if a man dreamed of a slug, then this means poor health. And for young people, dream feng shui promises an unexpected inheritance.

In common people it is believed that snails symbolize the slow pace of business, paper chores. And some identify the creature with the patience and diligence inherent in the dreamer.

And also there is a perception that the snail is a symbol of sin, laziness and carnal desire.

Data ancient maya They say that if a snail dreamed, then you should prepare for a long journey, a journey. Collecting or catching clams – a person has digestive problems, he can be cured by eating his own hair. Universal dream book examines slugs from the positive side.

Dreaming means that all problems are in the past and predicts a cloudless future. A sleeper who sees a mollusk is considered a reasonable person.

Modern dream book for the whole family deciphers a dream where big snails are growing human height, like the appearance of a number of influential person, which will affect the future life. If the clam sits in the shell, then it symbolizes the insecurity and isolation of the person.

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Clairvoyant Wanga indicated that slugs in a dream foreshadow disappointment in loved ones. A negative character can bring trouble and trouble to a sleeper’s life.

And if the mollusk is left without a shell, then the native person can get sick. To kill a snail – from the side of others there will be unfounded accusations.

Dream loft indicates negative traits of a person’s character, such as laziness, unwillingness to develop and move forward. If the clam is in the room, then such a dream indicates a change in the material plane.

The lack of shell means the loss of a profitable deal as a result of a lack of initiative – you can rectify the situation by active actions.

Miss Hasse in his dream book, he indicates that a clam with a house dreams only of happy people and is a positive symbol that reflects inner harmony and tranquility. Dream Longo interprets sleep with a snail as the subconscious desire of the sleeper to acquire a home.

If the slugs are in the grass, then we should expect joyful news and events. And if they crawl along the road, then it’s time to prepare for a secret and unforgettable date.

Spouses Hope and Dmitry Winter – The authors of many psychological books that characterize the dream of a snail as the slow progress of certain projects. This happens because of excessive caution of the sleeper, fears and suspicions do not allow normal development.

Snails in the mouth mean strong emotional experiences, while they are excessively exaggerated – you need to relax and problems will be resolved by themselves.

According to the psychologist Miller, snails in a dream warn about false friends, tenuous relationships will harm matters. If a small clam is on hand, then a friendly acquaintance will not have a promising continuation. A lot of snails under the stone foreshadows an unpleasant conversation, which can not be avoided.

Boil slugs – the situation will be resolved only with the help of non-standard methods.

Famous German psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud in his writings, he identifies a snail with passivity in sexual relations with a partner. If the mollusk crawls through the body, then we can expect bright and unforgettable sensations.

Watching a slug is a manifestation of tenderness on the part of a loved one. Crush a carapace – this factor characterizes a person as rough and unrestrained emotionally.

To dream of a clam dish – lightheadedness, short-sightedness and susceptibility to depression are characteristic of humans.

Despite the fact that the interpretation of such dreams may differ in different dream books, you can always find the one that best suits your life situation, in any case, the subconscious mind warns you of possible events so that you can prepare for them.

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