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Varieties of aquatic and land turtles for home keeping

Often, people have a desire to have an exotic pet in their home, and many opt for turtles. This reptile, being one of the most ancient animals on the planet, has mastered two habitats, and can be found both in the water and on land.

The modern classification divides all species of turtles into marine and terrestrial. The latter, in turn, are divided into land and freshwater. Depending on the habitat water and land animals differ somewhat in their structure:

  1. Marine. They live in the salty waters of the oceans. They have a streamlined body shape and wide pasty limbs. The head of these reptiles is quite large and does not retract under the shell, and it is covered with wide horn plates. The average life expectancy of marine animals is 80 years. Females become sexually mature when they reach the age of thirty. To lay eggs, they return to the place where they themselves once were born.
  2. Overland. These are terrestrial animals, among which there are both small species and giant species, for example, inhabitants of the Galapagos Islands. The weight of individual giant individuals can reach 400 kg. For the most part, terrestrial turtles are animals with high armor and columnar legs covered with scales and shields. Their lifespan can reach 100, and in individual specimens up to 150 years. Land individuals move slowly, and in case of danger they hide in their shell.
  3. Freshwater. This is the most extensive group, among the representatives of which there are both small turtles and medium-sized animals. The shell in most species is low, the limbs are mainly swimming, equipped with membranes. The head of these turtles is flattened and covered with smooth skin. Almost all species are carnivores. Most of them are aquatic creatures that move with equal ease both in water and on land.

Having considered what turtles are, it should be noted that not all varieties of these animals are suitable for home keeping. Thus, marine reptiles in captivity can only be kept in very large pools, and it is rather difficult to create optimal conditions for their life.

At the same time, some freshwater and terrestrial species easily adapt to the conditions of the apartment.

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Before you start a turtle at home, you need to understand what kind of animal is suitable for growing in an apartment. You need to soberly assess your capabilities, since for keeping some species you will need to acquire special equipment and constantly monitor the temperature and humidity indicators in the room where the animal will be kept.

In addition, before buying you need to determine the type of turtle, which is planned to be purchased, since the differences in the content of aquatic and terrestrial animals are quite significant.

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Refers to the species of freshwater turtles. These are animals of medium size, males are much smaller than females. They got their name due to two bright red marks, which are located behind the eyes.

According to the color of the turtle, it is possible to determine its belonging to one or another subspecies, which thirteen red-eared turtles have. The red-eared variety is widespread in North and South America, and also introduced to some European countries, South Africa and Japan.

In Australia, it is considered a pest that destroys a local endemic reptile.

To contain a red-eared turtle in captivity, it is necessary to equip an aquarium with a volume of 150−200 l, one fourth of which must be occupied by land. Water temperature should not fall below + 20 ° C.

At home, these reptiles are fed with river fish and beef liver, as well as with snails and fodder cockroaches. In addition, the diet of the animal must contain plant foods.

It can be both aquatic plants (algae, duckweed), and plantain leaves or dandelion. In the aquarium where the red-headed individual is kept, it is necessary to place a source of calcium, which can serve as a stone acquired at a pet store.

If the hunt turtle is provided with optimal conditions, the duration of its life in captivity can be 45-50 years.

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This is another species of freshwater turtles that are found in Europe, Russia, Asian countries, in the Caucasus and in the Baltic States. These animals live on the Black Continent. Swamp species lives in freshwaters, such as swamps, ponds, slow-moving rivers or lakes.

This species swims and dives perfectly, staying under water for a long time, and getting to the land can cover distances of up to 500 meters.

The marsh turtle is one of the species that is often kept in captivity. In order for such an individual to feel well at home, it needs an aquarium with a volume of up to 200 liters, in which the ratio of water and land will be 1: 1.

The water in the aquarium is changed as it is polluted, and an incandescent lamp is placed above the land to heat the animal. Marsh turtles are quite active and can well climb obstacles, so it is better to close the aquarium with a lid to prevent the turtles from escaping.

Sea and river fish, earthworms, shrimps, and forage insects are used as animal feed. Young turtles willingly eat moth, daphnia and gammarusa. Cabbage leaves, leaf lettuce and chopped carrots are suitable as plant foods.

In captivity the marsh turtle can live 25-30 years.

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Its other name is Far Eastern. This is a freshwater turtle, widespread in Asian countries. Refers to soft-bodied species..

In some regions of China and Japan is divorced on an industrial scale and is used in food. To determine the age of the animal, you need to see what color the turtle is.

In young Far Eastern turtles, the abdominal part of the shell has a bright orange color, which gradually brightens and, in adults, becomes a light yellow color.

Trionix is ​​often kept at home as an exotic pet, although caring for it is rather complicated. They contain these reptiles in aquaterrariums with a volume of 250 liters. The ratio of water and land should be 5: 1.

Thrionyxes need warm water, the temperature of which should not fall below + 35 … + 36 ° C. Also, do not forget that for the normal life of this turtle, the water in the place of its content should be constantly filtered and aerated.

Chlorinated water trionix not tolerate.

Among other things, reptiles need a source of heat, which in the form of an incandescent lamp is installed in the coastal zone of the aquaterrarium. Feeding does not cause difficulties: they, being predators, eat any animal feed.

It must be remembered that these turtles have a rather aggressive nature and sharp plates along the edge of the jaws, therefore, in caring for them, you must follow the basic safety precautions.

The name of this animal was in their habitat, since most often this species is found in Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. This is a land variety, the number of which is constantly decreasing, so the species is listed in the International Red Book.

The growth of the Central Asian reptile occurs throughout its life, which ranges from 10 to 30 years.

Among all species of turtles, wound up as a pet, this species is most popular. For the maintenance it is necessary to equip a spacious enclosure filled with soil (a mixture of soil with sawdust or coconut chips). The layer of soil must be quite large so that the reptile can bury it if desired.

If it is not possible to fill the enclosure with earth, it is necessary to place a shelter for the animal in it.

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