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Soft-bodied Far Eastern tortoise Trionix and its contents

Trionix is ​​a tortoise with very non-standard parameters. People are used to hearing the saying “Slow as a turtle.”

However, it does not work with this animal. If the tortoise gets scared, it will run away very quickly, and it will be difficult to catch up. In addition, it has a flexible shell.

Chinese Trionix is ​​the only representative of soft-bodied turtles that inhabit the Far East.

Trionix runs fast and pulls down the stereotype about the slowness of turtles

The size of these animals, which are kept in the home, usually does not exceed twenty-five centimeters. However, some representatives grow up to forty centimeters.

Adult turtle can weigh about five kilograms. More recently, on the coast of Taiwan, an individual whose weight reached 11 kilograms was caught, and the shell was approximately 50 centimeters in length, but this is extremely rare and is considered an anomaly.

The average weight of the Trionix tortoise is 5 kg, although there are also larger individuals.

The shape of the shell of a Far Eastern tortoise is round, with soft edges. As the animal grows, the shape of the shell changes and becomes elongated.

This feature allows you to determine the age of the trionix. From above, the shell has a green-gray or green-brown shade. It helps to disguise at the depth of the reservoir.

The lower part (abdomen) is often lighter. It may be yellowish, orange or pinkish.

Darker spots may also be present.

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On each foot there are five fingers, on the end of which are sharp and long claws. The shape of the foot is characteristic of waterfowl.

That is, there are membranes on the fingers. The neck is quite long, and if you hold the Trionix by the shell, then the animal can bite, stretching its neck.

At home, it is better not to keep two individuals at once. By its nature, such an animal is a lonely predator, therefore it will not be possible to avoid fighting, and it is possible for them to bite off the limbs.

In Japan and China, turtle meat Trionix is ​​a delicacy. In addition, he is credited with various healing properties. National dishes are prepared from it – tortoise soups, sauce.

No less appreciated and the eggs of these turtles – they are considered very tasty and healthy. In Asian countries, trionix is ​​specially bred to get meat and eggs.

Chinese tortoise trionix – a rather angry kind of reptile. It is a predator that hides in the natural environment in the mud, where it hunts down fish, and then grabs it.

In view of this, nature rewarded her with very strong jaws, which have sharp cutting edges.

It is almost impossible to tame a matured individual, therefore for home keeping it is better to choose very young turtles. However, even this does not guarantee that the turtle will become manual.

Thrionyx are quite aggressive and difficult to tame.

In captivity, such pets live for about twenty-five years. Trionix content is not cheap, so with a limited budget it’s better to give preference to another species of turtles.

Before you buy a pet, be sure to think about where it will live. For a soft-bodied turtle, an aquarium of approximately 250 liters will be needed. In addition, you will need:

  1. Water heater. It is necessary that the temperature is maintained at about 26 degrees.
  2. Highly efficient water filter.
  3. Aerator

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In the absence of filtration, the animal will receive problems with the skin of the shell. When the water is clear, infectious diseases of the fungal and bacterial type will bypass the turtle with a long neck side.

Aeration is also very important for the animal, because part of the oxygen goes into the body of the trionix from the water. Due to this feature, animals are able to stay at the bottom of the reservoir for a long time, hiding and waiting for prey.

They are able to do this for 15 hours.

Trionix can wait prey for up to 15 hours

Far Eastern trionix cannot live in chlorinated water, so before applying it, you should let it stand for at least 24 hours. You can also use immediately purified water.

The ratio of water to land should be about 5: 1. Trionix is ​​a freshwater animal, therefore it needs more water than land.

The optimum temperature of the pet is 22−26 degrees. A very important point in the content of trionix is ​​the purity of the water. If it is contaminated, then the risk of disease in turtles increases significantly, and they have a predisposition to bacterial and fungal diseases.

Therefore, the water should be regularly changed to clean and settle.

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There shouldn’t be any problems with feeding turtles. They eat almost everything. The diet can include:

  1. Different types of meat in pieces, live frogs. Matured turtles are able to eat a small chicken or little mouse.
  2. Earthworms, daphnia, bloodworms.
  3. Insects such as grasshoppers or cockroaches. At the same time it is possible to give both live and dried insects.
  4. Small aquarium fish, snails and even chilled sea fish.
  5. Fruit with vegetables.

Read more: what to feed a domestic turtle.

Adult Trionix can be fed no more than 2-3 times a week.

About once a month, a pet should be given mineral supplements that can be purchased at the pet store. Food can be thrown into the water and on land, still the animal will drag it under water.

When the Far Eastern trionix catches a large fish, the first thing he does is bite off her head and only then eat the rest. Despite the fact that the turtle is relatively inexpensive, feeding it can be quite expensive.

Young turtles should be given food daily. As they get older, the amount of food is reduced, and adults are fed about two or three times a week.

The basis of the pet’s diet is usually fish, such as hake, cod or bullhead.

Insects are great as a delicacy, as well as snails, squids, freshwater shrimps, etc. You can also try to give the animal some greens or cabbage, but some may refuse such delicacy. Others, on the contrary, like food very much.

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With breeding in captivity of difficulties in this species of turtles is not observed. At home, they breed simply superb. Both sexes reach sexual maturity by about the fifth year of life.

The gestation period of the female lasts about two months. After the mating process, the male should be deposited.

Turtle eggs are laid on land, but at the same time it should be close to the water, and there should be enough heat. First, the female pulls out the hole where she places the eggs, and buries it.

After laying eggs, the turtle is no longer interested in the fate of the offspring.

Trionix turtles hatch 2 months after laying eggs

After about sixty days, the baby turtles start crawling out from under the ground. If the temperature is kept hot enough – about 33 degrees, then this period may be halved.

As soon as they crawl out, they immediately make their way to the water. After they are in it, they burrow into the bottom at the bottom.

In one clutch there can be from 20 to 80 cubs.

During the summer, the female is able to make 2–3 egg layings, the interval between which can be from five to six days. The shell of eggs is of a calcareous type and has a white and sometimes a beige or yellowish tint.

Their shape is round, the diameter can be 20–23 mm in diameter, and the weight is about 5 grams.

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