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Proper care of Achatin snails and eggs during reproduction

Snails require care and good care. At the time of reproduction, they lay with several future pupils. And at this time it is necessary to show increased attention.

Snail eggs, like herself, during this period are very fragile, so you need to think in advance about all the nuances of care.

In order to breed Akhatinov, you need to find out all the nuances of their reproduction.

For proper reproduction create certain conditions, it is recommended to prepare them in advance:

  • terrarium volume not less than 15 liters;
  • temperature +27, +28 degrees, a very important condition, since it will be difficult to get pets for other indicators;
  • put wet soil on the bottom. The optimum thickness of the soil – 10 cm;
  • provide calcium during the production of offspring and after the process;
  • clean the terrarium.

When deciding to breed a snail do not stop halfway. It is recommended to study possible problems and how Achatines lay eggs to prepare for future pets.

If fertilization is successful, they will bear eggs for about 6 weeks, form fossa in the soil and hide future offspring in them.

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It is recommended to touch the laying of Achatina eggs with your hands only in case of emergency, for example, when the eggs are not in the fossa, but are laid out on a terrarium. They are harmed by the warmth of their hands.

Achatina lay and false eggs. They can be recognized by their color (translucent) and the absence of the shell.

Balanced nutrition during pregnancy and after laying is very important., since at this time a lot of effort, energy and nutrients is spent. It is advisable to add supplements with vitamins.

There are viviparous Achatina. This species does not lay eggs, and brings newborns by natural childbirth.

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Good and healthy offspring can be obtained only with proper care for the Achatyn snail eggs. With a large clutch, some of the future pets are frozen.

If you throw away the extra, kids can hatch outside the terrarium and die.

Care for pets is easy. But there are a few rules that will help not to get confused:

  • eggs should always be in the ground;
  • control the temperature in the terrarium;
  • constant soil moisture is recommended;
  • when moving eggs to another house, they should be taken with a spoon along with the ground, transferred and covered with moist soil;
  • do not wait for offspring from the whole clutch;
  • After the postponement, about a month must pass before the babies hatch.

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Large individuals take care of their offspring themselves, they should not be disturbed. It is recommended to watch them, and when they reach puberty, put them in a separate house.

If this is not done, the Achatines will continue to multiply.
After the offspring hatch, newborns begin to crawl out of the ground. It happens in a few days.

They eat their shells and go exploring the world. Careful attitude to the sink kids, in the first days of life it is easy to damage.

The Achatin snail continues to multiply after several months of mating. He is thinking about the continuation of the species even with already laid laying and even without a partner.

It happens that all the conditions for reproduction are fulfilled, the terrarium is prepared, the snail is full of strength and ready for pregnancy, but there is no offspring. In this case, check the following nuances:

  1. Reception by individuals of the high-grade and balanced food. The presence of additional feeding.
  2. One reason may be a small thickness of the soil, for example, only 5 cm. In this case, the snail has nowhere to lay eggs.
  3. Clean land. If the ground is contaminated, Achatina will not be able to multiply in it.

In addition, it is important to consider where to distribute future offspring. You can not breed snails without a specific goal. Experts advise in advance to decide what is being diluted.

Many make it for sale or as a gift to friends and relatives.

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For good offspring need patience, care and attention. It is recommended to learn how to care for Ahatin eggs. The following nuances are important:

  1. A large number of nutrients leave the female future offspring. Akhatin badly grows, the shell cracks. Therefore, you should not torment your pet if there is no need for breeding.
  2. Do not mate snails in a kinship or those with poor health. Future offspring will work with deviations.

If there is no need for breeding, you do not need to torture your pet, since laying eggs takes a lot of nutrients from the female.

There are no Ahatin divisions into males and females. Mating takes place with the help of the penis located on the neck.

The bright spot in this place indicates that the individual is ready for fertilization. Snails are considered mature at about 8 months of age.

Ahatins themselves determine who will bear the offspring. Usually a hardy, healthy and large snail is chosen for this role.

In rare cases, both mated pets produce offspring.

Breeding snails is a pleasant and troublesome process. Everything does not always go well, but with increased attention and care for Akhatin eggs, one can expect quality offspring.

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