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Land snail species: rare species

Among pets there are not only cats and dogs. The various inhabitants of terrariums are becoming more and more popular.

But lizards and snakes are difficult to care for, and they are expensive. Therefore, novice terrarium players better to start different types of snails.

They are beautiful, unusual and do not require special care. Such pets do not cause allergies and do not bite.

There are several types of land snails, which include, among others, predatory African and New Zealand snails

There are many varieties of snails. They can live on land and in water.

Their size is completely different: from tiny to large. The most famous representative is the snail.

It got its name from the love of eating the leaves of the vine.

Snails are molluscs and invertebrates. They look like slugs, but they have a sink.

It protects the fragile internal organs of the gastropods. In the body of the cochlea there are the following parts:

  • leg;
  • head;
  • mantle fold with an inner bag.

The epithelium of the foot produces a large amount of mucus. Due to her clam easily moves on the surface. Small individuals move at the expense of cilia, and large individuals at the expense of reducing the legs.

They live in deciduous forests and ravines with shrubs. Their favorite medium is limestone soil with alkaline medium.

Large populations of mollusks are found not only in forests, but also near cities. They are common in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

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Land snail species are suitable for keeping at home. The largest group is the Achatines.

A curious and agile view – Achatina reticulum – reaches a diameter of 20 cm in shell. She actively studies the situation and constantly raises her head, as if looking around. The head and neck are black or brown.

The shell is light, covered with dots or stripes of a dark shade. Differs in rapid growth.

The most famous variety is Ahatina fulika. Phlegmatic creation. Reaches the size of 20 cm.

The shell is brown, red or black. The body is dark in color.

In captivity lives up to six years.

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Immakulata different varied color. A rim of purple or pinkish color is visible along the shell.

Characteristic band visible on head and neck. Albiopic like a reticulum, but has a smaller size (16 cm long).

The rim is white or yellowish, the tip of the shell is pinkish. Differs special gluttony.

Snails are viviparous. Iradeli brings live cubs (the rest of the species lay eggs). Her shell is yellow.

Therefore, these snails are called “lemon”. They differ in small size (5−7 cm).

Rare species of domestic snails are not so numerous. Besides the fact that they are difficult to buy, it is difficult for them to create suitable conditions for maintenance. Afmidromusy – very colorful creatures.

But demanding and capricious. Their shell colors vary:

  • white;
  • yellow;
  • light with dark stripes.

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The average size is 4 cm. It is difficult to tolerate acclimatization and transportation, therefore it is difficult to meet them in Russia.

Eat moss, lichen, fruit.

Megalobulimus oblongus is an unusual representative of the species. The body is jelly-like, flat; the leg resembles a “lepheshechku.”

It weakly sticks to the surface, emits little mucus, does not hide in a shell when there is danger from outside. The shell is rounded, small, reaches 15 cm. Color depends on the subspecies.

Once a year there is a molt – slipping of a film from a shell. Over the years, it fades and turns white.

Karakolus Sagemon is distinguished by the unusual shape of a shell. It is small in size (reaches a length of 7 cm), similar in shape to a saucer.

Shell color is dark brown with spiral lines. It is better to plant these wood snails in flocks.

In the terrarium should be different snags.

The African giant snail Achatina lives in tropical and subtropical countries

Small snails help clean the aquarium. Ampulyarii are unpretentious, grow up to 15 cm and are distinguished by a white body and a yellowish shell.

They must leave airspace. The aquarium is covered with a lid, as the small snails crawl quickly out of the tank.

Another common type is coil. The individuals are small, reach a length of 3 cm and are very fertile. Very tenacious, able to survive even dirty water.

A distinctive feature is a spirally twisted dark shell. Sometimes get into the aquarium with plants (eggs attached to the leaves).

Feed on the remnants of food and algae.

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