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How to feed a domestic turtle: feeding on predatory and herbivorous animals

Cute turtles attract the attention of lovers of exotic animals. To grow a beautiful, healthy pet, it is important to provide proper nutrition and good care. Not everyone knows how to feed a turtle, so it is advisable to study this issue in advance.

After all, defective food can harm not only well-being and reproduction, but also lead to the death of a pet.

Don’t treat all turtles equally. To feed exotic animals is recommended according to the type:

  1. Herbivores. Such turtles in nature feed on fruits, plants and vegetables, in rare cases – lean meat.
  2. Predatory. Prefer fish dishes and vegetation.
  3. Omnivores. The daily ration is divided equally into protein and vegetable products.

An important condition for the well-being of an animal is considered to be a properly formulated diet. If you choose the wrong foods, there will be diseases of the digestive system.

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Herbivorous are terrestrial, Mediterranean and Central Asian turtles. At home, they feed on plant foods.

The basis of the daily menu (80%) is cabbage and salad leaves, various herbs and dandelion greens.

A small portion (15%) of the diet – cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, fresh and boiled carrots. The remaining 5% are bananas, berries, juicy pears and apples.

Once every seven days, be sure to give the egg in a well-cooked form. Snails, slugs and large insects are added monthly.. It is recommended to supplement the diet with the following products:

  • mushrooms;
  • peas, sorrel, timothy grass, grass from the lawn, thistle leaves, clover, germinated oats, coltsfoot and veronica;
  • tangerines, apricots, oranges, mangoes, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries;
  • sweet peppers, onions and carrots, squash, horseradish, artichoke, legumes and beets;
  • bran, raw sunflower seeds, dry yeast and sea kale.

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For a variety of nutritional experts advise the use of feed for land breeds. They are offered by manufacturers along with various vitamin supplements.

The basis of the daily ration of predatory turtles is aquatic, red-eared and marsh – include lean river and sea fish (hake, cod, pollock, and navaga). As well as chicken and beef liver in fresh or boiled form.

Once a week, a fish with a crushed ridge is added to the menu. Young turtles are advised to chop it into small pieces.

In addition to the main food, predators are fed with plants, juicy fruits and fresh vegetables. As an addition to the main menu, the following applies:

  • raw seafood (shellfish, shrimp, oysters, tentacles of mussels and octopus, squid);
  • frogs, crabs, feeding mice, and lab rats;
  • snails, prudoviki, coils and ampoules;
  • insects (beetles, cockroaches, bloodworms, woodlice, ducts, flour and earthworms).

There are products that are strictly forbidden to feed a predatory animal. It is recommended to closely monitor the hit to him:

  • of bread;
  • sausages;
  • pate;
  • greasy beef;
  • pork;
  • dairy and dairy products;
  • lamb;
  • cheese

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The use of special feed well affects the well-being of the pet. The developers offer them in the form of granules, tablets, capsules, sticks, as well as loose and flaky.

Turtles with a varied diet – red-eared, marsh and red-legged. The basis of the daily pet menu is special mice, rats, frogs, slugs, snails and insects.

The second half of the ration is food in the form of plants, vegetables and regular fruits.

Aquatic omnivorous turtles love fish and seafood. The second half of the menu are algae and other non-poisonous plants.

Peak turtle activity occurs during the daytime. During these hours you can feed them.

If you give food in the evening, then certainly 3 hours before bedtime.

Domestic turtles do without food for two days, but a regular healthy diet is recommended for a healthy pet. Having got hungry, an exotic animal, actively inspects the bottom of the dwelling in search of food.

It is important not to miss these signs and feed the turtle in time.

If the pet for a long period refuses to feed itself, it is recommended to consult with a specialist. An appetite is lost in a pet who has not yet succeeded in adapting to new conditions.

It happens that the animal requires a change of diet, In this case, a quick transfer to another food is not allowed. Proper replacement takes place within 14 days.

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If two or more turtles of different ages live in the same aquarium, it is necessary to control the time of eating. Every animal should get the rate of the right foods.

Adult terrestrial individuals require one meal, and young – two meals. It is recommended to unload it once every 10 days.

For proper eating a turtle is trained to eat from tweezers.

At home, feeding water turtles is recommended by adding food to the aquarium. At the same time control the amount to avoid clogging the home.

Many cook food at home, well grinding the set of products in a blender or meat grinder. Store the prepared mixture in the refrigerator, heating the required amount to room temperature.

Be sure to carefully study the composition of the finished diet for the turtle, as a large amount of fish meal, dyes and preservatives harm the pet.

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