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How to determine the sex of the aquatic red-eared turtle

The historical homeland of the red-eared tortoise is the USA and Central America, therefore animals are often called American. In nature, the red-eared turtle has a long lifespan. Before you buy an animal, you should learn how to properly maintain it, how to determine the sex of the red-eared turtle in case reproduction is planned, and to clarify the diet.

When starting a pet at home, it is necessary to create quality conditions for it that will be similar to living in nature.

Snowy turtles are from the USA

The terrapin needs not only water, but also land. In the terrarium should be warm. Home care for animals is easy, you must follow simple rules.

For a beginner, it is better to purchase a yellow-bellied breed. In winter, the reptile does not hibernate.

Most of the time the reptile is in the water, so you need to be careful to keep the water clean and at the required temperature. What you need to know before buying:

  1. Turtles are active animals, sometimes showing aggression.
  2. When a small turtle is bought, its diameter is not more than 2 cm. But it is necessary to take into account that over time its size will reach more than the human palm, therefore the aquarium for the animal must be the right size.

The red-eared turtle lives in captivity for more than 30 years, so it will require careful and serious care. Before buying, you need to think about whether an animal is necessary.

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In the case of a red-eared turtle, a red stripe, which is located on the neck, is considered to be a distinctive feature. If the turtle is young, then it is a bright color. The shell is round and smooth, its color is black with yellow and green divorces.

The older the animal, the darker the shell. The length of the shell:

  1. It is not an indicator of age, because at home, with good care, the turtle quickly reaches a large size.
  2. In nature, the size of the shell depends on the circumstances of residence, health and features of care.

The young turtle stripe on the neck is bright

The temperature of the water in the terrarium should be maintained depending on the age of the animal and the time of year. In summer and autumn, the temperature of the liquid should be as warm as possible.

If the turtle is young, the water should always be the optimum temperature.

When the turtle is small, food is especially important for it. The diet should consist of plant foods.

When the size of the reptile reaches 10 cm, it is necessary to gradually add animal food. Closer to old age, only vegetable food should remain on the menu.

The diet of small turtles should be vegetable

When the turtle is small, the size of the aquatic reptile is determined using a ruler. To determine the length, you need to measure the shell, but it does not take into account its irregularities.

When a turtle is just born, it reaches a length of 3 cm. In the middle of the life cycle, its size is 22 cm.

Life expectancy and maximum size depend on the quality of accommodation. The better care of the reptile, the larger it reaches. Lifespan:

  1. All turtles live in different ways, but with good care at home, the age is 30 years.
  2. In the wild, turtles usually do not live to be 20 years old.
  3. Domestic turtles are usually larger than wild individuals.
  4. How large a turtle will reach and how long it will live depends on the quality of care and effort of the host.

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The terrapin is an aggressive animal that does not have a friendly character. And if there are two turtles in one terrarium, then, most likely, they will not get along together. Between them there will be constant fights, especially this behavior is noticeable in adulthood.

Experts recommend keeping turtles separate from each other. If there is no possibility to put two aquariums next to each other, then a transparent partition is placed in the same container so that the animals could not harm each other during the brawl. How to breed reptiles:

  1. In one terrarium you need to contain turtles of about the same age.
  2. Their size should also be the same.
  3. If there are several reptiles in one aquarium, then there should be only one male among them.

If a snake, a toad, a lizard or a frog is added to the reptile, the tortoise will perceive them as food.

If the reptile is young, then its floor is very difficult to establish. Mature age comes after 8 or 9 years after birth.

It is at this age that one can say with certainty what sex a reptile is. Usually, experts distinguish the male and the female according to external signs; they are present in every reptile representative. Special differences in gender:

  1. The color of the shell.
  2. By its size.
  3. According to the shade of the nose.
  4. According to the location of the flesh.
  5. By the size and appearance of the tail.
  6. On the head.

If you look at all the signs in detail, then it will be easy to determine the sex of the animal.

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On the hind limbs, their length is small, but in the male they are sharper and longer. Boys need long claws to gain a foothold on the female’s shell during mating.

But this method of determining sex is unreliable, because the claws of young reptiles are not fully formed. And an adult animal can grind them on a strong ground. Males have protrusions on their paws, and small scales can be found on the hind limbs.

You can determine the floor of the turtle by the lower abdominal part of the shell. In boys, it is concave, and in girls, it is straight. Differences in shell:

  1. In males, it is long, in the back near the tail forms the letter V.
  2. And in females it is rounded and larger.
  3. The armor is adapted for carrying offspring. The females at the end of the “house” have special holes that are needed for laying eggs.

Read more: how red-eared turtles mate.

The shell of females more direct

You can distinguish the sex of a red-eared turtle by size. As a rule, males are smaller than females. Exceptions are some species.

And the difference is the color of the plastron, that is, the lower part of the shell. For boys, it is blue.

Cloaca and tail – the most reliable way to distinguish the sex of a turtle.

  1. In females, the outgrowth in the rear part of the body is more oblong, and the tip and base are wide.
  2. The cloaca of the female is located closer to the beginning of the tail and somewhat resembles an asterisk.
  3. The anal opening is wide, so that you can lay eggs.
  4. The cloaca in the male is similar to the longitudinal line, it is located behind the end of the process.

Females usually have a more relaxed disposition, they are less agile, friendly. And the males are more aggressive.

When the breeding season comes, the males attract the attention of the females, nibbling their necks, and nod. Male behavior in mating games:

  1. They can squeak to attract females.
  2. Some females make sounds during mating.

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There are other methods to distinguish the female from the male red-eared turtle. For example, this can be done on the iris of the eye – different-sex individuals have different eye color. The females have a yellow nose.

In males, it is pointed and small. In the male, the head is usually larger, and the red stripe is brighter.

During reproduction, it acquires a rich scarlet color. In females, the color of the head is more pale, and the red stripe is not so prominent.

A rare method to find out the sex – a blood test and radiography. This technique cannot be used until the age of seven, because the testes have not yet matured in males, and the ovaries in females.

A blood test will not help to know the floor of a turtle while she is under seven

  1. When the age of puberty is reached, the gender can be understood from the reptilian blood test.
  2. There is also a method for determining gender using ultrasound.

Particularly visible differences when compared to several animals. Sometimes the individual signs of several individuals are similar, so it is best to check the sex at once for all factors.

If the animal has the wrong living conditions, then the reptile may experience hormonal failure. Then only an experienced veterinarian can establish the sex of the animal.

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