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How to care for a land turtle at home

As is known, the usual land turtle is in the Red Book. Therefore, if it is decided to start such a four-legged friend, then the case must be approached responsibly. Before you buy a pet, you need to learn how to care for your turtle correctly, so that later she will not have any health problems.

Being the owner of such an animal is prestigious and interesting.

When it comes to turtles, they all represent common land Central Asians. But in fact, there are more than 37 varieties of representatives of this family.

Most of the animals are native to Africa.

The most common species of turtles in Russia is Central Asian.

The most common types of turtles, which often get turned up as pets:

  1. Mediterranean tortoise. It is small, its diameter usually does not exceed 28 cm. The shell is convex, the rings located on it form an uneven pattern in the form of ovals. Basically, this species feeds on vegetation, but can also feed on earthworms or snails. Caring for a turtle at home is not so difficult: experts do not recommend taking too young individuals for home breeding, because they rarely survive in this case. It is right to buy an already mature, formed turtle, then it will delight its owner for many years.
  2. Red-legged coal turtle. Its largest size is 55 cm. For its maintenance, a small terrarium will be needed, at the bottom of which lies sand. And also she will need a container with water in which the animal will swim with pleasure. Home turtle care is simple: Central Asian eats various vegetables and fruits, beef or turkey meat. The animal needs when kept at home in high air temperature (at least 28 C) and high humidity.
  3. Leopard look. Its size does not exceed 60 cm in length. It has a shell of a light shade on which dark accurate spots of small diameter are located. If the turtle is kept at home, then its food should consist only of soft lawn grass. She is forbidden to give vegetables and fruits. In the terrarium must be located capacity for swimming and a lamp for heating the air.

Leopard species – the second largest species from Africa

  • Radiant variety. This breed belongs to the most attractive type of turtles. Its size is up to 40 cm in length, it has a high, domed shell. The picture is dark brown or dark in color; inside the oval there is a spot of light shade, from which “rays” diverge towards the outer edges of the pattern. Animals eat sprouts or greens.
  • Central Asian breed. This type of animal is most common in Russia as a pet. It has a high oval shell, on which dark spots are located. On average, their length is 20 cm, and males are smaller than females. Under natural living conditions, such a breed 2 times in 12 months goes into hibernation. But at home content it is better not to allow it. If the animal has enough food and the air temperature does not fall below 28 C, then the turtle will not go into hibernation.
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    If the turtle is kept at home, then its care should be approached very carefully. Some owners allow the tortoise to crawl freely throughout the dwelling, but this is wrong. It is dangerous to the health of the Central Asian land.

    The owner may not notice the animal under their feet and inadvertently step on it, so the tortoise may be injured. Or the animal will crawl into a far corner, inhale dust, which will have a negative effect on the lungs.

    Turtles need care and care

    Turtles do not respond when their owners are called, so there is a danger of not finding a pet in time, then he will be hungry for a long time. While on the floor, the tortoise may catch a cold due to drafts, which are often, especially in the winter season.

    In order to avoid problems with the maintenance of a pet, he needs to buy a house called a terrarium. To pet was not closely, you must choose a size that the turtle in it quietly moved.

    Gravel, pressed sawdust, straw or sand are commonly used as substrates; a layer of at least 8 cm is made. In the living environment, Central Asians live in a hot climate, therefore the temperature in the terrarium should not fall below 26 C. Turtles like to bathe, therefore there should be a shallow container with warm water for swimming in the house.

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    Animals prefer warm, quiet and dark corners for sleep, so they need shelter.. Where to keep the house correctly and how to make it:

    1. Caring for a land turtle at home involves the construction of a house where the animal can rest and sleep. To build a house, it does not take much time and effort. It is enough to take a flower pot, make a hole in it, turn it upside down.
    2. If at home there is a small wooden box, then it can also be used as a shelter for the turtle.
    3. If there are no suitable materials at hand, then a piece of thick cardboard is folded in half.

    As a house for a turtle, you can use cardboard

  • Shelter is placed in a dark corner, where there are no drafts and bright sunlight.
  • Materials for the manufacture of the house are chosen washable, because the animals will have to maintain constant monitoring of cleanliness.

    In the terrarium should be a lamp no more than 60 watts. It is necessary not only to illuminate the terrarium, but also to warm the air. Once every 6 months the lamp changes, even if it is not blown.

    If you do not put a lamp in the aquarium, then it threatens serious problems with the pet’s health.

    For the maintenance of turtles it is necessary to use lamps no more than 60 W

    An ultraviolet lamp is necessary when caring for turtles at home, because it is from ultraviolet that calcium is formed in the body, which is subsequently used by the body of Central Asia to “build” a strong shell. An ordinary lamp is placed so that there is always warm air in the terrarium.

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    Care and maintenance must be correct for the animal to always be healthy and feel good. Dwelling and feeding must be properly selected so that the pet has the right lifestyle. Rules for the care of animals:

    1. It is important to make a proper diet, because all turtles eat differently.
    2. It is recommended to bathe the animal in warm water at least once every 2 weeks. Central Asians are very fond of, besides, the procedure improves intestinal motility and increases immunity.

    Central Asian turtles are very fond of water

  • Claw care – when the turtle lives at home, it does not have the ability to grind the claws, as in nature. Therefore, as they grow, they are cut off with a special kogterezkoy.
  • Walking in the fresh air is an important procedure in the care. This is useful for turtles, especially in warm sunny weather. But at the same time the animals need to constantly monitor, because the turtle can quickly hide in the grass.
  • At home, just like in nature, the main menu of Central Asia is vegetable food: grass, vegetables, berries or fruits. And it is better if everyday meals include balanced mixes. Food is laid out on a small flat dish so that the turtle is comfortable to capture it.

    Fruits and vegetables in the summer can be varied with sorrel, dandelion, pea leaves and other greens.

    The main diet of turtles – grass

    In addition to the main menu, meals should include:

    1. Mineral supplements: glycerol phosphate, bone meal, egg shell or carbonate. Dosing is calculated depending on the size of the animal: 100 gr. per 1 kg of pet weight.
    2. From vitamins of the Central Asian breed will need B12, D3, A.
    3. It is forbidden to give oil types of vitamins and D2.
    4. If the diet is properly prepared, then the pet will receive all the other necessary vitamins from the main menu.

    Read more: what to feed a domestic turtle.

    It is possible to say with accuracy what sex the tortoise has, only after the onset of the maturity period. Animals differ in several signs, the difference lies in claws, shell, tail, dimensions of Central Asian and eye color.

    In males claws are thicker and sharp. In nature, it is provided that the male is firmly fixed during mating.

    In females, claws are less long and blunt at the ends.

    The main way to determine the sex of a turtle is to inspect the shell.

    Experts distinguish the floor of a turtle on the shell. In boys, the shape is oblong, and in girls it is round.

    In males, the lower part, which is called the plastron, has a concave shape. And on the thighs there are spurs, which are provided by nature so that the male keeps on the female during mating.

    The tail of the land breed is of particular importance – it is the sexual organ. In boys, the tail is of a wider shape and longer, and in girls it is thin and small.

    You can determine the sex and the size of the animal. The female is larger because she bears offspring.

    If there are several turtles in the terrarium, the difference in size is very noticeable. The clearest sign of how gender can be determined is eye color.

    In girls, they are yellow, and in boys – brown.

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    In turtles, like any other animals, there are diseases to which they are most susceptible. In order for the pet not to get sick, it is necessary for him to ensure the correct lifestyle and diet. The most frequent diseases are as follows:

    1. Eye swelling, increased tearfulness or sticking. These signs indicate that the pet’s body lacks vitamin A. If this disease is noted, then the eyes are flushed with chamomile extract and Drops of Sofrodex or Albucidum are buried. Well help to cope with the disease injections of multivitamin preparations.
    2. Rickets. If the Central Asian breed does not have enough vitamin D3 and ultraviolet, then softening begins, and then the deformation of the shell. If the early stage of the disease, it is necessary to install an ultraviolet lamp in the terrarium. If the disease has passed into a progressive stage, then it will be necessary to take the pet to the veterinary clinic, where he will be given a calcium drug. But the curvature of the shell can not be corrected.

    With a lack of vitamins turtle can get sick

  • Infection with parasites. If worms are found in Central Asia, the medical drug Albendazole will help get rid of them.
  • Pneumonia or colds. The disease is expressed by a runny nose, difficulty breathing. The mucous membranes acquire a pale shade, white scurf appears, foam, saliva becomes viscous. They fight disease with antibiotics.
  • Animals have excellent hearing, can distinguish low-frequency tones. They also have sharp eyesight. All around see color.

    Red-eared aquatic turtles have a well-developed sense of smell and scent. They see not only above the water, but also under it. Nerve endings are on the shell.

    They have a good sense of touch – pets distinguish the taste of food. The aquifer cannot stay under water for a long time, because it does not have gills.

    To gain air, a turtle floats above the water.

    Snowy turtles have a wonderful sense of smell and smell.

    In nature, life expectancy does not exceed 30 years. At home, with proper care, pets can live up to 50 years.

    At home, pet growth is faster because they are provided with high-quality food and comfortable living conditions. To determine the approximate age of the animal, you need to look at its size and count the number of circles on the shell.

    For 12 months 3 rings are formed.

    But according to the number of circles, it is impossible to determine exactly how old the reptiles are, because their growth depends on the quality of life, nutrition and the period of hibernation. The older the animal, the paler the color of the rings and the smoother the shell.

    Juveniles have brighter colors.

    The tortoise as a pet is a very interesting animal. But when it is maintained, it is necessary to follow the simple rules of feeding, providing medical care and maintaining cleanliness in the terrarium, then the pet will please its owner for a long time.

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