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Florida Blue Cancer: content, breeding and phography

Dear colleagues! The topic of today’s article will be a conversation about the content of floristkogo blue cancer. In nature, blue cancer is found in quiet waters of North America.

It is mainly found in slow-flowing rivers and streams, as well as in lakes and marshes in the state of Florida.

In nature, the main color of the shell of Florida cancer is brown, and the blue color that aquarists love is the result of hybridization. The second half of the carapace is covered with dark blue spots. The first blue specimen was bred on the territory of America, but a little later, when the technology of breeding was mastered, they started breeding cancer in other countries.

Today, the animal is famous for its saturated blue color with purple tint. After reaching the young three-centimeter mark, sexual dimorphism becomes visible. In males, claws are wider and longer.

The abdomen in males is elongated and high, unlike females. In addition, on the inner side of the abdomen, the male has a copulatory organ, gonopodium, due to which it performs the fertilization of the calf. The maximum size of a male can reach 8 centimeters in length, and females up to 10 centimeters.

However, given their large size, females look very elegant.

Blue cancer is known for its aggressiveness. Shows activity at night, and day hides in some shelter.

In addition to the aquarium soil, the bottom of the reservoir should be supplied with a large number of ceramic pots and tubes, as well as interlacing of yarns, where the crayfish will arrange holes for themselves. To secure live aquarium plants, they can be planted in pots and diluted with artificial ones.

Since crayfish dig their burrows, the hydrophyte root system suffers very often.

For one adult pair of crayfish, an aquarium of 100 liters or more is required. Since the males are very territorial boys, it is better not to keep several representatives of the male sex in one tank. Thus you prevent the occurrence of regular fights and infliction of quite serious damage in animals.

It is very important to provide shelter to the crayfish during molting, as cannibalism is not uncommon during this process. If you want to keep Florida crayfish with fish in the same tank, it should not be small.

Despite the fact that these crayfish do not particularly touch the fish, with the onset of night, they can still eat the neon or rhodostomus, which has inadvertently fallen asleep at the bottom. For the joint content is best to use large and calm fish that are kept in the middle and upper layers of water (various types of gourami: marble, pearl, gold, chocolate).

Parameters of aquarium water for content:

  • water temperature: 20-25 degrees;
  • rigidity; 10-25 dH;
  • active reaction environment: 6.5-8.0.

If the hardness of the water is in the above limit, then the carapace of the crayfish will have a bright and saturated color. In addition, do not forget to organize a good aeration and filtration of the aquarium with weekly water changes in the amount of 30% of the volume.

As a rule, in aquarium conditions, blue crayfish feed on organic remains that accumulate at the bottom. Fish are random victims.

If aqua has live plants, they can be eaten shortly. To prevent such things from happening, it is best to add food of plant and animal origin to the diet of animals.

These can be shrimps, tube maker, meat or fish, clams, frozen vegetables and pellets for fish.

Very often, Florida crayfish are carriers of cysts of various parasites, which for a very long time are in a state of hibernation and develop in the gills of fish in certain conditions. If the parasite began to develop in the gill apparatus, this leads to difficulty breathing and death. Fish and crayfish are infected with parasites during breathing, when small white worms enter the gills when inhaling.

If you find white worms in aqua, then you need to do the following: put the crayfish in water and salt it, considering the proportion of 30-45 grams of salt per 1 liter of water. Rinse the aqua thoroughly and calcine the soil in the oven.

Large-scale aquariums, which are difficult to disinfect as they should be, should be filled with a decoction of green tea with almond leaves or bark of thought. In these solution a large amount of tannins that destroy the power source for the parasite.

Three weeks later, the parasites croak. While the aquarium will be disinfected, the crayfish must be kept in another tank.

The decoction should be light yellow and should be poured in the following proportions: a liter of broth per 20 liters of water.

Florida maids become sexually mature at the age of two years. Spawning takes place both in general and in a separate tank.

For about a month, the female bears several hundred eggs under her belly, of which no more than 50 will survive. If you suddenly notice that the female will try to get out of the aquarium, clinging to the aquarium equipment, this indicates a lack of oxygen, which in the future will negatively affect the young.

For the year, the female can carry caviar up to 4 times.

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