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Content and reproduction of snail neretina

In aquariums they contain not only different fish, but also, for example, snails that look attractive, also perform the functions of a cleaner. They purify water from algae and food residues.

The snails of neretin are distinguished by a special peacefulness towards other inhabitants of the aquarium, so they can share it with almost all species. Individuals are of different color and size.

Like all snails, neretina belong to the class of gastropods and the type of mollusks. The leg and body of the individuals are oval-shaped, the mouth is round, the eyes are located on small irregularities, the antennae are filiform.

The size of the snail depends on the type, on average, it does not exceed 2.5 cm. The body is gray, the mantle is black.

The shell takes the form of a drop, massive. The operculum grows from one side.

Shells are decorated with different patterns or small protrusions.

You can not find two individuals with the same pattern. This species of mollusks does not belong to hermaphrodites.

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In captivity live about two years. Often they die due to inappropriate conditions or stress.

Therefore, they need to provide a stable habitat.

The snail neretina zebra is the largest representative of the species. Its size reaches 3.5 cm.

Distributed in South Africa, Kenya. Found in mangrove lagoons and marshes. The shell is colored yellow-brown or greenish-yellow.

The entire surface is covered with dark lines, which towards the front of the shell become thinner and lighter. The body is grayish or red-yellow.

This species most often escapes from the aquarium.

Tiger neretina was brought from Southeast Asia. Different large size – 2.5 cm

Shell round shape with a pattern of dark orange or light brown stripes. Closer to the apex, they become dark or black.

It is noteworthy that each individual figure is unique.

Ring-shaped (red dot) snails are common in Indonesia and Sulawesi. They reach a length of 3 cm. They love warm water, they do not tolerate low acidity and the presence of copper in water.

Under adverse conditions, the ring-shaped shell splits into pieces, and the individual dies. The shell has a mahogany color and is covered with black spots.

Horned neretina differs in a small size – about 1.5-2 cm. Its main feature is a shell with small processes.

They often break, but this does not affect the well-being of the mollusk.

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Olive neretins attract attention with their unusual color. Their shell is richly olive in color and covered with a large number of thin dark lines.

Since nonretins are a tropical species, they need warm water with a temperature of about + 27 ° C. They do not tolerate soft water.

For the preservation of the shell, medium or high hardness is preferable. Acidity is kept at 7.5.

Part of the water change weekly.

The maintenance of snails of zebras is possible in an aquarium of any size. In a 40-liter capacity a flock of several individuals will live peacefully.

But with the increase in their number you need to change the aquarium to a larger one.

You can not settle neretin to the following inhabitants:

  • predatory shrimp;
  • aggressive fish;
  • other types of snails.

The aquarium must have a lid, as the nimble neretins love to crawl out of it. Sand, fine quartz is used as a soil.

Be sure to put snags and other decorations. Neretin run in a balanced aquarium with lots of greenery. It is necessary to lower them, slowly immersing in water.

If the snails are simply thrown off, they will fall on the shell and will not be able to roll over, which will lead to the death of individuals.

These mollusks eat different types of algae and clean the plants from rot. Scalded slices of cucumbers, zucchini and cabbage can be given as a treat.

Periods fall into a stupor motionlessly freeze in one place and do not react to what is happening. Dead individuals smell bad.

Dead mollusks should be immediately removed from the aquarium, as they decompose when they poison water.

Reproduction of snails of neretin is associated with a number of difficulties. It is impossible to distinguish between males and females, as they have the same appearance. Successful incubation will require salt water.

Therefore, it is better to have a separate aquarium and fill it with sea water. Be sure to add large stones – they will be attached masonry.

Delayed caviar looks like white dots. They are difficult to remove from hard surfaces.

Stones with masonry are best transferred to a separate aquarium, since eggs can be eaten by adults. Newborn snails are swimming, not crawling.

The main difficulty of the breeding process is the choice of water parameters and nutrition of the young.

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