Главная 7 Anorexia in adolescents: causes and help

Anorexia in adolescents: causes and help

Anorexia in adolescents: causes and help

Anorexia in adolescents: causes and help

Anorexia is a serious psychological illness when a person either has an appetite, or he deliberately refuses to eat in order to reduce weight.

To understand the problem, to find out why it appears and how to cure anorexia, we will be helped by psychotherapist, psychologist Darya Selivanova and specialist in the field of physical fitness and recreation Alexander Rogozin.

– Alexandra, you survived anorexia and managed to cope with it. Tell us how it was?

Alexandra Rogozina: It began in my childhood, when I was engaged in dance directions, choreography. I did not understand yet what this could lead to, but the teacher strictly limited us, forced us to lose weight, because the full girls on the stage did not look. I will say at once, none of our team was complete. There were thin, slender or normal physique.

During puberty due to a change in the hormonal background, our bodies began to round off. We were frightened, if we eat, we will never stand on the stage in the first line. At that time, the authority for me was not my parents, but our teacher. And I was sure that if I did what she said, I would stand in the first line. Then I just burned the scene, and this was the most important thing in my life. Then in the subconscious mind I got the idea that it’s necessary to be skinny.

A.R.: In a state of illness when weight is lost, more often a person no longer feels that he has excess weight, but he can think that there is still some part of the body that needs to be adjusted. So let's say, bring to the ideal, for example, the stomach or thighs.

Based on my coaching experience with healthy people who want to lose weight, first you need to establish contact with yourself, and then go to your ideal. You can certainly do it in parallel: someone comes to lose weight, and then does not understand how you could not like yourself and not like yourself the way you are.

Anorexia in adolescents: causes and help

- What should I do if my parents see anxious symptoms of anorexia?

A.R.: The main thing without sudden movements. In no case should you force a child to eat by force. No phrases like: Eat! You're thin, you go hungry, You will not go anywhere until you sing, There will be no entertainment for you, no gig. No total control: it's one thing to gently observe how the child behaves, and gently influence his behavior, and quite another with tough phrases from the series What are you doing? Eat immediately! force and scold him. The person will close and do everything so that you do not even know.