Главная 7 Allergies in the child – to treat – or – to cure?

Allergies in the child – to treat – or – to cure?

Is the child’s allergy treated or cured?

Allergies in the child - to treat - or - to cure?

On the relevance of the topic of the allergy in the child says not only the abundance of information materials, but also the stability of certain myths and misconceptions. Yes Yes! Despite of thousands of articles devoted to the problem of allergy, many people remain faithful to their beliefs for years, which do not correspond to reality. Let’s see if we are also supporters of erroneous judgments?

Myth 1: Allergies in the child due to errors of parents

ABOUT relationship of nutrition with allergies said many true words. Today, many know that the errors in the diet of a future mother can have a connection with a child’s tendency to diathesis, and the wrong menu of the child, whose cheeks are blooming, can provoke a real allergic reaction 7.

Know the modern parents and o tenderness of children’s skin, care for which does not involve the use of adult hygiene products, and that cleanliness is a pledge of health and much more. However, such a shaft of thematic information has a downside. To many of its consumers, it seems logical that the children of parents who carefully follow the principles of hypoallergenic nutrition, vigilantly supporting the hygiene of the body and home, and generally performing useful recommendations, should not suffer from allergies.