Главная 7 Adolescence: 7 tips for mother growing up son

Adolescence: 7 tips for mother growing up son

Adolescence: how to survive a son growing up

Adolescence: 7 tips for mother growing up son

In adolescence, not only does the inner and outer world of the child change. During this period, the parents themselves must change and the child is no longer the baby, for whom the eye and the eye are needed, so we need to revise our principles of educating adolescents. And sometimes it is difficult for Mother to survive growing up a son.

From the first days of the baby’s life, my mother gives him all of herself. This continues for a certain time, the child grows up, and a moment comes when he no longer needs such care as before. The child has changed. And my mother stayed in her baby’s childhood. Psychologist Svetlana Rypka told us how to raise a son and what is most important for her to do when her son is growing up.

The door opened, and a well-dressed woman of about fifty entered the office, followed by a young man of about 25. She sat in front of me, he stayed at the door. Her first phrase was: Do something with him, he has 2 higher educations, he’s so good, but for some reason he does not want to live. The guy did not react at all and continued to look out the window. In his eyes there was no desire to receive help and generally enter into a dialogue. Therefore, my question was addressed to a woman: Maybe you need help? Maybe you do not know how to behave with your son? To which I received the alleged answer: What are you? He has the same problems. I dedicated my life to him, and he’s ungrateful, he does not want to live.