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While mom in the kitchen

While mom in the kitchen. Games for the little ones

Every mother knows how difficult it is to take a kid with something interesting and useful when she is busy cooking. The little hustler is always spinning under his feet and does not want to understand that Mom now can not get distracted by the game. But it is in the kitchen that you can come up with a lot of interesting and useful lessons. And this will not only give you the opportunity to do all the necessary things, but will develop crumbs literally in all directions.

Motorcycle – first of all

We all know that the well-coordinated and skillful work of the baby’s fingers helps to develop speech and intellect, has a positive effect on the whole organism, prepares a still unskillful and unruly pen for writing. Realizing the importance of finger games and exercises, moms buy various laces, large mosaics and other smart toys and begin to deal with a crumb. But we often overlook the very simple and obvious truth: among ordinary games and simple everyday activities – a lot of really invaluable exercises, which, moreover, is also much more attractive for a child than purchased toys.

To tell the truth, it is fully possible to cook in the kitchen at a time when a small mechanic will be busy there with their useful games, my mother is unlikely to succeed. But to pay attention to the boiling soup, and the developing child, I think, all the same it will turn out. After all, there is a wonderful, affordable and well-known product at hand for the development of fine motor skills.

And now try in front of the kid to hide in the dough a couple of small toys, for example from kinder-surprises. A lot of skill, ingenuity and stubborn sniffing will be needed in order to find a lost treasure in the test. If you like this game baby, hide things smaller. For example, large buttons. Just make sure that your young archaeologist does not try to dig up the valuables obtained as a result of the excavation.

Pancakes and sausages

Teach your child to make pancakes and pancakes: show how to flatten a piece of dough with a palm or a fist. Let him slap the handle weaker, then stronger or try to make a patty, and you enthusiastically praise the abilities of a small baker. Offer to treat dolls with berries or sweets. To do this, show how two fingers to pinch off small pieces of dough and put them in a plate. When the child is familiar with the test, try to roll together koloboks and sausages. Sausages can be broken into pieces, flattened with a finger, folded with a roll. And let them be clumsy and uneven. Remember that you are doing all this not for the sake of the final result. The process itself is important. And you can even bake a salted dough from a salted dough in the oven, and then color it. That's the joy of a crumb!

Molds and shapes

If cookies are found in the kitchen, they will turn into a developing tool in the hands of the mother and the baby. Roll out the salted dough on the table into the bed and show the baby how to squeeze the figures out of it using molds. Do not forget to call the resulting forms: Look, now we'll make a circle with you. And this is what you got? This is a triangle. And now you made an asterisk! So in the process of an exciting game we will get acquainted with the first geometric figures.

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